Could cannabis oil fight superbug resistance?1

Dangerous bacteria’s

Could cannabis oil fight superbug resistance?

I know the situation are difficult at the moment and we need to pray and hope the scientists, researchers, and virus specialist can find a solution to the current problem.

– I hope they take a look at the cannabis as one of possible solution- People are not co-operate with this pandemic.

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Help Stop this virus

Why we need to learn about super-bug?

We all need to learn and understand about something new that we do not have any knowledge of it, therefore I wanted to share this post.

Researchers have discovered the fashionable health supplement can remove away the capability of germs to resist being killed by prescription antibiotics.

Germs release small compounds which help them carry nutrients and construct up a defense to medications.

Now scientists believe by preventing the production of OMVs, it breaks down germs defense and enables the body to fight it off. But professionals say trials in humans are now required to examine even more.


Bacteria found a way to adapt and end up being drug resistant when individuals take inaccurate doses of antibiotics or if they are offered out unnecessarily.

Public Health England says around 5,000 in England pass away due to superbugs every year.

Researchers led by Dr Sigrun Lange, a senior lecturer in molecular pathology, grew E. Coli in a laboratory and dealt with the germs with prescription antibiotics.

In many cases, E. Coli has had the ability to adjust and resist vancomycin – also used to deal with skin and blood infections, meningitis and bone and joint infections.

The study found one micromolar of cannabis oil reduced the production of so-called OMVs by an average of 73 per cent and five micrometres by 53 per cent. CDB's effect on staphylococcus aureus, though, was minimal

The study found one micro-molar of cannabis oil reduced the production of so-called OMVs by an average of 73 per cent and five micrometers by 53 per cent. CDB’s effect on staphylococcus aureus, though, was minimal.

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Magic Cannabis plant

How can cannabis CBD Oil fight bacteria

Research study, have shown cannabis Oil could help to prevent the germs from safeguarding itself versus the drug.

Dr Lange stated: ” The anti-bacterial residential or commercial properties of marijuana oil have been understood for a long time, however nobody understood how it worked.

She said that previous research recommended CBD oil was a ” potent ‘ regulator of OMVs.

Dr Lange included: ” We have actually now demonstrated that marijuana oil is really effective at increasing antibiotic effects through modifications in membrane blister composition and release in germs.

Dr Sodergren, added: This is an interesting study that adds to the body of evidence that illustrates CBD can help the body to fight infections. 

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Wash your hand

Remember we all need to keep washing our hands


I would encourage people to do their own research about this topic to learn more about it. 

As you can see CBD is just not a flucke it is real and we need to give it more time and attention.

The possibilities are immense with more research and studies it will show the true power that already started to change some people lives in terms of benefits to our health.


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