Is CBD oil good for Diabetes – why 1?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women – avoid CBD

Pregnant and breastfeeding – avoid CBD

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Amazing plants

Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies have actually been warned to avoid CBD by ” regulators”.

The Food Standards Company (FSA) made the recommendations due to animal research which reveals CBD can be hazardous to unborn babies.

The CBD market has grown in the past couple of years. But the FSA stated there is still no research checking out the health impacts of High Street items.

Recommended Maximum Dosage Per Day

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Amazing CBD Oil

For other adults, they advise no greater than 70mg a day – about 28 drops of five per cent CBD – the first time such advice has actually been offered.

CBD, (cannabidiol) is a substance of the cannabis plant, and has actually been instilled into oils, pastry items, candles, drinks, makeup and skin care.

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Enjoying a puff

The FSA, part of the UK government, issued warnings to vulnerable individuals follows research study by the federal governments Committee on Toxicity (COT).

Quote” Lecturer Alan Boobis, chair of the COT, said: ” My committee has reviewed the evidence on CBD food products and found evidence there are possible unfavorable health impacts from the consumption of these products.

” We are especially worried about pregnant or breastfeeding women and individuals on medication”.

” We know enough to be sure about such a risk however, I am pleased with the reasonable and practical approach the FSA is taking.”

FDA has advised care since No human data exists.

Studies have actually shown harmful damage in breast feeding bunnies and rats when the mother was given CBD.

The report said: CBD highly protein compound will likely pass easily from plasma into milk, as a safety measure, breastfeeding ought to be stopped throughout treatment. 

In general, dosage choice for an older client ought to be mindful, normally beginning at the low end of the dosing variety.

CBD has actually been touted as a solution for stress and anxiety, sleep deprivation, persistent pain, swelling, and weight-loss.

However, there is restricted research on effectiveness -it’s generally anecdotal.

The World Health Company(WHO) says: To date, there is no proof of public health related problems associated with making use of pure CBD. 

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fine cannabis brand

CBD oil is legal and it can be sold in the UK.

CBD contains less than 0.2 percent of the psychoactive substance THC. CBD products are sold on the high street are not correctly authorized.

CBD market should supply more details about the security and contents of these products. 

The move will guarantee unique CBD foods supply making ‘ legal and complying with food standards’. Otherwise, companies should take their goods off the marketplace.


Found this article interesting and I wanted to bring awareness to those who want to learn. 

My sole purpose is to research and find educational information and share with others. 

Can Hemp Oil Be Used for Seizures in dogs?1

Can Hemp Oil Be Used for Seizures in dogs?

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Beautiful healthy dog

Dog Health Foundation, report show that epilepsy impacts as lots of dogs (that is around 1 for each 133 canines).

The drugs used to deal with seizures in canines consist of numerous anticonvulsant such as Gabapentin, Phenobarbital, and Potassium Bromide.

Unfortunately, using these medications can have extreme unfavorable effects, consisting of long term dependence, the advancement of drug resistance (high tolerance), and severe sedative effects.

Although the anticonvulsant compounds of CBD have been studied by researchers because considering that 1973, medical trials and research study on cannabis based substances has really been controversial and complex because of the illegal status of marijuana.

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Relaxing and smoking cannabis

The FDA authorized Epidiolex

in 2018, a drug made from the active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD oil) drawn out from the hemp plant.

This drug was licensed to treat uncommon kinds of epilepsy that were resistant to other traditional drugs used to manage seizures.

Motivated by the outcomes of the clinical trials undertaken on the course to FDA approval for this drug, scientist Dr. Stephanie McGrath, MS, DVM, DACVIM chose to lead a group or researchers to learn if this natural plant extract made from hemp might have equivalent benefits for animals with idiopathic epilepsy.


Results from the very first medical trial, completed in June of 2019, were reported as promising. The little clinical trial consisted of 26 pets.

Among the most fascinating findings of the study was a clear connection between blood concentration levels of cannabidiol and a reduction in seizure activity.

It is very important to note that pets (both the test group and the control group) in this research study continued to receive standard anticonvulsants throughout the trial.


How to buy CBD oil for your pet

Remember to always look for the best hemp oil, especially the full spectrum which contain cannabinoids including the level of THC.

You need also to check for Money Back Guarantee offered by the companies and finally look for the LAB RESULTS to verify if the prodcuts does have any amount of CBD. 

Companies such as Serene who commit some part of the profits to a foundation, I believe they have great products 

Reference: cbd-trial-results-encouraging-dogs-with-epilepsy

Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds – In Your Diet1

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These Seeds – You can use it with anything

Hemp seed is Amazing and it is loaded with different health benefits and it has tremendous for treating digestion to other chronic illnesses.

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super delicious hemp seed salad

Fantastic Hemp Benefits for your health

These Seeds are abundant in protein which helps in constructing tissue of our body.

The majority of the seeds have different kind of nutrients however, with hemp is a different ball game.


Do you want to learn more and understand about the benefits of these seeds:

Fantastic and rich in antioxidants substances which are neuro-protective, and anti-inflammatory to your body.

It does help people with neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s illness, including seizures, etc. 


Consist of omega-3 which helps enhance the heart. It also has a high quantity of amino acid which produces nitrite oxide when it enters your body.

Nitrite oxide helps relax blood vessels decreasing down the high blood pressure and decreasing the danger of cardiovascular disease.

Did you know with better blood circulation you have more power, and strength just take look at sports athletes?


Did you know there is a correlation between the body’s immune system and the skin?

Your healthy skin demands a healthy body immune system.

Hemp seeds have omega 3&6 fat which keeps the immune system healthy including the skin.

It is also known to enhance blood circulation for people suffering from eczema.

It likewise provides relief from dry skin, irritation, and other skin conditions.

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These crazy seeds for cooking, baking, and drinking

Why adding seeds to your diet plan?

The seeds also contain fiber which is an abundant source of potassium and magnesium.

It contains vitamin E and B6, one of the vital sources of omega fatty acids. They are a rich source of zinc and iron.


You can add hemp seeds to anything from smoothies, ice-cream, yogurt, food, cereals, it can also be used to bake, etc.

I would like to suggest to learn more about Hemp health benefits, Cannabis or Marijuana and this book explain

Super Vitamin
Super Multivitamin for the Brain, Hearth, and Immune Systems

CBD Oil Lip Balm – 1 Awesome Healing Powers

CBD Oil Lip Balm – Amazing Healing Power

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Lip balm does help nourish your damaged skin.

CBD extract works to hydrate dry, and damaged lip skin.

CBD Oil contain healing nourishing power and has anti-inflammatory that can assist to smooth the dry skin.

Lip Balm key ingredient CBD oil will seal the wetness in your lips, preventing them from becoming dry.

Ref: Gretchen Frieling, MD, triple-board licensed dermatopathologist.

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lip balm

Dr. Frieling quotes a study that reveals that CBD oil has antibacterial substances that help keep your lips protected. 

This is because of antibacterial and antioxidant proprieties. 

The CBD Oil antioxidant can help skin rejuvenate and remove radicals and help protect from exposure.

In the area it can be useful if you are experiencing cold sores, due to allergic reactions, or have dehydrated skin.

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lip balm to moisturize your skin

When looking for a CBD Oil product you need to make sure that the product has the appropriate compound in its formula.

Key Aspects To Search For Optimum Quality Products:

Isolate – the product includes pure CBD Oil with no other cannabinoids or additives;

Broad-spectrum – the product will include all parts of the hemp plant plus CBD Oil.

Full-Spectrum – Is quite similar to broad-spectrum however, has different trace levels in THC

Every part of your body are important and we need to take as you know Woman always look after themselves better than Man.


This lip balm will help you keep your lips ultra-nourishing invigorating, and it uses fatty acids to keep your lips soft and amazing because of CBD oil.

Through research found some amazing products which include Lip Balm and books to learn and understand more about CBD oil.

0CBD D99B Fashion Women Red Wine Bottle Lip Long Liquid Lipstick Non-stick Gloss
Medical Marijuana

What Health Conditions – Is Marijuana Good for?

What Health Conditions is Marijuana Good For?

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marijuana contains THC. THC is Legal Under 0.3%

There are lots of advantages from Marijuana such as for humans and animals, that is why a lot of people use this substance.

Some of those health conditions that can be treated with the help of marijuana, and these are;

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This crazy
plant can help with many health conditions


You will be shocked to know that more than 50% of the world population suffers from insomnia problems.

This means more and more people in this world are battling with sleeping problems. Sleeping disorders are specified as a state of mind where a person is unable to sleep throughout the nighttime.

People who lose their sleep frequently suffer from imbalance and are not able to remain healthy.

Research study says marijuana is extremely efficient when it comes to dealing with insomnia.


No one can deny that dementia is the worst form of the disease that has affected millions across the World.

Dementia is referred to as Alzheimer, it’s a disease in which a person begins to forget names, families, and important details.

Research shows moderate use of marijuana can reduce amyloid clumps, the proteins that are accountable for causing Alzheimer’s disease.

Though there is no cure for dementia, certainly cannabis can help in decreasing the memory loss procedure

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Super oil for your pain

Chronic Pain

More than 50% of Americans and Canadians use medical marijuana to treat persistent and long term health issues.

A lot of people who suffer from arthritis typically they take marijuana-induced medications to help them manage the situation.

Earlier, medical professionals were doubtful about offering marijuana-infused medications to patients, however as time passed, more doctors are started to show positive signs in favor.

Cancer & Chemotherapy

The side effects of cancer claim thousands of people’s lives every year. Cancer patients need to undergo chemotherapy sessions to help eliminate treatment.

However, chemotherapy treatment brings its own side effects such as sleeping disorders, and stomach discomfort, and so on.

Studies suggest that cannabis can assist cancer patients in getting an excellent night’s sleep after chemotherapy treatment.


Cannabis popularity grew even better after a series of programs on TV spread through the media.

The program highlighted the benefits of cannabis for reducing seizures from Dennis Hills click the link.

A current research study has concluded that cannabis could be beneficial for epilepsy for humans.


I would suggest before you purchase any marijuana products to double-check the information on the labels because you need to understand it does have THC(make you high) needs to be less 0.3%.

Through my research, I found PlusCBD oil company they seem to have excellent ranges of products.

All the products are natural, organic, and from Hemp plant. They provide Certificate of Lab Test Results so it another product I suggest to look at.

+plus CBD oil gummies

CBD Gummies 5mg (Cherry Mango)

10 Gummies

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+Hemp CBD oil gummies

CBD Gummies 5mg (Ciliegia Mango)

10 Caramelle Gommose

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How Much CBD Oil -Should Start With?

How much CBD Oil Should Start With?

As explained everyone is different you need to decide if you want CBD with THC (Full Spectrum) or CBD without THC known as (ISOLATE)

Remember not everybody needs or has to take CBD it is your choice.

How much CBD oil you should start with to reap its benefits?

Dr. Bill Rawls explains why the dose varies depending on your desired benefit, plus how to figure out.

Serene Cannabis Products – Review1

Serene Cannabis Products – With an Infusion of CBD

The main goal is to learn and share information on the top 1 CBD products with others

Set of different CBD products

This company has created a set of products infused with CBD SERENE CANNABIS – I guess a lot of people including myself never heard of them

All their CBD oil is manufactured in California and the Hemp is grown in Oregon and they have a few ranges of luxury products compared to CTFO.

Forbes is such a high profile Magazine and to have your brand among the others it does mean they are serious, about their products and the quality.

Why Serene Cannabis?

What is special about them!

Serene Cannabis is a Brand and they have created a mix of luxury products infused CBD Oil.

The reasons why they created a mixture of premium products.

Founder Erica Volker actually had a cannabis-infused edible delivery business since 2010, but the growth of the business was put on halt after she developed a severe case of Lyme disease that almost took her life

For many years she suffered from chronic pain, neurological disturbances, seizures and more without relief using the conventional medication.

It was not until she had a meeting with a physician who prescribed her medical-grade cannabis oil tinctures that her life changed.

The link to the partnership foundation

  • To provide wellness and give back to the community – helping others
    $3 of every tincture purchase goes to support Children with Lyme Disease through the Lyme Light Foundation)
  • Using only organic, botanical, and natural ingredients
  • No man-made just 100% plant base
  • Gluten FREE, Non-GMO, No corn or soy, and all Vegan
  • They provide 3rd Party Lab Test Results at Cannalysis

Serene vs CTFO

As you can see SERENE has a unique way of doing business and it is fantastic to see they are supporting the community by giving back.

I believe the best companies out there must provide you with Lab Test Results, the test is to show their products do not have Toxins, Iron, Fungus, Bacteria, and Free from pesticides.

While at the CTFO they have the same procedure all their products come from manufacturing which is regulated by the FDA for GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice).

They have over 70 varieties of CBD products which means they a real deal when it comes to Hemp oil, they even give you a guarantee if you are not satisfied you can get your money back.

Serene Cannabis Products

Serene Cannabis probably will create more products – there is not a lot to chose from, however the most important is the QUALITY.


CBD Extracts & Salmon oil

– Serene CBD + Salmon Oil ( this is a Dog & Cat Diet Supplement)

This supplement works to help your dog & cat maintain a healthy life balance and feel normal.

A lot of research has shown that animals such as dogs and cats do respond well to these types of treatments.

  • Reduce and control anxiety
  • Curb and control seizures and tremors
  • Prevent or treat skin allergies
  • Reduce inflammation throughout the body, including painful joints.

All the information and description on how to use the products are available on the label


– No products are available at this time


Serene for sleep 1000mg CBN+CBD
Sleep Tincture

Looking at the costs of these CBD Tincture products would I think they are affordable Yes and No.

It only depends on your pocket, but at the same time you have to think about the quality

1 – Serene Dream Sleep Tincture (cost $138 per bottle)

2 – Serene Oral Tincture (cost $68 per bottle)

3 – Inflame – Away Tincture (cost $128 per bottle)

4 – 1000mg Extra Strenght Tincture (cost $108 per bottle)

CBD 1000mg Extra Strength

CBD is being used to help with a variety of health conditions, including reducing pain, inflammation, anxiety, gut, sleep issues and more.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiepileptic
  • Neuroprotective
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Antiproliferative/anti-cancer
  • Antipsychotic
  • Appetite-suppressant

Serene Cannabis Prices

When it does come to CBD products we see there are products of bad qualities (not enough ingredients and even contains toxins) sold out there especially in retail stores or online.

When genuine companies such as CTFO and Serence it can be quite a challenge.

People are looking for affordable, and cheap products but sometimes lack quality.


1 – Arnica Pain Cream (cost $54 for flask)
Powerful Cream to ease the pain

It is known to stimulate blood circulation to soothe joint pain and reinvigorate tired and aching muscles.

This cream is formulated for people suffering from joint pain and individuals in activities such as high endurance sports

2 – Dead Sea Bath Salts (cost between $15 up to $60)

Sea Salt to make you love your Bath again

It is known to help cleanse the body of harmful toxins, alleviate stress, swollen joints, sore muscles, and help get rid of fatigue.

After a day of hard work filling the bath adding Sea Salt is a must and ladies will love this.

3 – Released Me Body Serum (cost $68 per bottle)

Its therapeutic benefits to your body and mind with tons of nutrients that heal and protect.

4 – Rose Anti – Aging Face Serum (cost $98 per bottle)

Looking young and fresh

Use to treat acne, dry and flaky skin, eczema, rosacea and more.

This formula is for people to treat different types of skin conditions.

I will be looking at this product for skin because of Eczema

5 – Ultra Healing Leap Balm (cost $24 per 3 pack)

So much for love for Serene Lip Balm

CBD infused lip balm that offers great protection from the elements and incredible healing powers.

Rich in fats and healthy acids, the CBD lip provides a soothing effect and recovery from sun or cold damaged dry and cracked lips


1 – Uplift Vape Pen (the price goes from $60 up to $100)

Serene CBD Vape Pen

This is ultra-light Vape Pen that charges via USB the battery lasts until the oil is consumed.

It uses a highly premium CBD oil with NO THC and it is Crystal Resistant Broad Spectrum Distillate guaranteed not to crystallize.

The Vape Pen is blended with the Uplifting Grapefruit Kush tepee profile, this is a 0.5ml pen that contains 300mg of CBD and as well as other cannabinoids CBG, CBC and CBN

Benefits From Vape Pen

– It is known to support and help you with Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Depression, and Lack of Appetite.

– It does help you Relax, Uplifted, Happy, and Euphoric.

Serene Cannabis Advantages over CTFO

  • Every new customer will receive 10% Off discounts
  • Free Delivery on orders over $99
  • Gave money back to a Lyme Disease Foundation
  • They already have a great number of customers feedback and reviews

Serene Cannabis Disadvantages

  • Limit number of products
  • No Money-Back Guarantee
  • No Empty Bottle Return & Refund Policy

CTFO Advantages over Serene Cannabis

  • Over 70 ranges of products available (many choices)
  • Money-Back Guarantees
  • Offer 60 days Empty Bottle Return
  • They guarantee to the product on the whatever information is on the label it does correspond to the product on the bottle


Analyzing both companies you can see there are differences in terms of numbers of products, prices and maybe quality.

I believe Serene is only branding themselves with a luxury & CBD by combining both together by creating a limited number of products to make it unique.

If you are looking for quality and variety you can also look at the CTFO because even though they do not offer a discount you can be sure you can have a guarantee.

Looking at both companies you can say the prices of CTFO products are more affordable compared to Serene products except Bath Salt and Lip Balm which are quite similar.

I always suggest doing research about the CBD products before you make any purchase

Thank you for reading this post and I am currently researching another company CBDBOTANNICA

CBDA 10xPure Gold – For Pain

Natural 10XPure Gold CBD Oil with CBDA

Can You Recommend Amazing CBDA 10xPure Gold – Yes

People knew that by smoking Cannabis or Marijuana they would receive some sort of relief because of the THC (psychoactive).

This creates inebriating sensations making one feel like they are in another dimension altogether. 

Their use in different societies across the world has been well documented throughout history.

In recent years, governments and large corporations have controlled greatly their use and distributed whether for medicinal purposes or for pleasure

The 2018 Farm Bill Legalized Industrial Hemp. Now What? Get

The 2018 Farm Bill Legalized Industrial Hemp. Now Card image cap

What? Get Your Answers Here. I am not “The author of the article”.

Farmers and agribusinesses are now growing, selling and transporting industrial hemp across state lines. But what are the risks and liabilities to doing so? You’ll want to consider the following FAQs before planting.

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 legalized the growth, sales and transportation of industrial hemp across state lines.

Although it looks identical to other types of cannabis, this cannabis plant contains less than 0.3 percent THC, and can be used to make building insulation, beauty products, car dashboards and more.

Most significantly for farmers, it can serve as an ideal rotational crop because of its ability to reduce soil toxicity.

Until this update to the Farm Bill, hemp was considered a controlled substance and few U.S. farmers were granted rights to plant and harvest it.

Now, the agricultural commodity is expected to raise the crop’s already growing GDP to that of liquor and beer sales and some estimate it should reach $20 billion in as little as five years.

Agribusinesses and farmers alike will now be looking to secure processors and other commodity buyers ahead of planting industrial hemp and purchasing the necessary equipment for its harvest.

Because hemp can be grown in any climate, it may be especially attractive to tobacco growers and dairy farmers who have been less profitable as of late.

Card image cap

Now that it’s been legalized, what’s the risk?

As more agribusinesses and farmers look to confirm viability of industrial hemp growth, potential liabilities will surface. The 2018 Farm Bill left many questions unanswered. Here are a just a few FAQs:

Question: Can I just add hemp to my crop rotation, or is additional insurance required?

Answer: The standard multi-peril crop insurance policy DOES NOT provide coverage for planting hemp, or endorsements for its storage and transportation- yet.

Instead, industrial hemp must be insured on separate private policies for: harvest, extreme weather and crop storage and transportation.

There’s a strong push to get industrial hemp into the federal crop insurance program as early as crop year 2020.

As hemp planting, harvesting, storage and transportation become more understood and predictable, new policy options will likely become available.

Inquire about new coverage options at your next annual renewal.

Q: How will the FDA regulate industrialized hemp?

A: The FDA will develop rules and regulations on industrial hemp throughout 2019, and will be ready for roll out during the 2020 crop year.

Because it’s impossible to distinguish a cannabis plant with THC from an industrial hemp plant in the field, crop life cycle testing and documentation will likely be required.

The question remains if this testing and documentation will be incumbent on the farm/agribusiness, or FDA agents. Some states are further along in this process and have already hired testing and compliance officers.

Q: How can farmers ensure that the THC content of their plants does not exceed .3%?

Card image cap

A: Farmers must have a contingency plan for monitoring their hemp’s THC content which should include employing a seasoned agronomist who can institute controls, keep plants properly hydrated and create a plan to maintain optimal THC levels.

In the heat of the summer, THC levels typically remain low, but rise with cold and rain.

Should there be a local cold spell, high rainfall, or if the hemp plant was seeded late in the season and the harvest runs into the fall, THC levels could rise quickly.

When this happens, farmers will have to chop down the plant to control the level and harvest the plant’s flower before its next THC test.

As with any emerging market, there is still a lot of doubt surrounding the growth and sales of industrial hemp, as many risks are unknown.

As with any emerging market, there is still a lot of doubt surrounding the growth and sales of industrial hemp, as many risks are unknown.

On the flip side, industrial hemp offers small farmers and agribusinesses alike an unprecedented opportunity to get in at the first floor of a new crop.

If you do, make sure to work with your insurance broker to secure proper coverage immediately.


Found this article about the Farm Bill Legalization and I wanted to share it with all those who are interested in learning more.

I am not the author of the article “The Author recommended sharing it”.

People will be able to use Hemp CBD Oil without fear even if it has THC which needs to be 0.3%. This will bring changes and will make a lot of people happy and help those who use CBD products

If you really want to learn more about Hemp & CBD Oil I suggest getting educated about it.

Hemp Oil & CBD Oil:

a Primer on Cannabinoids

by Sean Rafferty New

Paperback Book

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Landmark bill – legalizing marijuana passes on House Committee

Landmark Bill – legalizing marijuana 

 – passes on House Committee

at the Federal level 

The House Judiciary Committee passed a bill on Wednesday that could decriminalize marijuana use at the federal level, giving states more room to craft unique regulations.

The “Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2019” — also called the MORE Act — could officially remove cannabis from the list of federally controlled substances, expunge federal marijuana convictions and arrests, and approve allocation of resources for communities affected by the war on drugs, according to the bill’s text.

The Cannabis Justice Office

It would also establish an organization — called the Cannabis Justice Office — to introduce a 5% sales tax on cannabis sales in states where it remains legal, according to the bill.

“These steps are long overdue. For far too long, we have treated marijuana as a criminal justice problem instead of a matter of personal choice and public health,” Nadler, the committee’s chairman, said during bill markup.

“Federal action on this issue would follow growing recognition in the states that the status quo is unacceptable.”

Nadler added, “Despite the federal government’s continuing decriminalization of marijuana, 33 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical cannabis.”

The Landmark Bill

The landmark bill marks the first time a congressional committee has passed a bill in favor of legalizing marijuana at the federal level. It will still need to pass the full House before moving to the Senate – where it’s likely to stall.

The MORE Act would remove marijuana as a Schedule I substance, a category that also features other drugs, such as heroin, LSD, ecstasy and peyote.

“States have led the way — and continue to lead the way — but our federal laws have not kept pace with the obvious need for change,” Nadler said in a statement. “We need to catch up because of public support and because it is the right thing to do.”


As you know the bill as not been passed into a law yet, since it needs to be signed by the president “Mr Donald Trump”.

It would be welcome if there was some regulations and the law passed because for any US citizen to enjoy the full potential marijuana benefits you have to purchase illegaly.

Still, while the House is a step closer to legalizing Marijuana/Cannabis across the U.S., it isn’t likely the bill will be signed into law by President Donald Trump, who has openly opposed pro-legalization legislation, even if it ended up on his desk.

Trump even donated part of his salary in 2019 to pay for a promotional campaign highlighting the negative effects of marijuana use, as Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said in a statement in August.

I am always lopoking to find the best CBD products and share with you and take a look at the PlusCBD they provide excellent products at reseanoable prices

Ref: ABC News’ Steff Thomas contributed to this report.

CBD 10 Mg (Fórmula Total De Complexo Vegetal)

 60 Cápsulas De Gel Vegetarianas

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Vaping marijuana – linked to lung injuries

Vaping marijuana – linked to lung injuries Alerts CDC

Card image cap
Vaping Marijuana

Vaping marijuana – Warnings

A brand-new report from the Centers for Illness Control and Prevention (CDC )suggest that one sixth of patients who use Vaping consisting of marijuana are at a danger of lung injuries.

These e-cigarettes containing marijuana products were all obtained from legal dispensaries says the CDC.

The CDC started their investigation taking a look at all cases of lung injury regardless of the content of the vaping devices –– nicotine or marijuana.

Illegally Acquired THC Vapes

illegally bought THC products were preferred over nicotine consisting of items as these produced a greater high and were used in an oil base.

These THC cartridges were related to severe cases of lung injuries reported from eight various states.

The organization added that even when they discovered the THC including cartridges, they might not discover the stores that offered these gadgets due to the fact that of lack of info on these illegal items.

Callahan, the professional pulmonologist explained which contained in the THC cartridges was vitamin E acetate that could be the most likely reason for the severe lung injuries.

He added that this was still under investigation saying that something else could be the cause of the lung damage and vitamin E acetate could simply be an innocent.

Vaping With THC Products

Card image cap

The group collected the vaping items from 73 patients of these 79 percent had several THC vaping products stated the company.

Vitamin E acetate was discovered in 78 percent of the population evaluated said the CDC.

In a current research study of the 51 cases of acute lung injury due to vaping, vitamin E acetate was found in 94 percent of the cases.

Food and Drug Administration(FDA)

Food and Drug Administration (FDA )has also revealed that fruit, sweet and mint flavored vaping fluids would be banned across the country to prevent kids and teenagers from using them.

At present the FDA is examining the cases of e-cigarette associated severe lung injury among the patients.

The CDC is warning that the best method for individuals to ensure that “they are not at risk is to consider refraining the vaping items”. 


Marijuana is a controversial because of THC still illegal, so my suggestion you should speak with a medical professional first if you want usage them.

It is sensible to look into the company and the products before you make any purchase.

Again CBD (Cannabidiol )is legal and the side effects are minor compared to THC( high )and THC can be harmful especially for young .


Nationwide Break out of E-cigarette, or Vaping, Item Usage– Associated Lung Injury– United States, August 2019– January 2020-

Can Marijuana Help Your Mental Health?

Can Marijuana Help Your Mental Health?

Dried Marijuana

These days it seems like everyone from celebrities to your next-door neighbor are all boasting about the positive results of marijuana on their mental health.

Likely you’ve heard a story about medicinal marijuana or marijuana-derived products (like CBD) curing someone’s anxiety, depression or even post-traumatic stress disorder. But does marijuana actually help your mental health?

Psychiatrist Brian Barnett, MD, did not take part in the study, but says using medicinal marijuana, or related products, to treat mental health conditions cannot be justified based on current research.

According to one study – the evidence is lacking.

“There was pretty low grade evidence for marijuana for treatment of anxiety disorders,” explains Dr. Barnett.

“The study looked at the use of marijuana for the treatment of other psychiatric disorders and found no compelling evidence at this point that marijuana, or any of its derivatives, are effective treatments for things such as depression, ADHD, Tourette syndrome or PTSD.”

How About the Data

Researchers reviewed 83 studies looking at medicinal marijuana, synthetic marijuana and marijuana-derived products.

They studied the products’ impact on six mental health conditions – depression, anxiety, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Tourette syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychosis.

In the meantime, he says people should be aware of the known risks associated with marijuana.

“Although we don’t know a lot about the potential health benefits, we do know about risks which include addiction,” says Dr. Barnett. “We’ve seen increases in the numbers of individuals coming to the emergency room as marijuana is becoming legalized in various contexts.

We also know marijuana is becoming stronger in terms of THC content than it was in the past, which can make for more adverse reactions.”

Dr. Barnett says it’s important to talk to a doctor before self-treating with marijuana, or products derived from marijuana, because there are certain conditions and medications it can interact with.


Marijuana because of THC still controversial hence the reason why so many countries still questioning its use

Further studies still need to prove the health benefits that is why Dr Bennett recommend to talk with your doctor before starting Marijuana as it may interact if you take with others medications.

Apart from all the problem regarding marijuana you have one of the only Legend “Bob Marley king of Reggae and Marijuana smoker if you like arts please support his supporter JAH.

Marijuana And Cannabis Oil Bottles Art Print Home Decor Wall Art Poster – D
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How can you tell if CBD Oil is Real?

Card image cap
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How can you tell if CBD Oil is Real?

In recent years CBD products has showed tremendous potential as an alternative to help people with different kind of health problems or as supplement to promote total wellness.

With explosion came a number of manufacturers creating various types of CBD products such as Tincture, Oils, Topical, Gummies, Cream’s, Shampoo, and Spray, among others.

Thus, it ended up being overwhelming for consumers to select the ideal CBD item suitable for them.

This a burden and it is a problem to make sure the CBD product they acquire is certainly real. Thus, here are some ways to tell whether a CBD product you are thinking about is phony.

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Cannabis plant in natural environment

Double Check the label

The labels contain critical details about what an item is made of.

Typically, the label also consists of details that may either push you to purchase the product or turn your retreat completely.

In order to find a real CBD product, search for tips on the label such as phrases that mention pure cannabidiol, certified CBD, hemp-derived, or full-spectrum.

Apart from these tips from the label, real CBD products will likewise show the concentration of CBD therein.

This will make it easier for you to know the amount of CBD you are taking in per serving, if not already indicated on the label.

Research about the manufacturer Products

Real CBD products are made from hemp and not artificially hemp. Therefore, the effects of real CBD are practically immediate.

Typically, it depends on the particular condition being dealt with. Nevertheless, only real CBD products will be able to provide these types of outcomes.

Why it is very important to understand the manufacturer of the products you are looking to buy.

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Hemp CBD Oil Drop

You can go even an action further by researching where the hemp plant was farmed, and sourced and the most credible CBD companies are transparent in letting their customers understand where they grow their hemp plants.

If the Manufacturer is transparent with their approaches of how they produce their CBD products it would help a lot of customers.

How they extract the CBD from the hemp plant is the most important step to produce a quality CBD product that deserves your money.

Third-party Lab Test Verification

Another method to find fake CBD products is by confirming whether the producer employs the services of a third-party laboratory to evaluate its products.

Without a third-party test, there is no assurance that the compounds of the CBD products are undoubtedly natural and safe, as declared by the producer.

It is normally a third-party laboratory testing center that confirms the claim of a CBD maker in terms of the ingredients of their products.

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Humans and Animals can take CBD oil


Please, remember not all CBD products out in the market today are authentic.

You need to have a careful eye to find the fake ones to guarantee that you will gain all the advantages of CBD for your health.

CBD and its sub-products has boast a number of health advantages, and some are even utilized to match medicinal treatments.

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