10xPure Full Spectrum – CBD Oil Review

CBD Products
Incredible range of products available on the market
CBD means (Cannabinoids there isover 101 proprieties of cannabinoids) and THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive compound that make people feel “high”

10XPURE Oil- Uses a technology known as Hydrophilic it allows the CBD oil to mix with water causing its absorption more effective and faster.

Full Spectrum is a generic term used in the industry to describe a semi pure mixture of cannabinoids but it contains more CBD

The Labs results do show the products are actually tested -although they are making clear they only use ORGANIC plants or seed to produce the Oil.

I would suggest looking at some of these products available and remember for them, it does not matter the price, it’s the quality of the product.

It’s the amount of CBD that enters the human systems which is the game-changer.

I would agree for some people the quality comes in the first place, for others, it’s about the prices, for example, even the (Quality+price) is too high some people tend to shy away to find a cheaper version of the similar product.

Check the scientific report conducted to access how 10xPure affects absorption and stability click the link below

My goal is to help educate myself and others by learning about CBD and sharing information with you so you can make your own decision. 

The miracle natural plant

2 – SERENE CANNABIS they have created Luxury products and MaxCBD Wellness created simple natural CBD products.

3 – Currently Researching CbBOTANICA

The benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Oil


10xPure CBD Oil does mix with water making more potent and EFFECTIVE.

They are above the rest of the competitors when it comes to standard, quality, and transparency. – can it be true?

All their products are certified because they use a THIRD PARTY LAB TEST to verify the quality of their products they use manufacturer which is GMP (Good Manufacturer Practice).

The manufacturer is certified and regulated by the FDA (Food And Drug Administration) this meant whatever is on the label is guaranteed on the bottle.

I believe most companies try to follow the same rule, otherwise, you will not be able to sell for longer.

The PDF link for the Lab test if you want to verify it https://www.myctfo.me/josmor/labresults.html


Bottle of cbd oil
Nature 10xPure 300mg CBD Oil

The price starts from $49.97 for 300mg for CBD Oil up to 1500mg – promote healthy energy levels, relieve anxiety, aid in digestion, support optimal immune function and the regeneration of healthy cells, and more.

Bottle of oil
Organic and Natural 500mg CBD oil

The price starts from $99.97 for 1 bottle up to 500mg of 10xPure CBD OIL – It provides accelerated, increased absorption and potency acts as an anti-bacterial and pre-biotic. Promote a sense of serenity and overall well-being.

750mg for $69.97 or (higher dosages up to 1500mg) or 300mg (3-pack bottles for $129.97) or 500mg (3-pack bottles for $249.97)

The products look impressive, if the quality, standard, and potency of these products sold by the company are good then, I think it will be one of the top companies to look at.

10xPure Full Spectrum – Disadvantages

After reviewing the 10xPure Full Spectrum, I can only suggest if the quality and the potency deliver what is written on the bottles it could be good value.

So this a drawback for any customers that cannot afford to purchase a product due to the price.

As you can see 3 pack bottles of 500mg Full Spectrum will be costing you $249.97 still cheaper than some competitors.

Another issue, people want to see other customer reviews. Everything is about trust and belief in quality.

The company has a program known as AUTOSHIP – If you buy regularly you will benefit from a further reduction. Otherwise, it’s a normal price.

The company offers over 70 ranges of products

There are several types of CBD Oil; from 300mg to 1500mg (Isolate, 10xPure Full Spectrum, and Gold Full Spectrum)

CBD Edibles

Delicious Gummies to get your health in balance

The bottles are from 8mg to 30mg including gummies to help your overall wellbeing if you don’t like drops

CBD Luxury Products

Bath Bomb Amazing for your body detox, and moisturize your skin

It includes products for Bath with different flavors such as Shampoo, Conditioner, hair growth, and Oil Massage.


Super Healing Cream
for stopping sore muscles & pain

Different Cream’s for pain from 60mg to 500mg for people with aches, sore muscles, arthritis, Back pain, Joints, and shoulders.


Help Your pet be Free from pain and anxiety

There are products for pets, Gummies to chew Off, Oral Spry and Drops, which can be used for Diet supplement in conjunction with medication with no side effects & 15lbs for 1 treat.


Ultra Magic Body Moisturizer to soften any dry skin

Various categories of Anti-Aging Cream’s (Moisturizer Cream, Wrinkler Remover, Body Moisturizer, Rejuvenate Cream, Body Moisturizer, Facial Cleanser/Toner, and Under Eye Cream, plus Dead Sea Mud Mask)


Delicious & gluten-free to support Energy levels, and Control Your Appetite

Different packages are available from single to families including gummies products to chew off and Milk Shakes for those who like to start their day with running and gym you can begin with a shake.


Instant Wrinkle Remover to Dazzle Your Skin

The products for facial skin ranges from Non-CBD Dead Sea Musk and Retinol Complex Serum

Non-CBD Instant Rinkler Remover, Vitamin C Skin Serim, Collagen Retinol Cream where you say goodbye to Puffy Eyes.

Multi-Vitamins Super 7

Blending of super vitamin to keep the immune system strong

I know we are in difficult times – but also we need to be strong, patient, calm, and support each other.

I will suggest one the ways to help you keep you strong, is by boosting your immune system with Multi-vitamins Super7


If you are not happy or satisfied with your products they state you can return your empty bottle – please refer to refund policy PDF Link

Possible Side Effects Found on CBD Oil
  • Dry Mouth, and Diarrhea
  • Also, you may not get the right information on the product

If you get any side effects you need to stop or reduce the dosage

“Warning” There are products being sold with less than 0% of CBD and possible fake according to a recent CNN & FOX 11 report.

Their investigation and testing found some of the CBD products sold did not have quality (lack of crucial ingredients or even worst). FOX 11 report link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmRfwsHXJk4


Please notice you want Pure TINCTURE Hemp Oil may be Tasteless and Odorless ( Unless you buying with FlAVORS)

It is necessary to pay maximum attention to the quality of anything you are buying online because its something you are taking to help improve your health.

You don’t want to purchase some imitation which can cause you even further health problems.

There are various sellers of CBD products, the issue is Quality, Potency, and Effectiveness of the oil so we need to check

Did you know the UK Law has been changed for Medical Cannabis?

Doctors will be able to prescribe medical cannabis products to patients in the UK from November 1, thanks to new legislation.


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If you like to leave any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you in advance

2,025 thoughts on “10xPure Full Spectrum – CBD Oil Review

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  2. Even-though I am not based of the United Kingdom, I still found your post most informative. What really did catch my eye, apart from the one to help sore muscles, is that it can also help my pet stay calm. He’s a Labrador. Maybe supplementing it with his meds would help him out after all!

    Many of my friends have recommended trying it out and hence this post is the final piece of advice, enough for me to take the next definitive step.

    Thanks Again!

    1. Hey Nithin, thank you for leaving the feedback and I really appreciate you found the post to be informative. I hope once you started using the cream, roll-on, spray, or drops whatever you choose it will help with sore muscles. Even for your dog either the drops or pet chew will help a lot.

      If there is anything else please do ask 

      All the best

  3. I think the website is a little overwhelming with color and can’t see the text very well, however, the content reviews and products are very easily seen and can be clearly understood. However, the drop-down menu at the top of the page doesn’t seem to be working? Maybe you could try putting some of the posts or pages within the drop-down menu to ensure the engagement of consumers and allow for easier access to the articles your writing about. But I would definitely consider purchasing from this page. I’d love to see some CBD gummies on the page too if that’s something that you’re interested in advertising as well. 

    1. Thank you Aimee, really appreciate the feedback – I really appreciate your point of view. Yes, we have CBD gummies on the page. We will keep learning and sharing with people .

      All the best

  4. It’s so nice to know the value and It’s effective cure of anxiety and other ailment. I  really need this especially  this  period of corona virus, Death victim  everywhere I’m getting nervous hearing those news on social media that causes my anxiety. I may recommend to my friends and collegues this CND oil. Looking forward for another post  in your site to know more values and  effective healing of CBD oil. I’ve read also about how to earn money online on your post, It’s interesting I want to know more about it.

    1. Thank you Gina, I am glad you found the post a great read – definitely it is not a an easy time I learned the only way to control people is through fear and create panic. I would suggest we keep our coolness, stay focus, and relax because we can get through this.

      Yes, one the way to stay in control is to keep your immune system strong may I suggest Multi-Vitamins Super7 one of the best.

      You are welcome any time, please spread the love with families and friends.

      In regards to earn money online – I can tell you from my own experience that I tried many things in the past and gave up too easily and I end up falling for some quick rich scheme (learned my Lesson).

      I learned the hard way and now my online business is growing, and I WILL NEVER QUIT after – So if you want to join our community of 1.5 Million people to give a try and see if you like it (everything is included on there from training to support from everything)

      check the Link to register for a trial

      Please let me know if there anything else I can help you with

      All the best

  5. I have used CBD oil in the past for anxiety when I had some medical concerns going on and it truly made such a difference. I went from not being able to sleep more than 3 hours a night to getting anywhere from 8-12, it relieved the stress off my body. I let it rest under my tongue until it dissolved and within minutes it was working, my heart rate lowered, anxiety started to dissipate and I was amazed. 

    I had no idea there were so many products made from hemp and CBD, I am very interested in checking these out. This is our future! There are so many medical benefits from this plant and we finally have the science to back it up! Thanks for sharing. 

    1. No problem Rebecca, any time I am glad you loved the post. Please spread the love 

      Thank you 

      All the best

  6. You’ve explained in detail what I need to know about this product – 10xPure Full Spectrum. I don’t have any health issues but looking for one to boost my immune system, especially during this pandemic era. Reading your review has given me lots of information about it. I think I’ll consider getting one.

    1. For sure Micheal, thanks for the comments and you are welcome to try- remember to check the return policy or money back guarantee. If you do not like the product you up to 60 days to return it. 

      Please share your experience with us. All the best

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