Warning marijuana edibles – Possibly Dangerous

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Warning marijuana edibles – Possibly dangerous

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Dangerous side effects

Doctors warn marijuana edibles unsafe if mixed with alcohol, and sleeping pills. 

Marijuana users need to watch out for the surprise dangers when utilizing edibles.

When, Mixing Alcohol With Pills or Cannabis Is Safe?

Doctors said people think that using cakes, and chocolate mix with dangerous pills are typically deemed a much safer option to vaping.

Health specialists said using these combinations can get a person unconscious, crazy, and loco especially if you consume it with alcohol and pills.

The warning was provided by physicians in Canada weeks after the nation legalized cannabis edibles, permitting stores to stock up.

Consumed cannabis takes four or more hours to give the users a ” HIGH” but the results are more extreme and can last as much as 8 hours.

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Undesirable marijuana plant

This is far slower than smoking cannabis vaped marijuana, which generally takes a result within a matter of minutes.

Doctors at the University of Toronto stated “people may still feel sober hours after consuming edibles may be lured to take more because they believe they wear off”

People need to avoid abusing cannabis edibles

This increases the threat of taking more than they can handle and having an undesirable experience.

They issued a warning to keep these out of reach of kids and animals because numerous edibles look like candy and other sweets.

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marijuana edibles unsafe

Dr. Jasleen Grewal and Lawrence Loh alerted ” cannabis ignorant ‘ individuals were at risk. Other vulnerable groups consist of teenagers.

New policies in Canada imply there can only be an optimum of 10mg of THC – the psychoactive substance in marijuana.

Regardless of this, people react to different products that might vary and overdose may still occur.


I wanted to share this post with others to learn the bad side of marijuana- Once again a lot of concern regarding marijuana edibles.

I guess it will take some time for changes to happen to make safe and be accepted.

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