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cbd oil number 1
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cbd oil number 1

CBD oil products, price remain high due to so many factors involved such as restrict law and rules from governments, and other factor. CBD oil is natural wonders because is organic free from pesticide, and toxins.

In the last 3 years, many companies have been produced great quality hopefully, the price will be affordable to everyone.

The price could affect the quality and the standard of these good.

Cannabis plant
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Cannabis plant

Is CBD Oil different than a Supplement? –Yes

Supplement as the name says it does supplement your diet. Hemp CBD is different because it helps people with Anxiety, Stress, Lack of Sleep, Chronic Pain, Skin Condition, Brain, Heart, Eyes, Immune System, Lupus, and more.

So there are so much to be studied and research ” a customer told me her in-law started to take CBD Oil for Cancer and the PH Level results have decreased”

To find out about any products or services we need to do research on that product check for reviews negative or positive before we purchase anything.

The simple reason (No Trust )I am researching and writing reviews about the cbd oil products is because everyone is promoting or writing about the CBD products and some of them don’t work and the side effects can’t be good for anyone. 

So does it means for anyone,  that wants affordable pure quality products has to pay more.

Found a company after research on different competitors, the company has the patent over CBD and Non-CBD products it is defined to have better quality,

pure, and work better it has a full spectrum of cannabinoids it has proven to be more effective to help improve health than normal CBD.


This research shows the market will become saturated and some of these products sold do not have quality, so make sure to do some research to equip yourself with knowledge first before you decide to make any purchase.

concentated cbd oil
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concentrated CBD oil
Bottle of cbd oil
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Bottle of CBD Oil

The drops, you need to put under your tongue it is more effective. Let’s look at the QUALITY, PRICE, and VALUE.


I have read and research the CBD OIL Full Spectrum bottles are processed and extracted during the heat and it is when CBDA is created.


It’s not rocket science if you have a great name brand and the quality of the product is the top, everyone knows the price will be slightly more expensive.

The price varies but a single bottle can go from $40 up to $300 for 3 bottles, if you have tried 10XPure and you feel the difference then you need it. (Patented technology that allows cbd oil to be Water-friendly)

In terms of the products for what you pay, I can see the company suggesting they are the least expensive on the market not sure it is true.

Like I said it’s my opinion everybody has to defend their corner and if they want to compete they have to give customers good and reasonable prices


In terms of value, their CBD products are among the best on the market. I would think if you find other CBD OIL companies you are happy with their product,

compare with this one to see which is the best, I suggest even though the price is higher its because it does a better job than just normal CBD oil. 

For example, you can not compare the price of BMW with the price of RENAULT.


The review on this product indicates everything looks great and fantastic, the price seems reasonably good, however, it could still be expensive for some people even if the quality is excellent.

On my research I compared with other CBD OIL companies out there, this company is nowhere to be seen on the list of (Top 20 CBD OIL)

which is very strange, I guess because they don’t promote or run advertising campaign the reason for not showing on the list. (Probably that list is just some one opinion like mine).

To buy any product we need to check for reviews and comments on other people’s experiences. I can say with all my hearth CBD Oil is real and it helps people.

“I am an avid advocate for cbd oil and other hemp products. I had a son with bone cancer. I dosed him daily with the Rick Simpson Oil. It gave him an extra 5 years of life with us. He just got tired of all of the surgeries, infections, etc…to quit taking it, and let God do his will. You seem to have covered all areas of the product, and it’s good to know there are fakes out there. If it’s not the real deal, probably wouldn’t help anyone. I will be visiting your site….frequently!”

Michele Vavoohis 

Finally, I thank you for reading this topic and make a comment and share.

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