Getting cannabis will be easier in the UK

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cannabis available in the UK

Getting cannabis will be easier in the UK

The UK has now altered its guidelines for imports of cannabis very soon people will be able to get products

From March 2nd, right before the UN advised on reclassification of cannabis at the worldwide level for another 9 months, the UK government decreased import constraints for people searching for the alternative cannabis medicine.

Due to limitations and regulations people have to wait weeks or months to get cannabis products and still due to high costs from imports Canada or USA can take 8 weeks).

Great news for the Epilepsy patients

Right now each and every single potential marijuana client who does not suffer from epilepsy or MS need to import, by methods of personal ways, a product that is still unbelievably costly.

Cannabis oil containing all the cannabinoids proprieties has shown to be quite effective in helping people with such health condition.

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Marijuana products soon in the the uk

Getting cannabis based products involves high costs and governmental issues (like a routine thirty-day evaluation of the prescription).

While the government is getting engaged with clients and to participate in trials to find out how the NHS can make use of the marijuana medicine, it still not going to help critically hill people.


People have always used cannabis as medicine or leisure, due to dangerous side effects of abuse and miss-use it became a controlled substance.

Especially now we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and practically most economy has stopped.

This virus problem will only delay the progress and formalization of the medicine to really help those in need.

What’s one thing I could change that would make a difference to you?

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