CBG Cannabigerol – Do you know what is it?

CBG (Cannabigerol) – What is it?

The cannabis plant (CBG occurs during daylight or through the heating process

It is a non-psychoactive product it is the mother compound of the THC and other cannabinoids. It does occur naturally in hemp plants in trace amounts.

It is an expensive ingredient and also very rare

Why Cannabigerol?

Everyone is familiar with CBD and Cannabis however, a lot of people are not familiar or don’t even know about Cannabigerol.

How CBG is made?

Is generated from cannabis usually it less than 1% that is why it is rare and probably very expensive.

This occurs when the cannabis plant process CBGA and this takes place when the enzymes are in contact with Sun Light or during the Heating process and it happens we get (THC and CBD).

In most cases, CBGA is either converted to THC or CBD.

So if there is more THC this means we have less CBG and CBD (the process occurs vice versa) and this is how nature takes care of this stuff.

How do we obtain more CBG?

There is not a living thing on this planet earth that Men has not fiddled with and tried to experiment and gain the knowledge from it.

In recent times scientist has been fiddling with CBG the reason – Because it is limited, expensive, and valuable.

So if we do not have it, we have to make it – How about cross-breeding the plants. The scientist has begun to play around and doing genetic manipulation of the plants.

There are Subcool Seeds it is a Cross Strain known to produce a great amount of CBG.

The scientist has studied these seeds and they found a way to extract a greater amount of CBG with different techniques from budding plants by predicting the right time in about 6 to 8 weeks when the flowering occurs.

People have forgotten in reality in the Netherlands people have been using cannabis for years and they also have discovered great benefits in use it.

Only in some other countries they still thinking about cannabis.

What are the benefits

There are many breeds of hemp for higher CBG levels which include great potential benefits for medicine. Different studies have shown great potential and possibilities

Help – Glaucoma ( reduces the intraocular pressure)

Help – Antidepressant

Help – Brain, and Nerves

Help – Metabolism

Skin – decrease dermatitis (fantastic for the skin)

Help – Fight the colon and colorectal cancer (slowing down the cancer growth) experiments and studies were done on mice

Help – Inflammatory bowel disease

Help – Fight and act as a bacterial agent – (European Research)

Help – Inihib muscle contractions in fighting bladder dysfunction disorders

Our body uses Endocannabinoids systems and in order for us to be in balance (in perfect harmony) we have to be in state of homeostasis

The endocannabinoids are known to perform different actions and rules on our bodies. One of the main points it does help regulate immune cells to stop or reduce inflammation.

CBG is a bomb – More research and studies have shown great potential and tremendous tool to fight diseases and other health problems. CBG application still new further research and studies will be needed.

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