Different ways to consume cannabis

Different ways to consume cannabis

There are different ways to use cannabis either smoking or taking in does have distinctions and outcomes

Relying on how you take in cannabis into your body, you will likely experience various results and for different lengths of time.

This is simply down to the biology of the body and how it breaks down the chemicals within cannabis.

2 different ways to consume cannabis

Everyone who makes use of cannabis gets different effects on consuming or smoking. There are some myths that smoking cigarettes are more efficient than eating cannabis products, but it is not true.

In some cases, edibles are more effective. In essence, it depends on the amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) utilized in both edibles and cartridges.

smoking cannabis
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smoking cannabis

Smoking Cannabis

Among the most normal methods to take in marijuana is by smoking, either as a cigarette, in a pipe-shaped item, or using a vaporizer.

Smoking is popular because of its ease of use and the predictability of its effects. Users can usually anticipate feeling the outcomes within minutes of intake.

The best recommendation is to smoke slowly and in little quantities until you feel the effects.

You are taking in spin-offs from combustion and taking them straight into your lungs, which, naturally, raises problems over cancer-causing chemicals and other contaminants.

Different ways that individuals consistently use tobacco when smoking cannabis, which considerably increases health dangers. Smoking cannabis while pregnant is not recommended

different ways to consume
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Different ways to consume

Consume cannabis vs smoking

On the other hand, consuming cannabis products can be much less foreseeable, and the impacts might not be felt for hours, for example, Cookies, Biscuit, Chocolate, and Brownies most of the products have been available in the Netherlands for years

The different way depends upon what you consumed in the hours leading up to taking in the cannabis and various other physiological variables that can affect people. 

The way between smoking and consuming cannabis products is how the body soaks up the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

This is a primary active ingredient that makes you feel when smoking delivers THC directly to the brain, which is why we feel high in a matter of minutes.


There are different distinctions between these 2, however, the goal is exactly the same, getting high it’s the user choice.

The idea is to start small and increase your dosage incrementally until you reach the desire results. This is particularly true for edibles.

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