Do not buy CBD oil – from Amazon

Warning about CBD products being sold on Amazon Organic

Do not buy CBD
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Do not buy CBD

Everyone seems to be pretty relaxed about Amazon because it is a giant on the e-commerce business, people usually believe their products come from very reliable and trustworthy sources.

You could not be more wrong about Amazon

Every time people search online to purchase anything you will look at Amazon because it handles over 40% of consumer products apparently counterfeit (Supplements) was sold more than one occasion.

The report stated that Amazon had removed all the products from their website and issued all the refunds to their customers.

In the recent report, the Organic & Natural Health Association has warned Amazon could be possibly defrauding customers twice by preventing the best quality and genuine CBD products from being sold on their website.


The problem is that Amazon at the same time is promoting and selling CBD products that supposed to contain CBD but it does not.

Why Misleading customers about CBD products

In 2019 Organic & Natural Health Association reported that in Amazon Policy’s prohibits the sales of CBD products, while you search for “CBD” on their search engine it will display thousands of products.

Why searching for Organic CBD products

It is really important to test all the Hemp CBD products for Heavy Metals from the soils. Hemp has so many benefits including construction, fuel, rope, and help with health ailment.

It is very important for all the farmers to have CLEAN SOILS especially when we use hemp for medicinal purposes, therefore the reason why you should seek organic certified CBD products to be sure you are getting products without contamination, pesticides, and irons.


People still confused about the price, quality, and where to buy these products. You purchase CBD products but proceed with caution.

A lot products sold on the corner street were found to have less or no percentage of CBD.

My suggestions is to always make sure you are buying quality not quantity if you want to get the benefits. I hope you like this post please leave any feedback. Thank you

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