what effects cbd has on kidney
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what effects cbd has on kidney

Before we discuss what effects CBD has on kidneys we must emphasize all over the world, there is a major problem with Kidney Disease even the developed countries for example in the US alone 31 million and in the UK around 3 million people.

In my view and from what I have research and learned from Scientists such as Dr. Bruce, Dr. Dispensa, Dr. Shiva, and Dr. Buttar the majority of disease comes from our lifestyles (Your toughs, environment, and the food) it is a major contributor to your health problems.

In fact, some people think that disease comes from somewhere without realizing 99% of diseases comes from oneself we are made of trillions of Cells, Bacteria, and Virus. The reason you need to have a strong Immune System it’s because to keep you healthy.

Men are more likely to develop Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD)

cbd effects on cellular organism
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cbd effects on cellular organism

Studies show CKD is more common in women but it seems men have a higher percentage rate to develop kidney failure.

Kidney failure is the result that comes from other underlying problems.

If you usually notice women look after themselves much better than men. Here some problems associated with kidney failure.

High Blood Pressure & Diabetes

Kidney failure can happen to anyone especially if you don’t look after yourself and from experience, some medications tell you some of the side effects may lead to kidney problems

Living with Kidney Disease

kidney failure diet plan
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kidney failure diet plan

From a young age, I have suffered from CKD and I am not sure what happened may be due to psychological trauma or physical injuries no idea.

I can tell you it is not easy, going through dialysis every week still you have to appreciate being alive. I have learned to embrace problems, difficulties and not resist them and therefore it made it easier to deal with it.

Dealing with such condition I wanted to learn more about the condition so I started researching which led me to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and recently HEMP CBD products.

I had to go through different phases in the same period in my life it’s funny but we all supposed to eat healthily, exercise, don’t smoke, drink a lot of water, avoid fat and eat less salt.

When you have kidney failure you have to cut off in most of the above except exercise

Warnings about medications and herbal medicines

From my personal experience any time you discuss with doctors about herbal medicine especially if you are on Medications they will advise against it.

Yes, I will advise DO NOT TAKE herbal medicine or supplements because it can reduce or stop the medications to work effectively.

What effects CBD has on kidney

effects cbd has on kidney
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effects cbd has on kidney

If you read on my previous posts the human body already contains two types of receptors CB1 and CB2 which occur naturally and they are regulated through our system.

These endocannabinoid receptors are known as Anandamine and 2AG (you can read more about it on my other posts) most of the human organs contain these receptors.

Our kidneys contain N-arachinoyl and 2-arachidonoylglycerol their function is to help with cellular regulation, metabolism processing of endocannabinoids on the kidneys.

The benefits of CBD on kidney

To get better effects from the CBD it must be applied correctly with precision in the different stages of kidney disease. The research done by scientists has shown the blood pressure will circulate and reach homeostasis in our body.

I used to suffer from high blood pressure before I went to dialysis which is a painful process for any human

From the research, one needs to use CBD before your kidneys get into the last chronic stage before it’s too late. CBD seems to regulate the blood flow and blood pressure when applied correctly the kidneys have demonstrated to have tremendous improvements.

The kidneys renal gland got better by restoring the protein function and other molecular structures in people with certain conditions.

This is an incredible opportunity to keep the research going and it could be a major advance in helping people with diabetes but also the cause of kidney failure in so many people.

One of the natural ways to keep your blood flowing is to exercise daily not only it helps your kidney but probably helps your body fight certain diseases.


This research is education purpose only, I would advise you to consult your doctor if you think you have kidney issues.

The question what effects CBD has on kidneys still in mature phase, more studies and research is needed

Again CBD products seem to be very exciting and the research does show tremendous potential for our health benefits in kidney disease specifically it is not mature enough to be overlooked in regard to the doctor’s diagnostic and advice.

So many areas have seen increasing use of CBD and its effects to improve someone health from insomnia, pain, stress, anxiety, blood pressure, sleep, Epilepsy, appetite, and cancer, etc.

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  1. Ezra Mtambeka

    These drugs have been appeared to cause harm to the touchy cells making up the kidneys, which can lead to a declining in the condition. CBD is additionally metabolized by the liver but has been demonstrated not to cause extra harm to the kidneys — making it a non-toxic choice for overseeing kidney-related pain. How long can a person expect to live if suffering from Kidney disease and in constant use of CBD?

    • Moreno

      Hey Ezra, thanks for the comments.

      Right now it all about research and studies about the possibility of usage of CBD products to benefit people in different areas. Everything right still not conclusive and or what you call a solution for kidney treatment otherwise I would use it myself.

      All the best


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