Vaping marijuana-linked to lung injuries

Vaping marijuana linked to lung injuries Alerts CDC

Vaping marijuana
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Vaping Marijuana

A brand-new report from the Centers for Illness Control and Prevention (CDC ) suggests that one-sixth of patients who use vaping e-cigarrette marijuana are at a danger of lung injuries.

These e-cigarettes containing marijuana products were all obtained from legal dispensaries says the CDC.

The CDC started their investigation taking a look at all cases of lung injury regardless of the content of the vaping devices – nicotine or marijuana.

Illegally Acquired THC Vapes

Illegally bought THC products were preferred over nicotine consisting of items as these produced a greater high and were used in an oil base.

These THC cartridges were related to severe cases of lung injuries reported from eight various states.

The organization added that even when they discovered the THC including cartridges, they might not discover the stores that offered these gadgets due to the fact that of lack of info on these illegal items.

Callahan, the professional pulmonologist explained which contained in the THC cartridges was vitamin E acetate that could be the most likely reason for the severe lung injuries.

He added that this was still under investigation saying that something else could be the cause of the lung damage and vitamin E acetate could simply be an innocent product.

Vaping marijuana with THC products

vaping dangerous
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vaping dangerous

The group collected the items from 73 patients of these 79 percent who had several THC vaping products stated in the company.

Vitamin E acetate was discovered in 78 percent of the population evaluated said the CDC.

In a current research study of the 51 cases of acute lung injury due to smoking, vitamin E acetate was found in 94 percent of the cases.

Food and Drug Administration(FDA)

Food and Drug Administration (FDA )has also revealed that fruit, sweet, and mint-flavored vaping fluids would be banned across the country to prevent kids and teenagers from using them.

At present the FDA is examining the cases of e-cigarette associated severe lung injury among the patients.

The CDC is warning that the best method for individuals to ensure that “they are not at risk is to consider refraining the vaping items”. 


Marijuana is controversial because THC in higher dosage still illegal, so my suggestion you should speak with a medical professional first if you want to use them.

It is sensible to look into the company and the products before you make any purchase.

Again CBD (Cannabidiol )is legal and the side effects are minor compared to THC( high )and THC can be harmful especially for young.


Nationwide Break out of E-cigarette, or Vaping, Item Usage– Associated Lung Injury– United States, August 2019– January 2020-

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