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Serene Cannabis Products – With an Infusion of CBD

The main goal is to learn and share information on the top 1 CBD products with others

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Set of different CBD products

This company has created a set of products infused with CBD SERENE CANNABIS – I guess a lot of people including myself never heard of them

All their CBD oil is manufactured in California and the Hemp is grown in Oregon and they have a few ranges of luxury products compared to CTFO.

Forbes is such a high profile Magazine and to have your brand among the others it does mean they are serious, about their products and the quality.

Why Serene Cannabis?

What is special about them!

Serene Cannabis is a Brand and they have created a mix of luxury products infused CBD Oil.

The reasons why they created a mixture of premium products.

Founder Erica Volker actually had a cannabis-infused edible delivery business since 2010, but the growth of the business was put on halt after she developed a severe case of Lyme disease that almost took her life

For many years she suffered from chronic pain, neurological disturbances, seizures and more without relief using the conventional medication.

It was not until she had a meeting with a physician who prescribed her medical-grade cannabis oil tinctures that her life changed.

The link to the partnership foundation

  • To provide wellness and give back to the community – helping others
    $3 of every tincture purchase goes to support Children with Lyme Disease through the Lyme Light Foundation)
  • Using only organic, botanical, and natural ingredients
  • No man-made just 100% plant base
  • Gluten FREE, Non-GMO, No corn or soy, and all Vegan
  • They provide 3rd Party Lab Test Results at Cannalysis

Serene vs CTFO

As you can see SERENE has a unique way of doing business and it is fantastic to see they are supporting the community by giving back.

I believe the best companies out there must provide you with Lab Test Results, the test is to show their products do not have Toxins, Iron, Fungus, Bacteria, and Free from pesticides.

While at the CTFO they have the same procedure all their products come from manufacturing which is regulated by the FDA for GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice).

They have over 70 varieties of CBD products which means they a real deal when it comes to Hemp oil, they even give you a guarantee if you are not satisfied you can get your money back.

Serene Cannabis Products

Serene Cannabis probably will create more products – there is not a lot to chose from, however the most important is the QUALITY.


Serene Cannabis Products - Review1 2
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CBD Extracts & Salmon oil

– Serene CBD + Salmon Oil ( this is a Dog & Cat Diet Supplement)

This supplement works to help your dog & cat maintain a healthy life balance and feel normal.

A lot of research has shown that animals such as dogs and cats do respond well to these types of treatments.

  • Reduce and control anxiety
  • Curb and control seizures and tremors
  • Prevent or treat skin allergies
  • Reduce inflammation throughout the body, including painful joints.

All the information and description on how to use the products are available on the label


– No products are available at this time


Serene for sleep 1000mg CBN+CBD
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Sleep Tincture

Looking at the costs of these CBD Tincture products would I think they are affordable Yes and No.

It only depends on your pocket, but at the same time you have to think about the quality

1 – Serene Dream Sleep Tincture (cost $138 per bottle)

2 – Serene Oral Tincture (cost $68 per bottle)

3 – Inflame – Away Tincture (cost $128 per bottle)

4 – 1000mg Extra Strenght Tincture (cost $108 per bottle)

CBD 1000mg Extra Strength

CBD is being used to help with a variety of health conditions, including reducing pain, inflammation, anxiety, gut, sleep issues and more.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiepileptic
  • Neuroprotective
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Antiproliferative/anti-cancer
  • Antipsychotic
  • Appetite-suppressant

Serene Cannabis Prices

When it does come to CBD products we see there are products of bad qualities (not enough ingredients and even contains toxins) sold out there especially in retail stores or online.

When genuine companies such as CTFO and Serence it can be quite a challenge.

People are looking for affordable, and cheap products but sometimes lack quality.


1 – Arnica Pain Cream (cost $54 for flask)
Serene Cannabis Products - Review1 3
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Powerful Cream to ease the pain

It is known to stimulate blood circulation to soothe joint pain and reinvigorate tired and aching muscles.

This cream is formulated for people suffering from joint pain and individuals in activities such as high endurance sports

2 – Dead Sea Bath Salts (cost between $15 up to $60)

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Sea Salt to make you love your Bath again

It is known to help cleanse the body of harmful toxins, alleviate stress, swollen joints, sore muscles, and help get rid of fatigue.

After a day of hard work filling the bath adding Sea Salt is a must and ladies will love this.

3 – Released Me Body Serum (cost $68 per bottle)

Its therapeutic benefits to your body and mind with tons of nutrients that heal and protect.

4 – Rose Anti – Aging Face Serum (cost $98 per bottle)

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Looking young and fresh

Use to treat acne, dry and flaky skin, eczema, rosacea and more.

This formula is for people to treat different types of skin conditions.

I will be looking at this product for skin because of Eczema

5 – Ultra Healing Leap Balm (cost $24 per 3 pack)

Serene Cannabis Products - Review1 6
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So much for love for Serene Lip Balm

CBD infused lip balm that offers great protection from the elements and incredible healing powers.

Rich in fats and healthy acids, the CBD lip provides a soothing effect and recovery from sun or cold damaged dry and cracked lips


1 – Uplift Vape Pen (the price goes from $60 up to $100)

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Serene CBD Vape Pen

This is ultra-light Vape Pen that charges via USB the battery lasts until the oil is consumed.

It uses a highly premium CBD oil with NO THC and it is Crystal Resistant Broad Spectrum Distillate guaranteed not to crystallize.

The Vape Pen is blended with the Uplifting Grapefruit Kush tepee profile, this is a 0.5ml pen that contains 300mg of CBD and as well as other cannabinoids CBG, CBC and CBN

Benefits From Vape Pen

– It is known to support and help you with Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Depression, and Lack of Appetite.

– It does help you Relax, Uplifted, Happy, and Euphoric.

Serene Cannabis Advantages over CTFO

  • Every new customer will receive 10% Off discounts
  • Free Delivery on orders over $99
  • Gave money back to a Lyme Disease Foundation
  • They already have a great number of customers feedback and reviews

Serene Cannabis Disadvantages

  • Limit number of products
  • No Money-Back Guarantee
  • No Empty Bottle Return & Refund Policy

CTFO Advantages over Serene Cannabis

  • Over 70 ranges of products available (many choices)
  • Money-Back Guarantees
  • Offer 60 days Empty Bottle Return
  • They guarantee to the product on the whatever information is on the label it does correspond to the product on the bottle


Analyzing both companies you can see there are differences in terms of numbers of products, prices and maybe quality.

I believe Serene is only branding themselves with a luxury & CBD by combining both together by creating a limited number of products to make it unique.

If you are looking for quality and variety you can also look at the CTFO because even though they do not offer a discount you can be sure you can have a guarantee.

Looking at both companies you can say the prices of CTFO products are more affordable compared to Serene products except Bath Salt and Lip Balm which are quite similar.

I always suggest doing research about the CBD products before you make any purchase

Thank you for reading this post and I am currently researching another company CBDBOTANNICA

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  1. asmadi

    Wow! Incredible and complete product reviews! This website is really very helpful especially for me who are looking for skin care products who want premium quality products.

    By the way, I am very interested in the existing CBD Tincture products. But, if I may know, how do I use the product? Should I apply it directly in the skin? Is there any dosage should i think of?

    • Moreno


      Thank you, for the comments and questions – All the products must contain all the information on how to use it – You just apply as any cream – I am definitely looking for skin cream as my next order.

      Really appreciate it please share it.

      All the best


    • Moreno

      Hey Asmadi,
      First of all thank you, for the comments and enjoying reading the post. For skin care you could look different creams.

      Yes, the skin products just apply it direct to the skin until it is absorbed

      With CBD Tincture products is to take orally, usually it is 2 drops under the tongue wait for 15 seconds and you can mix it with anything from juice, cereals, and other foods.

      Usually it should be twice a day no more than 70mg per day that the recommended dosage for normal person.

  2. Randy Levy

    This is a great review. After reading this review I checked on Google about serenecanabis, and I wasn’t disappointed by what I read on the search engine,  although I’m still skeptical about all these cbd oil, because In my opinion, this is something that came around not along ago and we should be careful before using them.  I know I might be wrong, but I’m still looking forward to eventually trust the cbd oil.  Once again this is a great review 

    • Moreno

      Yes, you should be because not everything sold out there are good – I have wasted money because there is no trust anymore. People are willing to sell you the bad stuff just for the sake of a dollar.

      Thank you for the comments really appreciate it.


    • Moreno

      Ys, you are right we should always be careful about the CBD products. According to recent studies there is some concern about venerable people and those who take medications. Also, WHO stated from the research and studies there has not been any evidence to suggest that CBD is dangerous.
      Thank you for the comments
      All the best

  3. Isaac Narh

    The main goal is to learn and share information on the top 1 CBD products with others

    Set of different CBD products

    This company has created a set of products infused with CBD SERENE CANNABIS – I guess a lot of people including myself never heard of them

    All their CBD oil is manufactured in California and the Hemp is grown in Oregon and they have a few ranges of luxury products compared to CTFO.

    Forbes is such a high profile Magazine and to have your brand among the others it does mean they are serious, about their products and the quality.

    • Moreno

      Hello Isaac,
      Hope you are doing well.
      I did not understand your comments – What do you want to learn?

  4. Evagreene

    Hello there! Thanks for reviewing this Serene CBD products, one thing I admire about this product is the fact that the visual appearance of the CBD oil looked perfectly clean, light gold coloring and consistent texture and liquidity with no sign of being contaminated or unproperly manufactured.

    I’ll love to try it out! Thanks.

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