Pregnant Women must avoid CBD

Pregnant Women must avoid CBD
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Pregnant Women must avoid CBD

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This plant is incredible

Doctors have issued a warning pregnant women must avoid CBD – Why?

The Food Standards Agency (FSA)has made recommendations due to animal research which reveals CBD can be unhealthy to unborn babies.

They stated there is still no research to show the health impacts on society.

Recommended maximum dosage per day

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Athlete on CBD Oil

The FSA has given a guideline for other adults, they advise no greater than 70mg a day – about 28 drops of five percent CBD – the first time such advice has actually been offered.

The FSA, UK government Dept, issued warnings to vulnerable individuals follow a research study by the US federal government Committee on Toxicity (COT).

Quote” Lecturer Alan Boobis, chair of the COT, said: ” My committee has reviewed the evidence on CBD food products and found evidence there are possible unfavorable health impacts from the consumption of these products.

The committee state “possible evidence” that CBD may cause problems – evidence- is not enough they need to Prove it.

They said “We are especially worried about pregnant or breastfeeding women and individuals on medication”.

I am really keen to find out how CBD and Medications interact with each other, what are the side effects.

They said ” We know enough to be sure about such a risk, however, I am pleased with the reasonable and practical approach the FSA is taking.”

FDA has advised precautions

No human data is available.

Their studies have been based on testing animals and it showed harmful damage in breastfeeding bunnies and rats when the mother breastfeeding was given CBD.

The report said: CBD highly protein compound will likely pass easily from plasma into milk, as a safety measure, breastfeeding ought to be stopped throughout treatment. 

In general, dosage choice for an older people, normally beginning at the low end of the dosing variety.

However, there is restricted research on effectiveness – it’s generally anecdotal.

The World Health Company(WHO) says: To date, there is no proof of public health related problems associated with making use of pure CBD Oil. 

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fine cannabis brand

CBD oil is legal and it can be sold in the UK.

CBD contains less than 0.3% of the psychoactive substance THC

My concern as everyone else is about quality and we hope the products contains the ingredients showed on description and on the label.

They are asking the CBD products manufacturer more details about the contents of these products. 

This would give customers guarantees and legal protection plus it would show companies are complying with the Food Standards Agency Regulations.


I hope you find this post interesting and I am just spreading awareness to those who want to learn more. 

My sole purpose is to research and find educational information and share it with others. 

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