10xPure Full Spectrum – CBD Oil Review

CBD Products
Incredible range of products available on the market
CBD means (Cannabinoids) Full Spectrum launched by a NEW company in the market. Why?

10XPURE Oil- Uses a technology known as Hydrophilic it allows the CBD oil to mix with water its absorption is faster and more effective

Full Spectrum is a generic term used in the industry to describe a semi pure mixture of cannabinoids but it contains more CBD

The Labs results do show the products are actually tested -although they are making clear they only use ORGANIC plants or seed to produce the Oil.

I would suggest looking at some of these products available and remember for them, it does not matter the price, it’s the quality of the product.

It’s the amount of CBD that enters the human bloodstream which is the game-changer.

I would agree for some people the quality comes in the first place, for others, it’s about the prices, for example, even the (Quality+price) is too high some people tend to shy away to find a cheaper version of the similar product.

Check the scientific report conducted to access how 10xPure affects absorption and stability click the link below

My goal is to help educate myself and others by learning about CBD and sharing information with you so you can make your own decision. 

The call it Dangerous plant

2 – SERENE CANNABIS they have created Luxury products Infused with CBD

3 – Currently Researching CBD BOTANICA

The benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Oil


Full Spectrum – means CBD Oil does mix with water is ABSORBED more efficiently into the body, making more EFFECTIVE.

They are above the rest of the competitors when it comes to standard, quality, and transparency. – can it be true?

All their products are certified because they use a THIRD PARTY LAB TEST to verify their products and they use manufacturer which is GMP (Good Manufacturer Practice).

The manufacturer is certified and regulated by the FDA (Food And Drug Administration) this meant whatever is in the label is guaranteed in the bottle.

I believe most companies there try to follow the same rule, otherwise, you will not be able to sell for longer.

The PDF link for the Lab test if you want to verify it https://www.myctfo.me/josmor/labresults.html


Bottle of cbd oil
10xPure Full Spectrum 300mg bottle of CBD Oil

The price starts from $49.97 for 300ml for CBD Oil up to 1500mg – promote healthy energy levels, relieve anxiety, aid in digestion, support optimal immune function and the regeneration of healthy cells, and more.

Bottle of oil
10xPure Full Spectrum 500ml bottle of CBD oil

The price starts from $99.97 for 1 bottle up to 500ml of 10xPure CBD OIL – It provides accelerated, increased absorption and potency acts as an anti-bacterial and prebiotic. promote a sense of serenity and overall well-being.

750mg for $69.97 or (higher dosages up to 1500mg) or 300mg (3-pack bottles for $129.97) or 500mg (3-pack bottles for $249.97)

The products are impressive if the quality, standard, and the potency of these products sold by the company are good then, I think it will be one of the top companies to look at.

The company offers over 70 ranges of products these are some of them

Every package include the dosages description you need to take

There are several types of Oil Drops; from 300ml to 1500ml (Isolate CBD OIL, 10xPure CBD OIL, 10xPure Full Spectrum, and Gold Full Spectrum )

CBD Edibles

Delicious Gummies to get your health in balance

Several packages from 8mg to 30mg including gummies packs to help your overall wellbeing if you don’t like drops

CBD Luxury Products

Bath Bomb Amazing for your body detox, and moisturize your skin

It includes products for Bath with different flavors such as Shampoo, Conditioner, hair growth, and Oil Massage.


Super Healing Cream
for stopping sore muscles & pain

Different Cream’s for pain from 60mg to 500mg for people with aches, sore muscles, arthritis, Back pain, Joints, and shoulders.


Help Your pet be Free from pain and anxiety

There are products for pets, Gummies to chew Off, Oral Spry and Drops which can be used for Diet supplement in conjunction with medication with no side effects & 15lbs for 1 treat.


Ultra Magic Body Moisturizer to soften any dry skin

Various categories of Anti-Aging Cream’s (Moisturizer Cream, Wrinkler Remover, Body Moisturizer, Rejuvenate Cream, Body Moisturizer, Facial Cleanser/Toner, and Under Eye Cream, plus Dead Sea Mud Mask)


Delicious & gluten-free to support Energy levels, and Control Your Appetite

Different packages are available from single to families including gummies products to chew off and Milk Shakes for those who like to start their day with running or gym you can begin with a shake.


Instant Wrinkle Remover to Dazzle Your Skin

The products for facial skin ranges from Non-CBD Dead Sea Musk and Retinol Complex Serum

Non-CBD Instant Rinkler Remover, Vitamin C Skin Serim, Collagen Retinol Cream where you say goodbye to Puffy Eyes.


If you are not happy or satisfied with your products they state you can return your empty bottle – please refer to refund policy PDF Link

10xPure Full Spectrum CBD OIL – Disadvantages

After reviewing the 10xPure CBD OIL Full Spectrum, I can only suggest if the quality and the potency deliver what is written on the bottles it could be good value, unfortunately, it’s not available elsewhere.

So this a drawback for any customers that cannot afford to purchase a product. As you can see from the examples 3 pack bottles of 500mg Full Spectrum will be costing you $249.97.

Another issue, people want to see other customer reviews. Everything is about trust and belief in quality.

The company has a program known as AUTOSHIP – If you buy regularly you will benefit from a further reduction. Otherwise, it’s a normal price.

Possible Side Effects Found on CBD Oil out there – Bad products
  • Dry Mouth, Lack of Appetite and Diarrhea
  • Also, you may not get the right information on the product
  • Do you know how Pure OIL supposed to taste 

“Warning” There are products being sold with less or 0% of CBD and possible fake according to a recent CNN & FOX 11 report.

Their investigation and testing found some of the CBD products sold did not have quality (lack of crucial ingredients or even worst). FOX 11 report link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmRfwsHXJk4


Please notice that Pure TINCTURE Hemp Oil may be Tasteless and Odorless ( Unless you buying with FlAVORS)

It is necessary to pay maximum attention to the quality of anything you are buying online because its something you are taking to help improve your health.

You don’t want to purchase some imitation which can cause you even further health problems.

There are various sellers of CBD products, the issue is Quality, Potency, and Effectiveness of the oil so we need to check

Did you know the UK Law has been changed for Medical Cannabis?

Doctors will be able to prescribe medical cannabis products to patients in the UK from November 1, thanks to new legislation.

The change comes after a series of high-profile cases, including that of 12-year-old Billy Caldwell who has severe epilepsy, whose conditions appeared to be helped by cannabis oil.” Qt from Newspapers.

If you like to leave any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you in advance

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  2. I’m a little confused on what “full spectrum” means in regards to CBD oil. Does it mean it has THC in it? I’m curious if CBD can act as a painkiller. I have social anxiety and depression so I’ve been looking into CBD oil to deal with those issues I’m having. There is so much information floating around on the internet that it can be quite confusing at times. Anyways thanks for any advice you could give me, I do appreciate it. Have a good one.

    1. Hey Riverdog,
      All the Hemp products have low THC like 0.03% and While Marijuana does have THC – make you feel high.

      CBD Hemp Oil has been helping a lot of people with chronic pain, anxiety, sugar level and etc.

      I can give you the website to read other people experiences https://myctfo.me/josmor/

  3. Hey thanks for the awesome review!  I have never used cbd oil, but I have heard that it has helped a lot of people.  I see that you were talking about how it can be good for your health if it is authentic and is of good quality.  However, does it have any side effects?  What are they?

    1. Hey Jesse,

      Of course, CBD Oil of good quality pure will not give any you side effects – This company has come up with an even better product and it is called CBDA (Cannabidiol Acid) works even better than CBD it is more effective, it gets absorbed much quicker into the blood.

      The bad quality of CBD Oil most side effects are Diarrhea, Dry Mouth, and Loss of appetite 

  4. CBD oils are the new craze it seems, and there is so much information about them online and so many different types of products that it is difficult to know which are the quality ones and which aren’t.

    I try to steer away from the types sold on multi-level marketing organizations, as these are normally much more expensive than the other brands, and whether the quality is better or not is debatable.

    Besides looking for reviews online, what other characteristics would you judge when looking at good quality CBD oils?

    1. Hey, I mean if you are buying something such as CBD Oil or any other product it has to work otherwise what is the point to buy something that does not work! Unless you are buying couples dollars stuff and you can just through away and you won’t feel it.

      If the product is expensive but the quality is the best and they offer you a money-back guarantee it is no brainer. 

      Everyone has their own opinion and need to make their own decision 

  5. Good to find a review I’d these CBD products and to learn how they can help improve your health. I don’t know a lot about CBD and as in most things research is crucial. This company CTFO seems to be providing more information than most and their products look a though they are good quality. What makes CBD products so expensive? I realise that there must be a lot that goes into the production of them but they do seem to be pricey, but with anything you get what you pay for.

    I will consider  these products as I have been thinking about trying CBD oil for recurring aches and pains and these look to be the best I have seen so far.

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Louise,

      I am glad you understand because you know how things works -CBD is not a new thing

      Thank for the feedback 


  6. I agree with you that for products like CBD oil, one must choose quality over cheap price because you get what you pay for. I believe that those companies that are charging higher than the rest have stringent quality control over the rest. So, don’t go for the cheap ones but for better quality CBD oil products like 10xPure.

    My question is, most of the time, I notice that CBD products coming out on the market are all tinctures in dosage form and have not seen any product delivered in soft gel. Can you explain a bit what is the reason behind this?

    1. Hey, we all would like all things in the world. However, if there is no soft gel it’s because the companies have not decided to produce one yet. There is cream and spry for pain. 

      This is something out of my control. thanks for the feedback 

  7. Thanks for the thorough review of the 10xPure CBD Oil Full Spectrum line of products. They do appear to have some excellent pricing compared to the competition. I am concerned with the quality, the potency, and the effectiveness of such products, so I was glad to see that you addressed all these factors in the review.

    It appears that they are the real deal, and the prices are excellent compared to the competitive products that I have researched. They have a wide range of products to select from, and I like that there is also a guarantee. They are also using a third-party laboratory to check for quality, which is comforting.

    Have you tried the company out and their products? Since you can only buy directly from them, I would imagine that they are easy to work with. They do appear to be trying to build a brand that will get noticed in the market. They certainly have my attention after reading this review!

    1. Hey Dave, thank you for the feedback. I am glad you do your own research about CBD products. You have to sample the products – Yes the prices are not favorable therefore it could be a problem. Why buy 2 cheaps products at the low quality when you can buy 1 product which is top quality and more effective.

      Best wishes

  8. Thanks for this review that put the importance of a genuine and a fake product. It’s really difficult to determine which of the online stores are selling the genuine one. When it comes to CBD and others that are expensive it must solely be supplied and sold by the company producer and not anyone.  This is to minimize the proliferation of fake which is beyond the control of the company.

    I would absolutely agree with you that if we buy an expensive product it must be genuine because what we want to attain is the efficiency and potency which is worth the price.

    1. Hey, I am glad you can see things the way are. Some people think they are expensive it is not easy to understand humans.

      Thank you for the feedback

  9. Another great review of a product that is part of a fast increasing market. As a potential buyer two areas mentioned are of huge importance. Price and quality. Price, we can all see and if that is all that guides us, then we are just picking a number in a lottery.

    Quality is a different matter. I think  you are wise to advise all of us to do our research. The market place is fast becoming saturated with ‘like for like’products. It is becoming more and more difficult to differentiate between products. Extraction and the process invloved seems to be key, but also the fact that this is FDA approved and is tested through independant, third party laboratories. Having a 60 day money back guarantee is one way of reassuring any prospective customer.

    1. You are 100% right I have not seen yet any company out there offering 60 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

      All the best 


  10. Hi,

    I haven’t tried CBD oil yet but am looking into it as I have chronic pain and have read that the oil can reduce the pain to a more manageable level. I have been researching it and if the oil from your review is as good as it seems then it will be worth the outlay. 
    After all, you get what you pay for and for me I am looking for a quality product that will work! 
    Many thanks for this review, it makes my decision easier!


    1. thanks, Tony, I health problem also another thing I want to share information and help educate people to make better decisions about the purchase. https://myctfo.me/josmor/

      Check out the review of other people

      All the best 


  11. I totally agree it’s all about the quality of the product and I’m glad to see that 10xPure Full Spectrum is using only organic plant or seed to produce its oil. CBD oil is all the rage these days and for good reason, as it is just that, more organic than chemicals found in things like pharmaceuticals or e-cigarettes. I like how 10xPure comes in 300mg and 500mg bottles. These amounts seem on the money when it comes to dosage, and the price is fair as well. I definitely will be checking your links out further and I’m looking forward to seeing what else you can find out there, great post!

    1. So you know how things work. You can do further research to figure out by comparing the prices and the quality of the products. Sure if you want the link to check out 


      Let me know what you think 

      Best wishes


  12. I am a huge CBD oil fan and have clients that use this product for both pain relief and to sleep better at night.  The applications for CBD oil are quite broad as you outlined in your post.  The increased patented potency sounds very interesting and promising for the future of CBD oil users.  It has been exciting for me to watch my clients who have suffered from chronic pain find relief from the ailments helping them to move better and get back to regular training.  It is also a great alternative for those that suffer from anxiety and stress.  Thanks for your informative post.

    1. Hey Stacey,

      I am happy for you that your clients are enjoying and experiencing great benefits. I hope you get more and more clients enjoying your services.

      All the best 


  13. CBD oil seems to have a load of varied uses.  I’m a big fan of natural products and this product as caught my eye, the reasons are as follows.  It comes from a the cannabis plant, which does carry a lot of weight when it comes to healing and well being.  It offers a massage oil, now I’m very sporty and if this product can help me with any aspects of recovery and maintenance – then it’s got my vote!  Thanks for the share.  

  14. Very interesting article. I’ve never used CBD oil myself but I’ve heard a lot of fascinating stories about how well it helps with certain illnesses. I think that as long as the quality of the oil continues to be high then the company will see success in the future. 

    Are there other health benefits of using CBD oil and does 10xpure have those same benefits? 

    1. The benefits are endless there are still so many discoveries and studies to be done. CBD OIL could be a possible solution to help with blood cloth circulation, with brain injuries.

      Best wishes


  15. It is not from your post that I am first hearing about 10xpure company and the awesome cbd products that they make It is very nice to learning about the company and given the full details you have given here. I think I really need to try it out becuase you have stated here that it is of good quality and they make the best type of CBD. I really should give it a try out. Thanks!

    1. It is cool to see you are aware of the products. Yes check them out and see what you can find out more..

      All the best#

  16. Hi, There.
    Thanks for sharing the review of CTFO’s CBD Hemp oil.
    As you suggested, CTFO offers 70 products and listed many verities in the article. Please tell how they produce the Hemp oil? Is CBDA released after heat and extraction become more concentrated? Whenever you get a chance to visit the factory, share your experience with us.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Yes, they offer a lot of products and many other types of products. Yes, if I do visit the factory I will let you know. It will be a pleasure to share with everyone about the experience.

      All the best 

    2. Thank you for you comments – Yes, the ideas is fantastic – so far I have written down the experiences of using the products. I will do if I visit the place
      Kind Regards

  17. CBD oil is taking the world by storm! You can buy it almost anywhere but I wouldn’t.
    Unless you’re buying a pure CBD oil product like CTFO, then you’re just wasting your money.
    It really is important to know what goes into the CBD oil that you’re looking for.
    It seems like CBD oil can help with just about everything.
    CTFO is one company that I am looking to buy from and it appears to be one of the best.
    Once you see results then you can purchase other products as well.
    How long does it take to see results?

    1. wow, so you know what you talking about. You are aware of the products. Please let me know if there are any companies offering 60 days money-back guarantee.

      All the best

  18. I have never used hemp oil, but I am reading some `great testimonies of people who have used it. Your article sets out the many ways it can be consumed and I think I would be interested in the skin products and the edibles. The CBD oil in the bottle, I am wondering what is the dosage. This review gives a good look at what is possible, the only turn off for me being the availability from the company only. Thank you

    1. Thank you for the feedback  – and yes one of the disadvantages you can only purchase the product from the company. Also, you have 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

  19. CBD oils and related products are trending products available commercially only since the last several years.  That makes this topic fresh and inviting.  Don’t know what the competition is like for ranking but would think that you are in it at the beginning – a good position to be in.  Interest in your topic’s products is open-ended from what I know just from general news reporting.  Demand for these products is expanding, which only enhances the value of this topic.  I also found that your article offers the reader a good introduction to the variety of products available for use.  

    1. Thank you for for the reviews. I believe it is just the beginning here in the UK the doctors can prescribe to patients with seizures and epilepsy which is a step in the right direction.

      Best wishes


  20. WOW, great article,

     CBD oil is one of the best oil to anxiety & depression. personally, it helped me lot.I totally agree with you there has a lot of fake CBD oil. look like 10xPure CBD OIL is legit.

    I am looking to buy quality and authentic CBD oil. Soon I will buy from CTFO.

    thank you for sharing this valuable information. Keep it up!

    1. thank you, much appreciated for the feedback. I will do my best to share good info with people. I wish you all the best

  21. Hello
    Do you have an article that explains what a full spectrum oil is? There is so much conflicting information I get confused.
    I think that it shows good faith that the company publishes its lab results so that customers know the quality of the ingredients in the product. If a product contains quality ingredients, and the company is genuinely transparent people will pay the higher prices.

    1. Hey there,

      Full Spectrum does mean the CBD Oil work better and faster by entering your bloodstream quicker. It is a patent technology known as Hydrophilic which allows the CBD oil to penetrate the water molecules and get through the human system faster

  22. I used to use CBD oil in my coffee occasionally and have recently started using it as part of a nightly tea (mixed with yarrow and passionflower supplements). I’ve found it to be more effective in the latter form as it tends to make me drowsy, which obviously isn’t the best way to start your mornings. Overall, I think I notice my body feeling more relaxed on the mornings after I’ve had a CBD-infused tea the night before! 

    1. Thanks Tucker, 

      I am glad you can see and feel the difference in your body. I really appreciate the feedback.


    2. Thank you for the feedback. I am glad you are already benefiting from the CBD.  All the best Moreno

    3. That is fantastic Tucker, really awesome to know. My goal is to find out more and more about CBD because of my health- It does suck but I got no other choice.

      All the best

  23. Hi dear,thank you for this review of CBD oil.Few years ago ,I remember I used hemp oil for skin problems and it worked wonderfully.Is cbd oil different from hemp oil please? If yes, I will give it a try,because cbd oil is more concentrated and is very popular those days.Do we need to dilute it with a carrier oil before using it? Thank you!

    1. Hey,

      Let me explain HEMP CBD OIL is good for people and animals if it is pure. Cannabis or Marijuana CBD Oil has THC which gives people high.

      You don’t need to mix CBD OIL with any other Oil – it supposes to help you get better feeling great

      All the best


    2. Hello Eva,

      How are you? CBD Oil supposed to be used this way. if it is pure and concentrated it should take the oil as it is. No CBD oil should be mixed with anything otherwise it is worthless not of the same quality.

  24. Thanks for your review. To be honest, with those prices for a 300mg bottle, it would be much cheaper and more sustainable to get your own plant, get a distillation device, and make your own oil. Who the heck would pay over $300 for a tiny bottle? I also did a quick google search and found a deal of 5000mg bottle for $390. I would say that 1500mg for $400 is a bad deal.

    Thanks again for your review!

    1. thanks for the feedback and by the way I am glad you found a cheaper option. All the best M

  25. Well! For the quality they offer in cbd product, then I wouldn’t mind to input huge amount to get them. I value quality over quantity and in all, this  10xpure cbd oil seems to be deliveringbinly the best and as such, that is just okay to me and worth buying. Though the price is much but I wouldn’t mind based on the quality I have read on here

    1. Thank you for the feedback – I appreciate you understand how things work – 

      All the best

  26. Your article does a good job of review this product. It seems to be very transparent. The quality of the product is high. The cost is somewhat high on some of the products. Of course, it is up to the customer to make the decision to purchase the product based on the high quality of the product. This is what really comes through in the article. The quality of the product would trump the price for me. Very well written and objectivity is awesome. 

  27. To me, quality comes first because a product that’s worth more and the cost of production is high, it’ll be definitely be expensive, most of these cheap products we see around are just there to take out money and still add to the issue needed to be solved. I think 1xpure is a nice product with immense benefit and I think it worth the price charged for it. 

    1. Thanks for the remarks and I appreciate your understanding  – we all know one can not compare a BMW with a Renault. 

      I am always happy to tell people please make your own decision about the products

      All the best


  28. The price of your products is very favorable. I used CBD Oil to Relieve Pain and could reduce anxiety and depression. I also used it to reduce Acene. I heard that it also has the effects of Have Neuroprotective Properties and Benefit Heart Health. I don’t know if your products have no other effects. Can you introduce other effects of CBD Oil?

    1. I really appreciate the compliment and the feedback – The products are of excellent and high quality – please read the other people experiences and make a comparison with our products – In regards to side effects if there you can verify if there people complaining about the products and side effects.

      All the best


  29. Your review of the newly launch CBD oil is fairly good as you mentioned the advantages and the disadvantages. Because it is new, not much information can be found regarding the company and the products itself. you Mentioned the advantages if it claimed to be what they claimed will be beneficial however aside from themself no one else can prove it which is why regulations work sometimes. Which is good.

    Overall I think your articles are on point so your customer will be making the final decision after considering the pros and cons.

    Great one!

    1. Hey there,

      I am just giving information and its up to the other to make the decision about what they want to do. I am sharing my opinion and suggestion.

      I appreciate the feedback


  30. Thanks a lot for the detailed and insightful review.

    Some of my friends have used CBD oil and they have seen great results. I am amazed at their testimonies and it brought great respect on this miracle plant. One of my friend referred me to CFTO and because of the increased number of scams and products under-delivers with low-quality, I always prefer to do my research and found your helpful review.

    It’s great to know that their quality is great and for me quality is first. 60-day money-back guarantee is just like icing on the cake. CFTO is on my list and your review saved my time.

    I loved how easy the review makes it for readers and no additional research needed.

    1. Hey Paul, thank you so much for the support – Again, I always suggest to do your own comparison – All the best 


  31. Hi! Thank you for your article ! I wish I could buy that for stress, but I guess that in some countries, due to the composition of the product, it is impossible to import it, right ? I often buy product to relax myself because of my high level of stress sometimes, but some of the products are not “good enough”. I was looking for something stronger, but after reading your article, I guess there will be some problems where it comes to import it in France.. Unless the molecule is totally allowed everywhere.

  32. Hello,
    It seems like CTFO company is transparent about their products and they are trustworthy among other competing companies. But I think if a company truly considers about their customers, they would try to produce the best quality products and sell them for a price that is fair and reasonable. I am not saying CTFO company or the10xPure Full Spectrum – CBD Oil are not worthy of their price. But it’s just my opinion on generally any product and sale out there. 

    But the fact that oils are extracted from organic plants and seeds, verification of the quality of the oils from third l party lab tests and the approval of FDA clearly shows that the CBD oils are high in quality. So I think it would be best to buy one see the effect for ourselves first before discouraging too much about the expensive pricing. Could you please suggest me a good CBD skin care product to use as a wrinkle remover?

    1. Anjali much loves to you. I really appreciate your support –  You ask for my suggestion – I will give one 

      Insta-Lift Instant Wrinkle Remover

      However, please know you can always do your own search.

      Really cool of you 

      All the best 


  33. Hi,

    I think that the prices are pretty compatible. The products are not expensive, and they are organic. Only if you’re buying several bottles it can turn out to be more costly. Maybe in the future the products will be sold via other platforms too and not only through the company? I had no idea that some companies sell fake cbd oil, that’s really bad … how do they get away with that? 

    1. Hey Christine,

      thanks for the review – When I heard about the news I taught it is not good – After a while, I taught to myself maybe the Media want to spread bad news to scare people.

      All the best 


  34. I never had experience with CBD Oil but my husband took it for pain.  Not the brand in your post another brand.  It did help with his pain.  He could not take any other pain medicine with it. He was trying to put off a hip replacement.   When he gave in and scheduled the surgery, he had to stop taking it.  My son’s friend who works out a lot recommended it for pain. Did not know there were so many products.  I might try skincare products.  

    1. Hey there Josephine,

      I am so glad that your husband tried the CBD oil, my neighbor and friend had his hyp replacement done because of the sport he used to play. 

      I am sharing information and it’s up to people to decide what is the best options for them..

      All the best


  35. I am just now discovering about CBD oil thanks to your review! I agree with you, better pay a higher price for best quality. It is interesting that it is made out of cannabis. That makes it a unique product. It is disappointing though that there is no competition that would lower the price. I am curious to know what are CBD oil’s health benefits? Thank you for the helpful information!

    1. Hello there,

      I am really happy you read my reviews and thank you for the support. in regards to benefits, there are so many but further studies still needed. 

      here the website to check out…https://cbdoilisamazing.com

      Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with 


  36. Hi! Very recently a CBD shop opened in my area and it really made me curious to learn more about the health benefits of cannabis. The fact that you have visited the headquarters of CTFO makes me want to trust you more and purchase the CBD oil and try it for myself. It is very important to buy the best quality because there are many people out there selling fake products.

    1. Hello kate,

      Thank you for the feedback – The benefits of the Hemp and Cannabis Oil are immense although further studies still needed. Even if the products are not fake but they don’t have the right amount of CBD or they are not effective.

      All the best


  37. waaw!!! CBD OIL really before reading this article i had no idea about what’s CBD OIL and what does it mean, i heard before that Canabis help athlete and staf like that, but when i road this article i did’nt expect all this benefits that we can have through the using of this oil. I will defenetly share this website because i know that lot of people don’t kno about it.

    1. Wow thank you Youness,

      I am glad you liked the review – And I really appreciate  the support and please share with friends and families 

      All the best


  38. Hi Jos,

    Great website, informative and easy to navigate. Got you bookmarked.

    I strongly believe in the health benefits of CBD. I was on prescription medication for a long while, with all the  negative side effects. I am slowly getting off them and have been using CBD for awhile now. I feel so much better.

    Ontario, Canada made it legal last year, and it has been a long while coming. Cannabis as we know has been around for centuries to treat several ailments.

    The information you share on your website educates people, and I wish more and more people recognize the benefits of the proper use of CBD and cannabis.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    Best wishes,


    1. Thank you so much for the support – I am doing my best to share the information and it is up to the people to chose and compare the products. it is their choice 

      All the best


  39. Well, I have recently read one of your other posts and it as quite informative about CBD and other aspects of it as well. I was wondering do you use these products often? Some of my friends do actually and I wonder a lot of the time about the side effects. I’m usually skeptical about these sorts of things but my friends always tell me about the good they get from using some of the oils. 

    1. Hello Ian,

      Thank you for the comments and the review – You said your friends are using CBD oil and what they tell you about the products, and how they feel after taking the Hemp oil. – I am not here to convince you to buy anything because it would not be good – that is I why I always suggest doing your own research 

      All the best 


  40. Your content is very interesting and is a GREAT niche!!  I like the use of different colors to separate your sections.

    Please read your context.  You’re using improper grammar and use of punction, and have misspelled words throughout your site which makes it look unprofessional.  You want to show that you are the expert.  Grammarly is a great tool (and is free): YOAST is also a great tool and is one of our free plug-ins.  

  41. Wow, awesome post you have here on this great CBD products here. I like the fact that you have given the details of this company. I have learnt that full spectrum is the best type of CBD out there and you have also confirmed that in this post here. I think that 10x pure has done a great job. Many might think that the price is too much but it is worth it is worth. Nice post you have here. 

    1. Thank you really appreciate your comments – i am looking to improve and share the information 

      All the best

  42. I’m just wondering about the different prices per bottle – what is the difference in the contents?  Is the oil full spectrum or are there differing types/qualities?  I must say that $300 per bottle (depending on size) does seem a little exorbitant.  What makes the price so high compared to the $49 bottles?

    1. Thank you for the feedback – As I said the prices maybe not everyone favorite option so they look for cheaper version- the choice is yours–

      I suggest to always do your own research

      All the best

  43. Hi Jenny –  I agree with you; quality is very important, especially
    when it involves health.  As the saying goes: you get what you pay for.  It is great that this company focuses on quality and has been regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.  I’ve started watching the video on your site about sore knees; something I’ve been experiencing lately. 

    Thanks for this information!

    1. Hey Nathaniel,

      Thank you for the comments – I am just sharing the information than it is up to people what they do – I always suggest to do their research 

      All the best


  44. Hi,

    I am not that familiar with CBD oil products and what they do, but I believe that you get what you pay for. If what CTFO says about their product is true, It sounds like they have some good products. I do quite a lot of physical activity such as mountain biking and snowboarding. I was wondering if there was a CBD product that would benefit my joints?

    1. Hi Tom,
      We really appreciate your comment since you are a very active individual there is also products for sports to help you recover faster.
      Yes I believe also there are a lot athletes already using CBD products. May I suggest to look at this site https://myctfo.me/josmor and one of the products which is good 10xPURE Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops – 1500mg

  45. Hello!

    What an interesting product you are recommending. When we talk about hemp CBD is not THC marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are two different varieties of the Cannabis Sativa plant. 

    It is possible to produce hemp with an exceptionally high percentage in CBD, getting an oil rich in legal and non-psychoactive hemp CBD. 

    I find myself analyzing your consumption with my GP and with what dose to start. 

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Claudio,

      Thank you for your comments – please don’t take the wrong way, I don’t recommend, I only suggest to take a look and to do research and compare the price and quality with others.

      Best wishes

  46. I love health products that are pure organic by all means. The fact that 10xPure CBD OIl  has utilized this option is a great advantage. Price might be  a challenge but when it comes to quality, it is better to be safe using organic than other  type that might have serious side effects in the long run.It is really impressive that they have all those products under their belt. How interesting that they also have animal products. Than you for this in depth review.

    1. @Carol5152,
      Thank you for feedback
      yes, you are correct and we all know that health is important I can tell you that I ate medications unfortunately I have to take them.
      Talking about side effects from medications wow – Yes some products may not be good due side effects and we do not want that.
      All the best

  47. I am happy I stumbled across your website as I have been researching the benefits of CBD as medical marijuana is not legal here.  I have been having digestive problems for several years and I am curious would it be better to try CBD gummies or a CBD tincture?  There seems to be a great deal of options out there and it can be quite overwhelming especially when you are completely new to CBD.

    1. Hello Pamela,
      Wow you are right there so much info out there it is impossible to get right.

      However what you end up buying make sure its is a great quality. I can suggest 10xPURE Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops – From 500mg up to 1500mg.

      Also take a look at the website https://myctfo.me/josmor
      As I said there are lot products out there promising results, but this company their products are patented and they can not be copied.

      Since you are looking to try Gummies – Each gummy contains 20mg of CBD Hemp Oil, helping to promote overall health.

      I hope you get well
      Please let me know how it went for you
      Moreno @cbdoilisamazing

  48. I have used CBD oil for anxiety and think it is the best thing to use! I have used other natural remedies like holy basil and kava, which are ok but not near as good as CBD oil. I was unaware that ordering online could be fake, so thank you for mentioning that so I can be aware. So many different benefits of using CBD oil, I would suggest it for anybody looking for healthy solutions.

    1. Hey Travis,
      Thank you for the feedback. Yes as long we use quality cbd oil we will get the benefit. I would say every website you order will be fake more like the product also could have less milligrams of CBD.

      I hope I did help and I really appreciate
      Moreno @cbdoilisamazing

  49. Your website is very impressive.  I did not know that you set up “live chat” box.  That’s good one.  I can see that you offer the people from different countries around the world.   The CBD oil bottle is very good descriptions.  You offered the bundle of those one which costs me very expensive.  I’d prefer one bottle as “test” to see if it can help sooth my joint pain.   Good Luck!!!

    1. Hello Carolyn,

      thank you for the comments – As I said the prices could put some people off  – So I hope you can do a research to find a reputable company and get the OIL from them.

      Best wishes

  50. Hello, this is a helpful and informative article.  CBD oil is not something I know much about although I have heard it mentioned more and more recently.  Can I ask some questions, do you know if this is available in the UK yet? as I am not sure what our rules are in the UK.  In your article you mention there are many uses for CBD oil so it is certainly versatile, can it be used in cooking at all do you know?

    Thank you

    1. Hello Andrew,

      A lot of people are experiencing amazing results using HEMP CBD OIL –  Just yesterday I was talking to a lady in the shop and she told they were using CBD oil and started to give to her father in law ho has cancer and it seems to improve his conditions and lower his PH levels.

      Here the link – Remeber always do your research 


      Let me know how it went – check if the UK is on the list

  51. I have heard that a lot of people are trying out cbd oil and it seems from your article that it can be used for a great many things. My husband had osteo-arthritis, do you know if cbd oil is good for this? 

    I actually have a lot of questions about the product that I hope you can answer?. How long would a bottle last, how oftern do you have to take it. Is it actually a cure for something like osteo-arthritis or does it just relieve symptoms? Are there any side effects. I hope you can answer these questions because it is a very interesting topic and I would love to know more about it. Thanks

    1. Hello from the experience that people have shared with us, they have been using CBD OIL to help them with chronic pain – you can use Drops, Gummies, and Cream. 

      Please check out the reviews and do research and see what is best for you – here the website to check out – 10XPURE GOLD FULL SPECTRUM has been used for blocking pain and anti-inflammation. 

      All the

  52. It’s great to see that you stated that this product is actually FDA approved, because a lot of the reviews I’ve come across, regarding CBD oils don’t actually state this. Though, the price is a bit too high for the quantity this prodict offers. You also stated that it’s one of the best in the market right now. That has me curious as to why is that? Also, have you personally used this product? If so, what has your experience been? Are these types of vapes safe? Have you tried any of them? 

    1. Hello,

      Of course, I have used the products. Right now I am about to order the Hair grow product – What I meant all process of manufacturing the Hemp CBD oil for this company has been approved by the FDA. 

      No, I have not used the VAPE because I do not smoke. If the CBD OIL was not one of the best, you would see BAD Reviews all over the internet. Please read our reviews and do your research to compare and then let me know.

      Any more questions please let me know


  53. Hello!

    While I am not too familiar with the usage of CBD oil, the research that I have found has proven it to be absolutely beneficial for some people.  I  like that this company says they use organic plants and seeds to produce the oil.  I’ve also never heard of the company, CTFO.  I see that they also sell products that do not contain CBD oil.  That’s interesting and would appeal to those who prefer not to use the oil.  

    I think after having read this, I’m going to do some more research on CBD oil.  Thank you for your non-biased review!  I appreciate it. 

    1. Hi there,

      Of course, and I should not be biased because it would not be good – that is why I always suggest to do your research and people don’t need to buy from this company. You can always get the products from different companies as long it is reputable it should be ok

      All the best

  54. Health is wealth and shouldn’t be something we joke about. CBD products are some that I ate used and trusted for both humans and animals depending on what its been used for. Some time ago when had serious stress and anxiety issues, it was a CBD product I used then.  From the tone of CTFO, they seem very confident of the products and that alone would make potential customers want to give a try. Best regards

    1. Wow thank you, Benson I am glad you have used CBD OIL and it is helping you a lot. 

      Best wishes


  55. CBD oil has helped me and my brother in law. We both have knee issues and I have just recently been looking for a good product to buy online. This product is something that I will be looking to try for sure. The prices are decent as sure enough the product is as well.

    Is there a CBD product you woud recommend for eczema? My daughter suffers from it and I am looking for a helpful product. Thanks in advance.


    1. Hello Amelia,

      Much love to you and your family. I really appreciate the support and comments. For sure there are some amazing products to use for skin which I will also try for myself – Yes I can suggest this one but you always welcome to search at other companies 

      CBD Ultra Moisturizing Body ButterPlease let me know how I can help you further,All the best 

  56. I am impressed by how CBD is more and more becoming mainstream. There are indeed differences in brands and everyone is jumping into the CBD business, or so it seems. I have used CTFO products, the Full Specrum oil  and sleep spray. I am happy with the results.

    The endocannabinoid system is fascinating and may be the future of medicine. We shall see.

    I am all for acknowledging what medical science is discovering, but I wish there were more controls on what we use – or at least more information and maybe less advertising.

    Interesting article. Thank you.


    1. Thank you Richard,

      I am glad you have test and liked the CTFO. I am going for another product hair grow. appreciate the comments

      All the best


  57. This is an interesting article.  There are so many version of CBD oil available that it is good to have some perspective on one of the companies.  Is it legal to have CBD shipped through the mail?  If so, what you are suggesting is very helpful.  I had no idea that there is such a variety of products and a variety of quantities offered in each product.  CBD has proven very effective migraines.  I am most familiar with the vaping form of delivery but am also interested in other delivery systems.  I plan to look into the  shipping process.  Thank you for the article and for clearly outlining the products available.

  58. I am a little familiar with CBD oil and do find that you really get what you pay for.  Looking for the best CBD requires a little research to say the least.  I have tried it in a capsule form after ankle surgery, and I found that it really did help.  I will say that it is a bit expensive, but because I live in Canada, it makes it harder to get from a US site.  Do you know if there are any companies that ship to Canada.

    Best of luck to you.

    1. Hey,

      So glad you have tried CBD oil and it did help you.

      Sorry unfortunately, I do not know any company but I will check out.

      All the best

  59. CBD oil is a hot thing. As a riff in a Chris Record song “Ain’t nothing but a CBD thang”. Our family purchased some CBD chewables for our aging chocolate Labrador retriever. I did see that you had brought up the question”Benefits of Hemp oil for dogs?” However I did not read anything in this post elaborating on that question? The pros with our dog is it helped with her arthritis. The cons were she started to have diarrhea episodes inside the house. We have almost totally stopped giving her the chewables. We only give them to her when we can tell she is absolutely having a bad day moving. I believe more research into proper dosage is key.

    1. Hello Ronn,
      How are you thank for the recent comments on blog, as always I am trying to improve the blog and sometimes I miss something. Yes some cbd oil do cause side effects on humans and animals.

      I would suggest that some CBD oil out there are not 100% potent and these are the possible side effects
      Nausea, Dry mouth and Diarrhea. May I suggest try different type of CBD

      It seem your dog had Diarrhea, did you get the information about the dosage to use.
      Unfortunately I cannot find the video of a gentleman who’s dog had LUPUS and the Vets could not help – CBD OIL came to rescue and the Dog is alive and well today.

      I wish all the best to your dog, please let me know how it went

  60. After I landed on your home page, ads moved in from the right and left margins and I could not read your content until I deleted those ads.

    After I deleted those ads, a chat box popped up and I could not see a way to remove or delete the chat box; I could not read your content due to the chat box.

    Since I could not remove the chat box, I could not read your content; I’m sure your content is good stuff but, I could not read it.

    I’d recommend choosing a different ad design and a way to delete the chat box so your reader can read your content.

    1. Thank you for the feedback.

      How did you try to view the website? Using DESKTOP or MOBILE –I have reviewed the website and I can read everything fine-

      I will check the ads and see If I can remove them

      Many thanks 

      All the best 


  61. Hello,

    I really think that CBD is a growing industry and is a great way to make money as an affiliate. My wife and i have taken CBD for almost 1 year and have done much research. CBD does work for us for anxiety and we take about 30mg daily. I wish you company offered a more concentrated product for the reason that if you take that many (30) mgs, in a 300 mg bottle will only last 10 days. I dont like to ingest all that carrier oil, so more concentrate (at least 3500mg) is for me. 

    1. Hey, I see what you mean – that is why I said maybe it is not for every one pocket. The bottles being quite small only 300mg. I believe if the product is really good you may not need 1500mg

  62. I am not familiar with CBD Oil or it’s benefits. They seem to have a variety of products to offer.  It was interesting to see that there is something to help dogs with health problems as well. I prefer to use natural products if at all possible. Thank you for this information. It is good to know that this company has a patent on their products. Also good to know that when ordering from the internet there is the possibility of not getting what you think you ordered. You are right, the price could deter some people who are on a budget, but better to trust the source than a knock off when it comes to your health. Thank you for this article.

    1. There one thing I have learned from Rich Dad and Poor Dad if you are well off or rich person they tend to have a better quality of life and health than a poor person.

      Best wishes


  63. This was an interesting article on this natural product.  I haven’t had any experience with what is being offered but I tend to use natural where ever possible.  You have done a comprehensive review of what they offer and I will keep it all in mind as I continue my research into what different companies offer.

    It is great that it is FDA approved and low cost.

    Thanks Lily 

    1. well thank you, Lilly I am glad you will continue to do your own research. Personally i have made a few mistakes and I will learn from those mistakes 

      All the best 


  64. Okay, I see you have a separate post on the benefits of hemp oil for dogs. And yes it does help with anxiety. I know this for a fact, because our other dog gets very nervous and agitated when it hears loud noises. It absolutely worked to calm our dog down. I give you credit for articulating the pro benefits of hemp oil for dogs. However, you did neglect to write about the unforeseen side effects the cons. I believe different dogs are different. But we do know for a fact that diarrhea can be a side effect.This is why more proper dosage research is a must. bottom line, I do believe the benefits outweigh the cons.

    1. Yes Roon, a lot of research and studies still continue – there is CBD for animals from Chewable 

      drops and spry. Unless a person drinks poison the side effects of CBD are just a drop in the ocean you may say.

      All the best  

  65. Hello! CBD oil is truly amazing. I use it medically every single day, and can truly attest to the health benefits. I must say, this website attacks you with pop-ups a little bit, making it hard to read the overall content you were trying to come across. If you maybe had only one of the sidebar pop-ups, I feel like it would look more professional as opposed to a big ad. Other than that, I can’t see much else that I would change. Brooke

    1. Hi there,

      Thank you for the feedback – I have checked the website both through Desktop and Mobile I can see the ads at the top and bottom – I have removed some of them I believe it should be ok 

      Many thanks sorry for the bad experience

  66. I have tried CBD oil for my depression and it does work. I think pot has been my most effective treatment for depression.! I use anti depressants, which are ok but not near as good as pot.  It is good for my social anxiety, and my ptsd. , I would suggest i using pot for people with depression and anxiety. I also used pot to quit smoking cigarettes. Using CBD oil is just a healthy and fast way to get  the medicine. With technological advancements coming, its only going to get better in the future.Good article. Thanks

    1. Thanks for the feedback – How long you have used pot? I guess some CBD oil is not effective as others. Some are good and others.  People had tremendous experiences using PURE CBD OIL

  67. These sound like great products, with a lot fo different uses!

    My wife runs a coffee shop and retail store, and they have recently started to carry some good quality CBD products. I’m interested to try them, but they can be pretty expensive. I think I’m going to give them a try. I’m already using some hemp based skin care products, and it’s amazing how many uses they’re also finding for CBD.

    Do you know of some places where I can read about the scientifically confirmed benefits of CBD oils? I hear that there are many, but want to research it a bit. 

    1. Yes, I would like to try the skin products as well. If you can get very good quality CBD products at your shop you could be earning extra revenue. Where to find info about the CBD you can always try Wikipedia

  68. Hi Moreno, thanks for your review of CBD oil. I totally agree with you that quality is a top priority when purchasing CBD oil. It is not a lot of money for the smaller bottles, so it is certainly worth getting the best quality and be sure you’re not getting an inferior product. I have not used CBD oil but am well aware of the benefits of products derived from the cannabis plant, it is pretty widely documented. This company has some great products on their website. I will bookmark this page and look further into it.

    1. Hey Greg,

      Thanks for the support. definitely and also you can search more into CBD – It is understandable the price can make people look elsewhere. Please share the page with friends and families.

      Thank you 


      1. Thanks for the extensive review of all things CBD. I was delighted to see the part on skin product and on the gummies that must be quite easy to administer as medication. Are the products readily available in the UK?

  69. Hi Moreno. I’m looking for a CBD oil, or similar product, to treat my Osteoarthritis . Can you tell me if you have anything available. I tried to look through your list but the products kept being covered up with pop ups. I love what you’re doing here and I also love the products that you’re selling. I will definitely click on one of your products if I can get through to them. Thanks Jim

    1. Hello Jim,

      I really appreciate the support. I am really sorry you had a crazy experience with ads, I tried to fix them and remove it. I hope this time you will have a better time reading the content. It is my goal to find out how I can improve my health using CBD.

      Once again thank you 


  70. It’s a little frightening there are ‘fake’ CBD oil products out there. Especially with the cost of it. I know some people rely on it for their health. Does this company warrant their products? Maybe the imposters out there is why they only sell direct to customers. I guess this is reassuring. Thank you for the review. This definitely looks like a product I can feel good about.

    1. Hey, Paula, I cannot say that everything is fake, but some of the stuff is not good. They only sell directly to customers to avoid such problem. Yes, they also give 60 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with EMPTY BOTTLE.

      Best wishes


  71. I am familiar with CBD oil products and what they do and what they can be used for. I have several friends that have health issues and have had lots of relief using CBD products. I have heard them mention many times the quality of the product is huge. I believe you get what you pay for. Sounds like 10xPure CBD Oil is a great product. I will share your review with them.

    1. Hey Scotty, that is fantastic to hear from you and thanks for the support. I really appreciate and I hope your friends and families like it too.

      All the best


  72. Thanks for this article because it has been interesting, and what i have liked about this company which produces  the 10 xpure cbd oil is that its open to its customers that’s to say  they produce quality products for their customers and they come out with confidence to defend them which makes them special from other companies and the other thing i have liked the cbd oil and am soon purchasing one for myself thanks admin 

    1. Yes, I realize the company is right to protect their product because if they give away their products to others to sell it will be bad for their business.

      All best


  73. Thanks for the information on CBD oil, I have been interested in this for some time due to my lower back. I have been suffering from back issues for the past 27 years and now have arthritis in my lower back, would you suggest a specific type of CBD oil for my problem?

    I appreciate your information and any input.

     My wife has used CBD oil for migraines in the past but I have never tried it, I thoroughly enjoyed your content, keep up the great work.

    1. Hey, thanks for reaching me out. I am always happy to share any information that is valuable and it will help people. For pain Relief I would suggest some cream if you don’t take the oil – 

      Ultimate Deep Healing Relief Cream with Emu Oil 2oz – 150mg CBD

      and you are looking for the best 

      10xPURE-GOLD Super 1000

      REMEMBER – I don’t think there is anybody out there offering 


  74. I continue to hear on a regular basis the benefits of CBD oils. I have also had a few friends who swear by it an are constantly recommending that I try it out. Im not to familiar with the usage of such products and I need to do some further research to find out if it is a feasible product for me. You have highlighted some important facts her ethat I will surely follow up

    1. Hey Paul,

      Thanks for the comments and please do follow up with research to learn more

      All the best


  75. I’m not very familiar with CBD oil as it is not legal here but I know a lot of people who import it from the USA via Amazon and it gets through customs without a problem, I suppose because it says Amazon on the box. Everyone who takes it says it’s amazing and has changed their life etc. I remain to be convinced but this was an interesting review of these products so thank you for sharing.

    1. Hey where you from? definitely that is why I said you can order from Amazon or any other company you can find – if your friends are getting great benefits you should ask them.

      All the Best 


  76. I personally know a lot about CBD Oil from organic industrial hemp which is the only safe and effective form of CBD. I like it that there are many companies like CTFO marketing a natural product that really does have medicinal value. I take CBD Oil to take away the chronic lower back pain I have from a former back injury.

    I take CBD Oil from another company which I will not mention here because I do not want you to lose potential customers. What I will say is that the company I buy from is one of the two original CBD Hemp Oil companies and like CTFO quality of the oil is the most important. Quality over price is always what people should want. Why?

    Because there are many cheap copies of hemp or even cannabis oil that is being marketed as CBD Hemp Oil when it is not. Plus you cannot tell by looking at or tasting the oil to know the difference. Doing third party testing and making those test reports readily available to potential customers is an absolute must. Thank you for this review on CTFO CBD Oil.

    1. Hey thank you for the comment and I really appreciate the feedback – There are some great companies out there selling amazing products I am glad you are getting the benefits.

      All the bests


  77. Good Morning Moreno,

    Personally I try to keep away from doctors and if possible use some natural way to solve a health problem.

    In 2015 my dear Cindy, a Rottweiler lady developed a big lump in her armpit. The vet said he could operate and it might prolong her life a little. I decided to not have her operated and started to give her special things including CBD. She sadly had to leave in June 2018 at the age of 12 and a half years. I am convinced that CBD helped and would use it again for myself or any fur friend in need.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hey, Taetske, it is really sad to hear about your dog. I am glad you tried your best to keep her living longer. for sure I appreciate your opinion, I may ask please share it with your friends and families.

      thank you


  78. Hello

    CBD oil is becoming very popular in today’s world. What I didn’t know is all these benefits you have enlisted. I only thought it deals with severe pain- like in cancer patients.

    In our country, no CBD based/related medicines are legalised. Do you think why many country’s have not adopted this is because of genuine reasons to protect citizens from substance abuse/ other related reasons or it is a case of misunderstanding?


    1. Yes you right in everything people will tend to abuse it. they try to find money in the easy way by copying and falsifying stuff

      Their products are patented which is good..

      All the best


  79. I live in Australia and CBD isn’t widely available or even legal I don’t think. If it was, I would be getting the 10x pure CBD oil, it looks like a winner. I’m a quality over quantity guy, I will always purchase something that is made better or to a higher standard than the normal. I believe the benefits of CBD far outweigh any drawbacks; I can’t wait for Australia to legalize it.

    1. Hey Marvin,

      Really appreciate the kudos, I am pretty sure you can check out – HEMP OIL has no THC – which is found in Cannabis or Marijuana –

      Check the website for other people experiences and the reviews

      Best wishes


  80. This was quite a good review you did on the product and it also interests me. It surely seems that from what you said, it´s the best of the best, but I don´t know if I will buy, at least not right now, but in the future probably. And also, good job on giving every detail available about the product to see what it fully offers. I will share this with my family and friends. Bye

    1. Thank you Barbara,

      We all know that quality does come with the premium price tag on it.

      Still, I always suggest for people to do their research and compare with the other competitors.

      Much love to your family 


  81. Hey,

    Thanks for providing this 10xPure Full Spectrum overview. It sounds like it is of far higher quality than you standard CBD oil. I like the fact that the products are organic, that is a massive plus for me!

    Their products are fairly costly but as they say, you get what you pay for. I think I’ll try the pet stuff first (for my Alsatian) when it is back in stick and see how we get on with that.

    1. Thank you Nate, 

      As I said I am sharing the information and people decide what they want to do with it. I always suggest for people to do their own research and compare things.

      Much appreciated

      Best wishes

  82. Thank you for your article, lots of useful information here. I live in Ireland and CBD oil is not legal here, even though the doctors are well aware of it’s potential to heal. When it is eventually legal I will know where to get it. My wife has MS and I believe is is enormously beneficial for this.

    1. Hey, thanks for the comments.

      I hope you can get it for your wife and then she can improve her health. I am pretty sure you can find a way to do some research

      All the best


  83. Hello Moreno, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I heard so many positive things about CBD lately that I am sure it is one of the best “medications” today. One of my friends uses CBD oil for his neck and he is more than satisfied. I will also recommend him 10x Pure Full Spectrum as it is pretty affordable yet powerful.

    1. thank you and I welcome the feedback. I hope your friend does get better – I am researching CBD OIL because of my kidney. I believe in natural medicine.

      All the best


    1. Hi Michael,
      Since there are so many products out there, like anything it does not matter the quantity but the quality. What I can suggest you know the product I wrote a review is about the Quality, Potency, and Taste..What do I mean by fake for example lets say you buy hemp that says it has 20mg of CBD and they only put 10mg on the bottle, so do you where I coming from.

      For example it like recently in some retailers they found they FAKE BOTTLE OF OLIVE OIL for sale, so everything is possible
      Thank you for the questions.

  84. Hey!

    I’m already looking for end of the year presents, and stumbling upon this website, I came up with the idea of one for my girlfriend: a CBD bath oil, like the one you mention in your article. Can you recommend a specific product for my needs? I’m willing to spend about fifty to a hundred dollars on this.

    1. Hello Vasilij,

      Thank you so much for your comments. I believe your girlfriend will be very happy and she will give the night to remember.

      I will would suggest if you want to take a look at 10XPURE FULL SPECTRUM 300mg – support healthy energy levels, relieve anxiety, overall wellbeing, support immune systems, and more.


      You always welcome to look for something else 

      All the best 

  85. I use CBD oil been using it for a while now. I use the mint flavour, thanks for the information about fake companies, I must have got mine from an authentic company because the quality of it is good and it has great positive effects on my health. But like you rightly said these products are very expensive. I hope that some day the prices might start going down just like the old model Apple phones. 

    1. Hello,

      I am glad to know you have used CBD and it worked for you – it is the proof this stuff works…

      A lot of people still have doubts about it.

      All the best


  86. Hello Moreno, nice looking site, images are clean, text is well spaced and easy on the eyes and everything is working like it should. Information is great, now I know what CBD oil is back in the 70’s I just smoked it lol. I have left you a comment on your site as I am interested in the oil.

    1. Hey Micheal thank you so much – I want to help and educate myself and others about CBD OIL – the reason is my health – Right now I am researching about CBD OIL and KIDNEY

      I really appreciate you want to order here the link — check other people’s experiences  — http://josmor.shop.myctfo.me/i

      God bless

      All the best 


  87. Hi.

    This company looks like the next big deal for CBD Oil considering their standard, quality and transparency as they’ve claimed plus their wide range of products and even for the fact that you are recommending them to us too. It is not really easy to select the best companies these days. Let’s give them a try.

    BTW, thanks for recommending…

    1. Thanks for the comments – I have done a review but it is a choice you don’t have to purchase from this company.

      hope you find a good product

      All the best

  88. We’ll, for me quality comes before the price tag in many cases I have been faced with. But I’ve seen that there are some cases in which the products with lower price tags do better than the ones with high price tags. I don’t think the price placed by the company on these products are high anyways. They are okay for me. This is my first time to encounter this brand tho.

    1. really appreciate the comments and I hope to really like it so far – please share it with your friends and families – it is a choice you don’t have to purchase from this company. 

      All the best 


  89. I don’t think CBD oil is quite common. Maybe because the company making it is new in the market. I think I have red about the oil a few months ago. If I remember very well, the article mentioned that the CBD oil can help with sleep and hair loss on the scalp, including some other amazing treatment. I’m glad to be reading about the oil again. To be honest, the products are quite expensive. I guess that’s because of their quality and value.

    1. Yes like anything in life you can buy cheap or expensive – however you know what you gonna get. In regards with CBD or any medication we tend to buy cheap and expect to get the same results as the top quality product.

      All the best


        1. Thank you really appreciate the comments, I am doing my best to find the truth and share with people so they can make their own decision.

  90. I have read these CBD products before and am excited about how they can help with a variety of problems, such as joints, muscles, strengthening, digestive problems, stress management and other issues. It is amazing how much they help and even hygiene as they do not contain chemicals or preservatives. Great article and very helpful.

    1. Great to here your opinion, I believe results are coming out and people really appreciate – All the best Moreno

  91. Really informative post. I have been using CBD oil myself for a while and I swear by its results. My sleep has improved massively. I also find I can drop to sleep in minutes, if not seconds most of the time. 

    My partner sufferers from anxiety and mild insomnia, CBD oil has helped her with these in a big way.

    Its popularity is growing worldwide and its easy to see why.

    I would recommend anybody to try CBD oil.

    1. Hey Andy,

      I am glad you are enjoying the benefits and you have the prof it does works. 

      Great to here your opinion, I believe results are coming out and people really appreciate – All the best Moreno

  92. Being a herbalist, I have studied many plants and their benefits for the human body. I also suffer from osteoarthritis and I have some severe nerve and spine issues. CBD has been a life saver at times when it comes to the pain associated with these problems.

    My concern with some of the CBD products is the potency and the lack of regulation surrounding the whole industry thus far. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing and I believe at times a very high potency can be dangerous, especially if a person has never ingested a product in the past. Coming in at 1500mg per bottle, the potency is quite high. Do you have any first hand knowledge on how this product might effect those who are new to CBD?

    1. Yes, I would suggest to anyone to talk with their doctor first about the possibility of using CBD- Another thing is that a person don’t need to take 1500mg you can always choose the smaller dosage and the customer can review other people experiences and also consult with customer services – 

      All the best


  93. Great post. I did not know that CBD oil had so many health advantages. Though CBD comes from the cannabis plant, we need to take special care when using it, since it can cause potential risks if not used correctly.

    I know a friend of mind who might be interested in buying and using this. Thanks.

    1. Hello Saifuddin,

      Yes not only Cannabis, but also Marijuana and Hemp Seed. The problem is the THC (the chemical part which makes you psychoactive) 

      So you can get CBD OIL without THC and you will not get these types of side effects – Only Pure CBD OIL will work to your advantage.

      Remember there are hundreds of CBD products sold out there you would need to do your own research and find a good company to buy from.

      There are cheap CBD OIL and There are Expensive ones and the difference will be in the quality.

      I can suggest to look at our website Link and compare

      All the best


  94. Hi Moreno,

    I really enjoyed reading your article on the full spectrum cbd oil. I have been using cbd oil to help improve my sleep patterns, however it has not been effective. Do you think that the full spectrum report from your article would be worth trying? it is very useful to get your impartial advice. Thanks in advance, Andrew

    1. Hey Andrew,

      I hope you well. I really appreciate you contact me – yes, as per review of the product I stated people need to do research and compared the quality and the prices. These are the factors that will affect our judgement and I mention we should not buy quantity over quality. 

      This is something that we drinking  to help us improve our health – If I had choice I would never take any medication because of my health i have to. 

      Again I am only suggesting this product  and you must do your own research and compare to see which is the best.

      All the best 


  95. It always great to hear a review on products such as CBD oils because they are such a new thing on the “markets” and they are not necessarily regulated in many places. Reviews such as these also help people to decide which products to spend on so that they are not wasting their money and their time.

    1. Ola Geri,
      Thank you for the support really appreciate the feedback and as you said natural product for me is always great and I know may still have mild side effects compared with medication…
      I am trying my best to give people the correct info so that they can make their decision and I always suggest as well to do their own research.
      My regards
      P.S I will leave comment on your site

  96. It always great to hear a review on products such as CBD oils because
    they are such a new thing on the “markets” and they are not necessarily
    regulated in many places. Reviews such as these also help people to
    decide which products to spend on so that they are not wasting their
    money and their time.

    1. Hi geri,

      Thank you and you are right about CBD not everything is good – I can only help by providing with the most accurate information possible and let the people make their decision about next step.

      All the best 


  97. I have been doing some research in to CBD oils. I am in the UK and the legality of it is still a very grey area. I suffer with many conditions such as arthritis, Migraine and Diverticular disease. It look to me that these oils could give me significant help with my conditions. I like the fact that this company uses third party labs to verify the product quality as sometimes I worry about the checks that have been carried out. If the Oil is as good as you say then I feel it would definitely be worth the extra money. You do get what you pay for in life and you can’t really put a price on good health. Thanks Mark

    1. Hey Mark,

      Thank you for your feedback. I hope you get well soon. 

      I understand your situation myself I have health issues (Kidney) therefore the reason I am research the CBD – plus I had also researched Chinese Traditional Medicine during my visit to China.- It was 10X more expensive

      Please check the Link to our website and you can see the experience of hundreds or thousands of people already taking CBD products. 

      There are many non CBD products and NON THC products – which mean they don’t have psychoactive proprieties

      Products tested and certified – 60 days Money Back Guaranteed 

      All the best


  98. Hello, there! Although I don’t know much about CBD products and market, I found your post very insightful and seems like you know what you are talking about. Last year, my mom had a surgery on thyroid gland and on last check with a doctor – they suggested new surgery in six months. Some of the doctors mentioned CBD to try with. My mom is rather skeptical for such a treatment (out of fear of unknown) but can you suggest some CBD product that might be helpful?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. However what you end up buying make sure its is a great quality. I can suggest 10xPURE Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops – From 500mg up to 1500mg.

      Also take a look at the website https://myctfo.me/josmor
      As I said there are lot products out there promising results, but this company their products are patented and they can not be copied.

      Since you are looking to try Gummies – Each gummy contains 20mg of CBD Hemp Oil, helping to promote overall health.
      I appreciate the questions, also I can suggestion to do your research and compare the quality and potency
      All the best
      P.S I will check your website

  99. Wow, this evening is a rewarding night. I have been very interested in CBD Oil and have seen a lot of research about the benefits of CBD. In addition, I live in China. I am not sure whether it is legal here. I am going to consult tomorrow if the authority can buy it online. If I can, I plan to buy 500mg bottle of cbd oil.

    1. néih hóu JealousLi,

      yes wow I am glad you liked my review – people still not aware of this product, because of THC which makes it illegal. You can get CBD without THC – You can check our website link there are over 70 different products 

      I hope you will be able to get it.

      Much love and appreciate the support


  100. I love CBD oil, have been using it for years so I know quite a bit about it. And I highly agree that you need to look at the quality of the product before consuming. Do some research on the company first. I’ve used 10xPure before and absolutely love it. The only downside is that they are a little on the expensive side but nonetheless, it’s your health and your body you’re looking after at the end of the day so paying a little more price for a good product is going to help you in the long run.

    1. Wow Brandon thank you really appreciate the feedback – You got the prof it does work.

      All the best my friend


    2. Yes, thank you that is why I said people can either cheap products or an expensive product, in the end, it is the quality that matters.

      Best wishes

  101. Very good review. I believe that when it comes to products that can really help us with our health, you have to look more at quality and price.

    If we cannot buy a good product, it is better to wait a bit until we can buy something of quality. And in this case also the company uses organic products, this is also a great advantage when it comes to health products.

    It is seen that the company treats these products with pharmaceutical quality, and that speaks very well of the company.

    I will look a little more at the other products you recommend. I didn’t know there were so many options!

    Thank you very much, good review.

    1. Hey Pablo,

      thank you for the feedback – yes there are over 70 ranges of products to chose and the quality is certified and money back guaranteed here the Link check out some amazing stuff I will buy hair grow 

      All the best 


    2. Yes thank you that is why I will always recommend you to do own research about the products and find a reputable company
      Best wishes

  102. Hello, there! Although I don’t know much about CBD products and market, I
    found your post very insightful and seems like you know what you are
    talking about. Last year, my mom had a surgery on thyroid gland and on
    last check with a doctor – they suggested new surgery in six months.
    Some of the doctors mentioned CBD to try with. My mom is rather
    skeptical for such a treatment (out of fear of unknown) but can you
    suggest some CBD product that might be helpful?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello Vesna777,

      Hope your Mon get well soon, 

      First of all thank you reaching me out – I must emphasize I am not a Doctor or health practitioner so I can not give a concrete advise for such situation. 

      However may I suggest to look at our website – thousands people have experienced health improvement 


      10XPURE FULL SPECTRUM and 10XPURE GOLD 1000ml are the best tested and certified to have CBD 

      Hope everything goes well

      All the best


    2. Hi there,
      I would rather try CBD than go for surgery, but everyone is different – Why not PURE HEMP CBD has no side effects it depends where you buy your products.
      You need to do your research to find a quality product – I done a review because of my health problem.
      Best Wishes

  103. I love the fact that Full Spectrum gives us the empty bottle money back guarantee. They must really trust their product to promote something like that. I do use CBD products for pain management and it works. I am just not a big fan of the over the counter pain killers, the fine prints scares me. I will definitely check out 10xpure full spectrum. Thanks for the review.

    1. @Nuttanee,

      You already got involved with CBD so you know it does work – however it does depends on the product quality and 10XPure Full Spectrum is one of the best – check the website to view the experience that already have 

      All the best – hope you get well soon


  104. The CBD is very good. As I know is about a natural pain reliever and has anti-inflammatory properties. Over the counter drugs are used for pain relief and most people prefer a more natural alternative and this is where CBD oil comes in. CBD oil is proving to be a great remedy for different kinds of conditions and ailments that affect the human body.

  105. Hi there,

    Interesting article, I really loved the reading!

    One of my friends uses Cannabis oil because she is very anxious, and she has a hard time to fall in sleep. 

    I was skeptic about these oils, but lately, I read lots of great articles about it, and it seems to be very useful. 

    WOW, $300 for a small bottle, but it might be worth it! Just a question, please. I do have knees pain, and it becomes difficult to stand up and walk long distances. Do you think the CBD oil can alleviate my pain? 

    Thank you or this helpful post!

    1. Hi Daniella,
      I hope you get well soon – I will give the website to check all the reviews and see what other people had experienced and then make a decision. A lot of people have tried for pain
      Best wishes

    2. Wow, thank you – Yes a lot of people are suffering from difficult pains and since they tried CBD Oil it has been a lot of changes in their life a complete change.
      Best wishes

  106. Thank you for bringing this company and it’s products to my attention.

    You’re right, quality matters most in cases where it’s health-related, at least for me.  Yes, price matters but unless the price is astronomical, quality will trump it every time for me.  Besides, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, even if the bottle is empty!  What companies back their products like that these days?

    The only question I have, and maybe I missed this, is is there any certification/verification system in place that can corroborate this company’s quality and potency claims?

    Thanks again,


  107. Hi I just had a look at your site and I found it very informative. I really don’t have much insight in the topic but do know it is a growing industry that will eventually come into it’s own once the realisation that hemp oil and CBD oil is not going to get you stoned. That’s why I was glad to come across your website. I liked how you added a recipe in there for meatballs. Overall your website looks really good with plenty of information. Keep up the good work.

  108. Thank you for reviewing this product. To be completely honest, I have not heard about 10xPure Full Spectrum CBD Oil before, but from your reiview it seems like they created a really good mix. I’ve used different types of CBD Oils but never something like advertised here. The pricings is more than fine in my opinion and I think i will give it a try. 

    Another great thing is the money back guarantee. I will bookmark your website for future posts.


  109. Thank you for your review of CTFO oils and creams. I have been using CBD oil for about a year now. It helps my anxiety and have also purchased it for my dog who has severe storm anxiety. I like the 3rd party testing described here. I do not believe the oil I have been using does that. I know it works and much better than us taking anxiety medication. I will look into it and thank you again for bringing valuable information to us.


  110. I’ve learned so much about CBD oil recently from resources like this. It helps me greatly to have confidence in a product and a company when there is a 60-day empty bottle guarantee. Let’s face it, we’re all unique and not everything will work for every person. Having a great guarantee is an easy way to feel good about trying out a new product!

  111. I first want to say that I really love having the option to chat with someone when I am on a website, so I am very thankful for your feature allowing me to do so. It is perfect when I have additional questions that need answering. 

    I recently started trying out different CBD products so I have been doing a lot of research on which products are the best and of the highest quality. I am especially interested in your review in particular because of your creditability having visited the headquarters where this product is manufactured. I have yet to see another post with that sort of creditability paired with your personal advice. 

    I am equally as impressed with this company money-back guarantee. I will definitely be choosing 10xPure CBD oil when my current bottle runs out.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Kara,

      Wow much love to you. really appreciate the approval and the feedback. I am always learning and I want to help and give people the best possible information so they can make an educated decision, however I always suggest to do further research before making purchase.

      Also the best and pure with no side effects is CBDA – check the website 


      Yes it is much more interesting to chat to someone on your website or blog than using a just plain web-form. I can say research show your website increase in conversions by just using chatbot more than just normal webform.

      Anyway Listen we software chatbot for any type of business, how would like it to test for 30 days Free and them let me know what you think. 

      To your success 


    2. Hey Kara,
      Thank you so much for your support. I have a goal to find much as possible about CBD OIL how can it help me and others by sharing the information. Thank you
      Best wishes

  112. Hi, I enjoyed reading your article on CTFO. I haven’t ever took the cbd oil but I have heard there’s a lot of great benefits from it. Sometimes I will buy the organic Hemp Oil for salad dressing and cooking. It’s high In Omega 3’s. Will the CTFO help lower cholesterol?

    Best Wishes,

    1. Hello Margaret,
      Thank you so much for the feedback, I can see you already use CBD Oil, so what does not kill can only make you stronger.
      Yes so much still needed to be discovered about CBD – It can help you with Cholesterol but you need to take the right type or the Pure CDB Oil –By the way CBDA works even better than CBD
      so check out the website

      I will check your blog/website
      To your success

  113. I am excited to find out about these products. I saw that you also have hair products. I have a hair problem. It’s been two years since I fell. Whatever I’ve tried doesn’t work, or it works too little. Can your products help me with this problem? How should I do it you can help?

  114. CBD oil products really do sound interesting, especially since its an organic compound. I have seen many offers online on CBD oil but never know if its the real deal.

    I do a lot of bodybuilding, how do you think CBD oil could benefit me in this? 

    What about dosage and possible side effects?

    Thanks for this post, cheers!

    1. Hey Mitchell,
      How you doing it is great to hear from you, I am glad you liked the review.. Yes online there thousands of cbd products available the major problem we don’t know if there is actually any CBD on the oil, even though it may say on the description.


      Another one – PURE HEMP CBD ENERGY BLAST and ORAL SPRAY – is know to be good for boosting your diet, giving energy through the day, it is a good alternative for other stuffs like energy drinks.

      It does also contains VITAMIN B-12, A and D

      Also it was scientifically tested and found to be safe…

      I suggest to take a look on website link

      Also I always suggest to do your own research as always.
      It is a pleasure chatting also people said it is great for SEX ehehe..
      To your success

  115. It’s good to know you have first hand knowldege of how these products are produced and their effectiveness.  i have heard of this company before but was not sure of the quality of their products.

    I also like the fact that they are patented products.  They also seem to have a wide range of products as well.  

    Thanks for this valuable info.  As I agree with you that it is much better to pay more for higher quality so that you receive the maximum health benefits.  All the Best.

    1. Hi Joseph,
      Thank you so much for the support really appreciate. I am doing my best to help people get more information about CBD plus educate themselves about the right choices to buy.

      Yes all their products are patented and if you want to look at the Certification I can send you the link. Joseph, like me you know any product where there is an opportunity to make money there will fake products available.

      Therefore the reason why the company is offering Money back guarantee on the products

      Once again thank you very much
      To your success

  116. Your article was interesting.  I have been using CBD oil for a few years, for arthritis and other pain.  It’s been quite effective.

    One of the biggest problems with the CBD market is that there is no standardization.  Unless you know the folks who make it or have studied the company thoroughly, there is no guarantee you will get a decent product.  I ordered a couple bottles online to give to friends to try, and they weren’t any good (tried them myself to see.)  Unless you know your company, you could have a problem. 

    Your prices are quite reasonable, and it seems to me you are offering something that can be extremely beneficial to many.  It is good that more people are finding out about CBD’s benefits.  It’s pretty amazing stuff!  

    The third party lab test sounds like a good thing for the company to provide.  It gives some kind of reassurance that this is not a fake company.

    1. Hey Fran,

      Thank you for the support and you know a person can not tell if the stuff you are getting in the bottle does actually contain CBD. Even it is Hemp Oil how can we be sure it does actually have the right amount of CBD..

      If you want to check out here the website 

      All the best


    2. They offer Certificate of the Third Party Test plus 60 Days Money Back Guarantee- This is why I am suggesting nothing every product you purchase is good – So how can you be sure if you are not sure. How can you know until you taste the product? Thank you for the feedback.
      Best wishes

  117. hey, love your website! I’ve heard about this company and only good things.:) I have been thinking about trying some CBD for my anxiety that I get every now and then. Which one would you suggest to me since I have never had any before? I don’t want to feel too different because it may make me feel more anxious.

    1. @Nice Gal Nikki,

      Thanks for reach me out, – Yes definitely you should consider as you know thousands are getting improvement using CBD – here the link to the website – Yes the farm bill for legalizing the hemp production was passed in January 2019 —

      10XPURE CDB FULL SPECTRUM very good for Anxiety, support healthy blood cells sugar levels, increase energy levels and more.

      I always suggest to do your research and compare – However these products are 100% CBD proved and verified

      All the best 


    2. Thank you I am doing my best to keep people informed. so I am sharing the information to educate people to make a better decision about the products they purchase. this is also about my health so I am trying to find as much as possible if I can use CBD Oil to help my kidney

  118. Hello, thanks for this great information. I’ve been looking into CBD for easing my back pain for a while now and thinking of giving it a try. It does seem to be all the rage these days, I’m hearing about it everywhere. However my back pain comes on sporatically and sudden, if I buy a CBD oil to rub on my back how fast does it take effect? I need something that works within minutes.

    1. Well I cannot promise that kind miracle but I am pretty sure the cream is amazing it will do the job – I have not tried the cream because but please check out other people’s experiences before you buy it – here the website http://josmor.shop.myctfo.me/i… and compare with others – 60 days money back guarantee

      All the best

  119. Hi Moreno,

    I have been coming across many CBD oil advertisements lately and have been wondering what it is. Your website answers my curiosity. Thanks!

    I guess people are beginning to turn to Mother nature’s answer to cure our ailments instead of relying entirely on modern medicine. I believe this is the right path.



    1. you are right I don’t it took so long we are starting to wake up. All these plants have been here for god knows how long and people was already using it.

      All the best

  120. Thanks for this review on 10Xpure cbd oil, this stuff is really getting popular. I appreciate your warning against inferior cbd oil products and agree that people should take care what they are buying and where. The products offered here should be of excellent quality if I look at the pricing of them. You say that these products are under control of the FDA, does this mean you can just buy and use them? Or should people consider consulting a medical doctor before taking this oil?

    1. Hey Jerry,

      No CBD related products has been approved by the FDA – However I can say the products I have written about is patented and Certified by Third Party Lab Test – You can verify this if you want – Money Back Guarantee

      Yes thousands of people are already seem their situation improving  – Here the Link of the website check out.

      All the best 


    2. No, you should always consult your doctor especially if you are taking any medication. Also if you find a reputable company you can always buy from them.

  121. CBD oil seems to be the up and coming product on the market for pain relief, skin problems,as well as health drinks,although it seems a bit expensive.

    It appears that we must be careful to get the genuine article,as the fake oils can produce some unwanted side effects,such as nausea,dry mouth, and diarrhea.

    It seems that one of the uses of this product is for encouraging the growth of new hair for those who are going bald,also sports people are finding that they recover quicker and better from muscle injury and arthritis using CBD products.

    1. @Robert

      Thank for the feedback. Have you tried CBD products? You have the prof that it does work and countless people seem to get better whatever the problems they have..

      Much appreciate for the support

      All the best


  122. Thanks for sharing about cbd products! I find this really interesting and I value using high quality cbd oil over lower quality (despite the price difference). I like that you provided the various bcd products (from pet products to edibles), and it’s important that you also included possible side effects…so users know what they’re getting into. Great post!

    1. Hello Sarah,

      How are you? I see you are  very familiar with CBD products – I am doing my best to help and possibly educate by given more information about the products.

      Thank you for the feedback

      Much appreciated 


  123. I’m kind of in a fixed income currently and I have spent a large amount. I hope this product works for me. Currently, I have this serious problem at my lower spine that has me on a cane, I love to play golf, but the only thing I can do right now is just the putter and also, I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my left hip. 


    1. HeyJordan,

      I hope you get well soon.

      People all over the world are using CBD oil to health with Chronic pain, Anxiety, Stress, and Arthritis and more… 

      I did a review because these products are patented and certified plus you have 60 days Empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee.  CBDA works even better than CBD so here the link check out  website

      10xPURE Gold Super 1000ml (Enriched with CBDa)

      All the best 


    2. Hey Jordan, of course, you can use CBD Oil the only thing I can suggest that you find a reputable company that you like and get your products – Pure CBD oil..
      Best wishes

  124. Your website has a pretty good overall look and it looks sophisticated and professional.  However, I was Unable to read Your Content as The side Banners or Pop Ups Kept scrolling down and would obscure the Text. 

    I also believe that You would be better off talking about CBD Oil and Not Toyotas, shoes or Dentures. I think that affiliate Links that are totally unrelated are Not a Good idea as far as getting ranked by google or other Search engines.

    As I said Website Looks pretty, But I was Unable to view the Content and It was Very Annoying.  Have You visited Your Own site?

    I hope You get this issue fixed as I can’t imagine anyone staying for more than a few seconds on this site as it is Unreadable.

    To your Success.

    See You at The Top.



    1. Hey Ronn,

      Thank you so much we will look into – too much ad choice is not good and non related stuff


      All the best 


  125. I’ve read bits about CBD but nothing so detailed. I love the money back guarantee and the bottle return policy which shows this as a company with conscience.
    How different is this to taking Hemp powder? The only drawback here is the price tag but that can be overcome by the quality of products offered. I will send this link to some interested parties.

    1. @Kavinah,

      Fantastic to hear from you and really appreciate the support..

      All the best


  126. It was very good to read some information about CBD oil and the benefits. I know that it is becoming more popular but I do not know much about it. I was wondering if it would be good to treat anxiety in terminally ill patients as I have cared for two such cases. Also do you think that the oil or the gummies would be best for treating this condition. I was also interested in the treatment of pets with CBD oil. I might look into that more. Thanks 

  127. Great review of CBD oil full spectrum, being some what of an active person myself I think I could benefit from purchasing some CBD to assist with rest and recovery. Do you recommend any other CBD products for recovery of sore muscles ? I have a few friends who take CBD in micro doses and even a family with a small child who had seizures that was cured by small regulated doses of CBD oil from a doctor. It’s amazing what a plant can do for maintaining health and even some dreadful conditions. Thank you for writing this article, bookmarking it for future reference.

    1. Hey Will,

      Thank you so much for the feedback.. So you have prof this does work it is not just bluffing ,, It is a shame some of products out there may not be so good..

      HERE an INFO for ACTIVE PERSON – also check the website 



      Another one – PURE HEMP CBD ENERGY BLAST and ORAL SPRAY – is know to be good for boosting your diet, giving energy through the day, it is a good alternative for other stuffs like energy drinks.

      It does also contains VITAMIN B-12, A and D

      Also it was scientifically tested and found to be safe…

      All the best 


  128. I really like this site, it’s clear and concise for anyone to understand CBD.

    I have plenty of CBD here at home and my little boy always asks for the cream when he has hurt himself and calls it the magic cream.

  129. I liked this blog, it’s concise, neat and tidy with all that you need to know about CBD oils.

    One thing I am curious about is where can you go forward with this regarding articles as it’s all already there in the blog.  I also felt that 4 x AdChoice Ads were rather much on one page and being mixed up within the article.  I’m not sure how those ads or how to get them on the site works, but maybe it would have been better if they were on the side of the page like side widgets.

    Perhaps you can enlighten me… 

    1. @Ida,

      Thank you for the feedback. Ida as you know usually government do not provide people with innovative solutions an answer I learn that from a great Entrepreneur, usually it is the private companies that discover all the solutions and this company is one of them..

      All the products are patented and certified so they mean business…Yes government can help but they are usually slow to react ..

      In regards to my website, I will check too much ads is not good..

      So at the least you can prove CBD Cream does work 

      All the best 


  130. Hello, 

    I see that CBD oil is being very popular these days. It’s not the first time that I hear about it during these last couple of months. Before I didn’t know what it was and what it did. 

    But I have never used CBD oil myself. Are the results noticeable after you start using it? 

    1. @Dreamgirl93,

      Hope you are having a nice day. The results are fantastic and there still more discovery or research to do be done for certain health problems. My I suggest to take a look at the website there are over 70 products to chose – So what are you looking for? 

      Plus you have 60 days EMPTY BOTTLE RETURN – The products are patented and certified 


      PURE HEMP CBD ENERGY BLAST and ORAL SPRAY – is know to be good for boosting your diet, giving energy through the day, it is a good alternative for other stuffs like energy drinks.

      It does also contains VITAMIN B-12, A and D

      Also it was scientifically tested and found to be safe…

      All the best


  131. I haven’t tried this oil yet. I’m not sure I can trust the products that the company is making since it is still a new company and sometimes, just sometimes bad things come from these companies that haven’t been really time tested but I’m quite sure they mean well and since they are lab test results. Will try out the CBD skin oil and CBD per products, do they these include cat CBD products as well?

    1. Thank you I would say that the majority of the companies probably have established themselves for a while but only launched the products recently.

      All their  products are patented and tested plus 60 days Money back guarantee

      They do have CBD for animals 

      All the best


  132. It is my first time to hear about CBD oil, thank you. Your topic is very interesting, i am glad to know that the CBD oil is also good for the hair growth. And i also learned it help with stress, pain and help us to relax and also it will lower the sugar level , wow! It is a very good for our health. Thank you so much for providing those tips.It is really helpful.

    1. Hey Leo,

      thank you for the feedback  – I hope you like- please share it

      Much appreciated


  133. I am very intrigued with the CBD industry and namely the benefits we have been missing out on due to dagga being illegal. I believe that there are many positives from using for a range of ailments. Thanks for the insightful article. I am a runner. Which one of these products would you recommend I use to aid joint and muscle recovery?

    1. Hey Ryan,

      For what I can suggest if you want to use cream 


      Or you want to use CBD OIL


      I hope it does help – 60 DAYS MOnEY BACK GUARANTEE

      All the best


  134. You’ve asked for an opinion about the topic. I can’t really give one. I think CBD oil might be very helpful for some people and for me that is nothing new. I am from the Netherlands; the first country that decriminalized the possession of Marihuana for personal use and that has a medical facility to create about 20 different kinds of marihuana for pain relief. Studies show that one type of marihuana that works fine with person X, doesn’t do the painkilling job for person Y. This is the reason that several kinds are being produced. CBD oil is well available here (and legal throughout the country) and therefore widely used. A lot of people report back very good results. It has been proven to reduced the effects of Multiple Sceloris.  

    I don’t have many questions about the topic but I do think that you could and should elaborate more on how to use the oil. There is a lot of discussion about prices and quality, but not that many tips on how to use the oil. I would like to see more tips on how to use the oil and perhaps also on when not to use the oil.  

    Final remark; there are quite some mistakes against the English language. Using the spell checker on this platform should get you rid of those mistakes. 


    Paul Harts

    1. Thank you Paul,

      I really appreciate the feedback, yes are right Cannabis, Marijuana they are not new stuff they have been around for years and your country is the prof. 

      Thanks for sharing your opinion

      All the best


  135. I have been paying close attention to the CBD industry for the last couple of years. I am really looking forward to more studies on the proposed benefits as well as trying it personally very soon. If the results are anywhere near the hype, many many more people will be giving CBD a try in the near future.

    1. You are right about the hype, and Hemp CBD has been around for years – Only know it seems now people are going crazy about it…

  136. This website is of interest to me, because I have been offered the chance, many times to be an affiliate for it, and always declined for lots of different reasons, the main one being is that  my wife works in the pharmacutical industry and part of her work is conencted with the regulations which surround products like this

    So it was interesting to read about the regulatory aspect. Have you actually seen the documentation for this. 

    Do you use it yourself?…. What results have you had, reason I ask, is that in the review, your witte about assuming wnat the oil does

    it is certainly a very insightful article and I would be interested in your reply.

    1. Yes, of course, one must use it to talk about it – Anyway I can speak for all the other products it is why I am doing research because of my health condition. The documentation given by the Company I have read it, however, if you are talking about different regulatory no I have not read them. 

      It is very interesting your wife works in the pharmaceutical industry and I wonder what her industry think about the hemp or CBD stuff?

      All the best


  137. Hello, thanks for reviewing CBD products. I heard about CBD oil once when my aunt mentioned it. Apparently, the CBD oil is very useful for relieving stress and joint pain. I want to buy it for myself, but I’m not sure if this is legal or not outside the US. Do you know if South East Asian countries can import this product? Or, do you know how can I find this information? Thanks

    1. Hey at the moment CBD products are available in USA, Canada, and Europe – please tell me which country you from? so all the best 

  138. I have a friend who stands by cbd oil, she insists that it is good for everything. I am unsure what brand of cbd oil she is using but I am fairly confident the benefits would be similar. I work with healthcare but I do have some problems with arthritis and I have heard that cbd oil can be truly amazing for the issues that comes with arthritis. It is my understanding that there is nothing in the oil that will get you “high” but will it show up on drug screening? 

    Thank you for this great article about full spectrum cbd oil.

    1. I am not sure about the drug screening – so what you have to prove you need it for health reasons? Or it is because of your job and you can not take it?

      All the best I hope things get sorted 


  139. Hello Moreno!

    I went through your article about the CBD oil, and I never knew that cannabis can be used for making this type of product, which appears to be useful in several fields of our lives.

    I also noticed that my country (Romania) is not on the CTFO list. But I think I could still order 10xPure from CTFO via the Internet, if I ever wanted to try some CBD oil. And since CTFO says their products are certified, it means that there should not be any legal issues when someone decides to purchase the 10xPure CBD oil, seeing that its origin is the widely known plant of Cannabis.

    Could you please tell me if there may be any law restrictions about the CBD-related products, depending on customer’s country?


    1. Hello Peter,

      Thanks for reading my review, and I really appreciate the support. I am doing my best to find an answer to my health problem. You told me you were looking at the products and you can see your country, may I suggest to try to order a product to see if it does allow you.

      If it does take you to the payment page it means it works..

      Please let me know 

      All the best


  140. Can you believe this plant grew wild on our land and I left Barbados at the age of 18, never knowing what it was, my first experience identifying the plant was in the mid sixties, at the apartment in London at a now deceased famous musician, where I asked the group as they were sitting around a table passing a joint, if they could not afford their own cigarettes.

    My only experience was when a girlfriend spiked my tea without my Knowledge, I ended up driving my car in my birthday suit, the girl friend had to warn me not to exit the car as we were about to enter a busy supermarket.I knew something was wrong, the car felt like a piece of trash.

    My oldest son just sent me info on the identical product, suggesting I should try  a sample. he knows I do not indulge.

    My thoughts on the herb is why are there so many people in jail for a product that people are legally making millions from the same product and even in the same country.

    I am on a plant based diet, I have no doubt there are benefits, but i do not yet know the risks, if any. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hello,

      You are right these cannabis plants have been around for so many years. Now people think CBD is the new trend. I hope that in the next 5/6 years CBD oil will be available throughout every country around the world.

      All the best


  141. I’m always open minded in ntrying CBD oil. I have heard nothing but good things about CBD. 

    I still have not purchased one yet, still a little hesitant but after reading your article influencing to try. 

    Since I have really bad anxiety, it be nice to find a solution in a bottle for my illness. 

    Can’t wait to try, I will keep you updated on my review on how it goes.

    Great article, and very thought out. Keep up with the good work.

    1. Hey Genia,

      wow, I am so happy that you have found my website – I am doing my best to help people by sharing the knowledge because I have a health problem I am trying to find the best solution.

      I hope you get the results you need – Definitely CBD oil has made a difference in many people’s lives.

      All the best

  142. Hey I happen to enjoy CBD and am happy to leave you some positive feedback. This is my impression when I go through your site.

    At the top Does it work? Great placement great question. It got me engaged and a little annoyed subconsciously. Hemp and all other forms of earth such as marijuana, psilocybin, Dmt, Hunting, Fishing, biology and ecology of all forms should not be as shadowed or or left to be ignorant about. 

    Engaging question Good. 

    Menu Incorporates a Why, a Value, a Question w/possible benefit( the same technique we use on our kids)

    And a serious, specific and mainstream health concern question.

    Content is all looks good with value. 

    Lines although on your drop down menu aren’t necessary for your menu/font layout its a little to much like when you close down a street shop at the end of the day. Your website cant risk feeling like its the end since you want us to stay its open 24-7. 

    Side menu looks good its not as overstating. The colors all look good menus links background text I can easily follow your correlation of colors. 

    It’s tricky white is the best background, so it forces us to choose certain colors for beauty and being able to just read them. It results in some colors being played with until insanity. 

    I’d say your red needs a tad less fluorescent of a pop, see if you can tone it down without losing that nice red. Try to get your cream color to be a tad closer to the Live Events icon at the left hand side of the Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard.

    I wish you the best.

    1. Hey there,

      I understand you are concerned about the possible side effects which, CBD OIL could have. Did you read that I mention those side effects are from CBD OIL which are not 100% Pure.

      Everyone is different and NOT ALL CBD OIL will be good for you and another person. In Netherlands people have been using Cannabis or Marijuana for years because their government understands people and they are on the people side and they know it can provide great health benefits.

      CBD OIL has helped thousands of people and they share their experiences. I meet people and they tell me their stories using CBD OIL  which makes me even happier.

      All the best 


  143. Hellow, I’m taken away by the products as I was reading the overall article. The product is new to my ears and I love it. One thing I’m not sure of is that, the CBD oil product passed all the stages of testing trials from stage one to twelve. That what the article mean, by CTFO…… Approved by the FDA. Moreover, the product can be used across human spectrum, do you have a specific age group that this product target, what about gender and chronic individuals. Back to testing trials, you spoke about possible side effects of Hemp oil. Counting nausea, dry mouth, ofcos “diarrhea” will take over by the look of side effect. I’m not trying to be negative but I’m worried that the product passed the animal testing trial, furthermore the passed the small group of human testing trials, and finally passed the largest human testing trials. But with these possible side effect mentioned by you! Dry mouth on it own, cause diverse oral conditions, I’m not going to go further. I only hope this is good real good for people.

    1. I understand you are concerned about the possible side effects which, CBD OIL could have. Did you read that I mention those side effects are from CBD OIL which are not 100% Pure.

      Everyone is different and NOT ALL CBD OIL will be good for you and another person. In Netherlands people have been using Cannabis or Marijuana for years because their government understands people and they are on the people side and they know it can provide great health benefits.

      CBD OIL has helped thousands of people and they share their experiences. I meet people and they tell me their stories using CBD OIL  which makes me even happier.

      All the best 

  144. I love how 10xPure Spectrum CBD oil is made with only organic products. In all honesty, you would think that all CBD oils would be made with only organic materials. My niece had a traumatic brain injury over 18 years ago, and because of this, she has seizures. Though trail and error, it seems that only the CBD oils with THC help her. Also, her DR has said to make sure that the oil is Organic. So my question is, how many of these products have THC in them? Thank you!

    1. Hi Colleen,

      I am so happy that your daughter has found something that works. Did you know there are CBD OIL with THC and CBD OIL without THC. All the products don’t have THC. if you want the website here the link 


      I hope this will help 

      All the best


  145. Going through your article, I found it interesting and nicely laid out. I was left with questions about CBD Oil that weren’t really addressed.
    1. what is it

    2. how is CBD Oil made

    3. links pointing to wrong pages

      a. the link to the lab results actually took me to an ad site for a Ram 1500 EcoDiesel V6 2020

    Overall, an interesting site and the topic of CBD is very relevant today. So much has been written about it and there are so many different companies to choose from, I like the fact that you are highlighting one company in particular. I liked that you presented comments from some of the users of the product. User input can be helpful when evaluating a product

    1. Hey Johnny2Toes,

      We are sorry to hear you had a bad experience, however it seem you have clicked on AD which lead you to another site. So far we have not received further comments on this. 

      We appreciate and we have rectified some of the problems./

      How is CBD OIL is Made? – We have Hemp Seed or Cannabis Plant this is dried and processed on the lab and the  Oil is Extracted during the eat – after the process they found a chemical component know as CBD or (Endocannabinoids) humans have some of this stuff but not enough. Endocannabinoids is a Receptors used to control our system (anti-inflammation) keeps our systems in balance.

      I hope this helps 

      All the best 


  146. I have yet to try CBD oil, but I have seen that it is all the rage out there right now. I have heard that some brands are just terrible, so I’m glad that I can trust you to dig out the quality brands and give us reviews on those products. I don’t have any ailments I think it would help with right now, but I’m not opposed to trying in the future. I will definitely keep 10x Pure CBD oil in mind!

    1. Hey Holly,

      Thank you so much wow, being 100% healthy is something like a weight in gold especially for me.. I am happy to try helping and keep people to make an educated decision and be informed about the CBD products..

      All the best 


  147. What a great article.  I have been reading and hearing so much about CBD Oil, and your article is the first one that I actually have found to be informative.  I suffer terribly from arthritis in my hip – which of course effects my joints and causes stress and strains in the rest of my body.  I was wondering if something like this CBD Oil would be able to give me a bit of relief?  I don’t mind paying the price, just as long as I know that I am getting the real deal.

    Thanks so much,


    1. wow Renee,

      Much love to you I am glad you liked the article – I am just trying to help people to make an educated decision about the CBD products and off course as always I suggest for people to do their own research and compare the quality and the price ..here the link to check out https://myctfo.me/josmor/

      You will find more and reviews about the benefits the people are getting just immense and them make your decision of what you like there are CBD Gummies Bears and 10XPure CBD OIL Full Spectrum .

      I wish all the best


  148. You have some very good content and calls to action. If I could give you some constructive criticism; I believe your grammar in your writing could use a little work. For example: you said “pure hemp oil should be tasteless and odd-less” this easy to fix typo is a small example of what I mean. If you take the time to proof-read your work it would definitely work wonders to find small typographical errors and grammatical issues. I know WA has a grammar check in their platform, however it may not find things that spelled correctly but are the incorrect word or phrasing. A couple of other points of interest would be making sure your sentence structure is correct. I hope this helps 🙂

    1. Thank you for the feedback- I have installed all the Grammarly and other programs.. I know what is happening -Once again thanks 

      All the best 

  149. Hello; is there a way I can test and make sure that what the company says their product consists of is real? I know that the price should not be a barrier to the sale. 

    So many people had served a jail term for using it in previous years and that never dampens the black market. Now it is legal to sell, the price will not dampen the sale in any way.


    1. Hello for sure you can test the product – you have 60 DAYS  MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 

      Let me know how it went for you

      Best wishes


  150. Thank you for this informative article.

    I am quite unfamiliar with CBD oil. This is my first time learning about it actually. I have done my research especially on the CTFO products and the results seem very promising. 

    My only concern here is that products in question have limited reach. They are only supplied to a few countries and I am not sure how those not listed (including mine) can have access to them.

    1. Hello Sylvia,

      The main problem some countries still consider illegal because of THC (Psychoactive proprieties) Which country do you live? Instead of buying CBD Oil, you could try Gummies ./.

      Thank for your feedback


  151. My vet suggested that our dog could benefit from CBD pet products and he specifically recommended CTFO. So I went online and consulted Google. I am glad I found your post. You have given me a broader perspective of these products that have started to flood the market. Thank you very much!

    1. No worries Henry,

      Yes I would suggest to give CBD to your dog but you need to chose the best product otherwise problems with side effects – Pure CBD will not have side effects

      All the best


  152. I have been warned about the side effects when the hemp oil doesn’t contain pure CBD. But it is good you discussed this point here. I didn’t know it could produce a lack of appetite. So, we should always be very careful, with so many new products out there on the market. 

    1. Yes it is true I would think the major problem would be diarrhea – Anyway with CBDA works 100x better than normal CBD ..

      All the best


  153. 10X CBD oils is a game-changer. I have a son who is plagued by anger issues and ODD. I have heard so much about how this can potentially help him and children with various degrees of Autism. I was wondering if you have any ideas where I might get more information on uses for children with mental disorders or if you plan to write articles on the subject?

    1. Yes it is Andy, I am suffering with health problems so I am really doing a deep research onto this .. I want to find out more./

      All the best 


  154. It just goes to show how times has changed. With technology and new ideas developing on an on going basis, it doesn’t surprise me that an item that would normally be used to get young folks high, can now be incorporated into everyday products. Did you ever think hemp would become this popular among the public? When I think of marijuana that is made up of hemp, I never would imagine companies extracting ingredients from the leaves for other usages. I guess you gotta give the public something unique and different. 

    1. Yes, times have changed and hope to help the other human being not just squeeze them until they dry off..

      Regards and best wishes


  155. When CTFO label this product as 10XPure, does it mean that it has a component more concentrated than others? It sounds pretty potent to me. I have been searching for some oils to try for my insomnia problem and CTFO seems to be one of the pricer ranges. Can’t seem to find many customer reviews about it either.

    1. Hello,

      I am pretty sure there are reviews out there about CTFO products- A lot of people have been using their products with great results –

      You can always do research to find out more and compare. if you need any more information, please let me know.


  156. Thanks for the review! I have used both the CTFO oil and pain cream for my knee pain. What’s nice about this product is that it does not smell and does not leave a greasy film. But, best of all it works well. I use it mainly at night time and it lasts through the night. If you have pain CTFO products are worth the try.

  157. I haven’t used CBD product I notice the hemp products for pets that look like an excellent idea. The health benefits of hemp and CBD are clear and from skincare to awake me right to a breaky smoothie an investment well worth a few more dollars for the best quality products such as Full Spectrum.   

    Many Blessings 

    1. Hey,

      I just received a review from a customer who used the CREAM and the OIL for the pain. the amazing thing he got results which it works..

      All the best


  158. The only thing I know  about Cbd oil is it is a booming business. And people are making ton of money out it. And most of the article  I read are all about making money or they are product reviews. Can you please write an article in which you will outline the benefits of cbd oil. I think it would be useful for many people,  including me.

  159. I know many patients with cancer who have resorted to CBD oil for treatment, and they claim that it is effective.  This is a driving force behind legalization campaigns all around the world.  Some even go further to claim that  it helps reduce pain and inflammation,  anxiety and other mental disorders such as ADHD and Autism.  My concern is that studies  are only showing therapeutic efficacy in a range of animals, and none on humans.  There is evidence that higher doses do the opposite on humans.   Dosage is important, even for cancer patients.   Cooking with CBD oil is a great way to dose it.  I believe it is important to mention the side effects of overdose of cannabis and CBD oil, as users are commonly desperate for cure.

    1. You are absolutely right taking the correct dosage is very important to be able to get any benefit at all

  160. I came across this post of yours in my quest to find the best CBD oil brand, and I must say, this review of yours on the 10X Pure CBD Oil really got my attention, and I think very soon will try to get one for myself. 

    Note that I didn’t expect it to be that expensive, but now that I am determined to own one of the 500ml 10xPure CBD oil full-spectrum (one I believe is a lot more cost-efficient), I can always make a plan for that.

    May I ask that what makes full-spectrum CBD oil different from just CBD oil? Because I could see there is a huge difference in their prices.

    Also, I love hemp seed oil a lot, especially in my DIY recipes, but never knew they were derived from CBD. Are all hemp seed oils derived from CBD? Because I think the once I’m familiar with do have a nutty smell rather than odourless.

    Anyways thanks for the tips that the once derived from CBD are supposed to be odourless and colourless.

    1. Hey Tohin,

      The difference is on Effectiveness and how it works on your body systems..Did you know that CBDA (Cannabinoidss Acid) works even better than normal CBD – can always check the website to see the reviews 

  161. I suppose that given all the recent stories and preliminary research on the dangers of vaping oils that aren’t regulated, it would be worth the price to source from a company that guarantees what is in their products. 
    Regulation is bound to increase prices, but also can increase the safety factor, which is a good thing!

    I have a large StaffyX rescue dog that has a lot of anxiety issues and I’m curious about the CBD pet products. Do you have any personal experience with them and any recommendations? 

    Thanks for the review!

  162. Hello! Thank you very much for this thorough review of a product I had never heard of, namely CBD Oil. Neither did I know that it could be used for a wide range of issues, from skin to even treat your pets! That is fabulous! 

    Are you aware of any allergies in relation to the use of CBD oil? 

    1. Hey,

      I am glad you like the review, please share it. sorry, I am afraid I have not yet heard of anything about allergies. I will look into 

      All the best

  163. this is a unique niche, but I feel confused about the content, seems that article has quite some grammar error, besides, the tone, feels not that…viewer friendly.

    It could be better if some products compare between yours and other company’s.

    Also, add some opinion from others like customers or expertise would be better.

    1. Hey thank you for the feedback we will look into it, we appreciate your opinion. All these others info are already on the website.

      Thank you for the suggestions

  164. Hi, I have read and heard lots about these products. I wonder if they will help with joint discomfort caused by a lot of mountain bike riding. Are they a pain killer or, do they go further than that? I know somebody who suffers from fibromyalgia and have heard some medical practitioners advocate use of CBD. Is there anything you can add? Great post, thank you.

  165. Hi, 

    I am new to the CBD oil market and its potential. I own a Dog website and have just started the research on:  When, Where and Reliability. I was interested to come across your website, it gave me a lot of information and the product review enabled me to ponder and indeed understand why I or indeed anyone would spend an amount of money on an oil. 

    I am seeing and reading the company profile and indeed the product of which you are reviewing, (10x Pure Full Spectrum CBD oil) it is evident it offers excellent quality. I am reading (if I am correct) that it is easy to be “fobbed off” with poor quality or worse fake ingredients which I am given to understand have side effects. 

    That in itself should be warning enough for people considering going down the CBD oil path and to only purchase from reputable sources and companies. I am liking how the company you are reviewing are keeping everything close to their chest and not allowing people to inveigle their way in. 

    I am still not 100% sure of the benefits of the 10x Pure Full Spectrum over the lesser spectrum products but I am thinking like many things you get what you pay for and if it is a more concentrated variety then I am assuming it offers a better delivery to the areas required. 

    I suffer pain in my knee and was interested how this may help with small injuries. 

    I found the website clean looking and really suited the product. It was better being white and the site offered clear visuals. the “pop up” helper bot came 2 times during my visit once at the beginning and again midway. I think midway might be sufficient, but that is only my view, I liked that he was there to enable anyone with questions about CBD oil. 

    Overall impressed with all the content. You certainly know your products and I would feel very safe purchasing from you and on your site. 🙂 


    1. Hey Cordelia,

      Much appreciated for the feedback my quest is to always learn and improve to give people better information so that they can make their own decision on what product to buy and compare the qualities, prices and others factors.


  166. I do not know anything about CBD oil after going through this review I understand that it is made from cannabis plant. I do not think it is legal here in INDIA.

    Will you please let me know more about its medical use?  How it is helpful to a pet dog?  

    More information needed. So many popup distract the reader.

    1. Thank you, we will check on that problem. CBD Hemp oil is good for human and animals – From Spray to Chew-able Gummies bears as long you can get from a reputable company you will be ok. Here the link to our website to check out 

  167. Hello and thank you for the review. My husband and I both use CBD oil and we are fortunate that we have been able to purchase from a reputable company who sells top quality products. Although, CBD and marijuana are both legal here in Canada, we still have to make sure we are getting good products.

    1. Hello, I am glad you have tried and see it does work because a lot of people still don’t know about CBD, so the first think they have to questions if it does work. Yes a reputable company is the best way

  168. Hi. As a new person just introduced to cbd oil I am trying to get some clarity on what it actually is and does? I understand that it comes from the hemp plant but reading your review I couldn’t get a full grasp on what it is? I see it had various products from skin cream to rejuvenating cream. How does Marijuana help a person’s skin?

    1. wow, you did read the review anyway – the 10XPURE FULL SPECTRUM – to help block pain and anti-inflammation There are so many health benefits I could just name few – Anxiety, stress, control sugar level,  aid digestion, support immune system and more

      check out my website – https://cbdoilisamazing.com

      All the best


  169. wow very interesting topic , i’am not the kind of person who has a lot of information about natural products , such as CBD oil , but it really helps , is it possible to determine precisely about this plant origin , like where is it located , it would be much cheaper in it’s origin country in my opinion !

    1. Right now most of the Hemp and Cannabis farm are based in US and Canada plus in some other countries.. Regards to origin even you can have cannabis plant on your back yard..May be you have to travel to Sul America places like Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and others.. This plant is very old since 1900 people used to smoke it

  170. I’d like to ask, does CBD oil help for anxiety if you use it externally? If you put it on your skin? Does it work for aromatherapy? Or do you need to take it internally to relieve anxiety?

    Does the full spectrum CBD oil mean you need to consume a smaller amount of it compared to other CBD oils? I mean, because you mentioned the full spectrum CBD oil is more effective, does it also mean smaller dosages will be effective?

    1. Hi Kirsti,

      A lot of people has taken CBD and it has helped them or they still taking it. You mention CBD products for skin to be used as aromatherapy? I believe there are Spry for Sleep and for Skin – I don’t believe we have something for aromatherapy. With 10xpure full spectrum it means it does enter your blood stream much better more effective, given you greater benefits. Each bottle contains the exact amount you should take and the description – 

      does it also mean smaller dosages will be effective?

      Yes – but you still have to take the recommended dosages.

      I hope it did help – if you need further check out our website 


  171. Thanks for this thorough review of 10xpure CBD Oil – Full Spectrum. It’s been very helpful. My husband is currently suffering from blood clots and circulation problems, so we’re looking into this type of product. Do you know if there’s much info on it helping with a condition like that? It seems to cover a wide range of things that it’s helpful for.

    Thanks for providing a lot of good info and we’ll certainly heed the warnings about making sure to get a reputable product when we do buy a CBD oil.

    Stella 🙂

    1. Hello Stella,

      I hope that your husband get well soon. I am glad I was able to help by giving information to make your decision about the product. Yes 10XPure FULL SPECTRUM and 10XPure Gold Super 1000 are really good – as you know I can say what you use – However I will suggest to look at our website 


      You will read stories and people different experiences using CBD and their products

      I wish you all the best


    2. Hey, thank you for the feedback. The reason I am doing these reviews and find information to share with people it is because I have health problem (Kidney)
      Best Wishes

  172. Hi

    It seems to be an interesting product that offers some promise. As it is a new kid on the block it still needs to prove itself in this competitive market. You are right it is the amount of active ingredient, which is important, as well as how quickly it is absorbed by the human body. As long as it lives to the promise that it makes, then I am impressed. I have not personally used CBD oil but know people who have used it. I could see the immediate benefit for my friend who used it for pain.

    Only time will tell. I am interested in the future, so my question is what do you see as the future developments in the CBD oil industry?



    1. Hey Antonio,

      Thanks for the feedback. At the least you could verify the CBD Oil works. Well the future no one can tell – However I can say CBD is definitely here to stay and new components of CBD family will be discovered and countries with NO PRO QUO will adopted quite easily into their National Health systems.

      All the best 


  173. This is interesting, because I’ve been wanting to give CBD a try for some time now. For one thing, I have serious problems with my back and I think creams or oils might be able to help better than some of the other stuff I’ve tried. I also have anxiety and really bad ADHD, so I’d be interest to see what it might do for that. However, as you mention in your review, there are lots of misleading products out there, as well as some highly overpriced ones, which is basically the main reason why I haven’t tried it yet. The products you’re reviewing here do seem legit, but as you pointed out, they’re on the pricey side. But I still might try them, just because they come across as better than some of the others I’ve see. Either way, thanks for this very thorough review!

    1. Thank you for the comments. Not everything is fake but nothing is impossible. Believe there was Fake Olive Oil being sold at the Retail Store.

      I did suggest people are welcome to take a look and make up their own mind, research and compare the prices and the quality.

      All the best


  174. Thank you for your post. I have been testing CBD for my back pain for a while now. Most of the products I purchased are from online. Sometimes, it works and sometimes, it doesn’t work. I am trying to find a reliable product and to stick to it.

    Here comes your article, 10xpure full spectrum -CBD oil. I think this is something I am looking for. Looks it is generated from a reputable company.

    I particularly like your description on 10xpure CBD oil – disadvantages. I like the fact that this product is sold only through the company. I am sure that this is reliable source. 

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us.

    1. You are welcome – I am happy to share information with people so they can judge and make their decision. Again people need to do their research – My goal is to find as much info as possible because of my health.

      All the best


  175. Hi, I am so happy I found your website. I have just started researching CBD oil products. I am currently going through a rough time and my stress levels are at an all-time high. I kind of want to start off slow, because I am not sure how it will affect me. I was wondering if you thought CBD gummies were a good way to start? If not, would you please let me know your recommendation? Thanks so much!!

  176. I have not tried it before but this is some good info on CBD oil and good work on the post. I myself am an old school and prefer it that way if I don’t mind saying so my self. But again good work and keep at it. This is good to know what they do to make the CBD oil and what it’s can be used for.

    1. Thank you so much for the comments. I am researching CBD because of my health – kidney- I am going to keep digging for more information and share it with people ..

      all the best


  177. CBD oil does not have THC. Same plant family but different plant. I agree with you that people really need to pay attention to where they are getting their CBD oil from. There are always people who prey on others. If it is cheap it’s probably fake. I can tell you also you get your money’s worth with CTFO CBD. The stuff changed my life dramatically relieving my anxiety and helping me sleep. 

    1. Hello,

      I am really happy for you CTFO CBD OIL has done wonders for you. I have been scammed and I taught it would only happen to others. The point is there are always people out there who are willing to do anything to scam you.

      All the best

  178. My wife is very familiar with this product and is widely used across the world. This is good feedback and information that she would and will appreciate reading and learning more about. Quality is everything in my opinion about the topic its good to come across this article is very helpful and will be passed along! 

    1. Thank you for the comments and support. I agree with you I am keen to improve my health, therefore, I will not buy cheap stuff if I am going to to take it. 

      All the best 


  179. I came across your site and wanted to know what the product was, potency, and cost.  I am unable to stop the windows from popping up each page I went to read.  Can you tell me what the potency is on the product and what cost they are?  I saw there was a chat box there but got confused.  I am truly interested and want to know more about it.  What caught my eye was the artwork of the product and the options of products shown there.  Thank you and I await your reply.

    1. Hey, Dorri sorry you had a bad experience with the website – You can check again to see all the information.

      All the products are potent it means what you get in the label, it is also on the bottle. Products – it does depend on what you are looking for – so here the website to check out.

      You can see all the information and the reviews of the other people experiences – please do your research and compare the quality and the prices

      All the best


  180. Hemp products, CBD Oil.  Seem to be the new buzz word.  My concern is the purity of the product. 

    However, as you have helpfully pointed out, there is also the cost.  Do you see the availability becoming more reasonably priced, in the future or should we expect to see the higher prices continue?

    Also, who is sitting up the guidelines for those giving instructions on its use?

    1. Hey, you are right the guidelines have to be set up by the government – and other agencies –

      The prices and quality can be a problem for some people.

      All the bet 


  181. This is a great topic. You explained CBD oil so good. I have been taking CBD oil 500 ml for 8 months now and I can tell a big difference in my pain, since I started taking it. You have all the information about the CBD oil laid out on the page in a way that will draw your attention to the products, it looks really good.  

    1. I am really happy for you Reena so glad CBD oil is doing the job which is to make you feel great again – having health problem myself I want to help and share information with others

      All the best 


  182. Informative article! I’ve actually not heard of CBD oil before coming across your website. I did a quick check and realized its not legal in my country lol. Anyways, from your post above I learnt more about it and its uses. Its also interesting to know it comes in other forms as well such as in cream form and as an edible. 

    Two important things that you mentioned were price and quality. These two work hand in hand for anything that we buy, and is of course most definitely important when buying medicine or medicinal products such as the CBD oil. Its a good reminder for all of us that whether its a cheaper or more expensive alternative, the most important thing is to check the credential of the company that made the product and the product description, to ensure you don’t end up harming yourself through unsuitable or poor quality medicinal products.

    I personally wouldn’t try CBD oil out unless I really do some research and ask around for people to share their experience in using them. 

    Thanks for the article once again!

    1. Thank you for the comments – You can also check for Hemp oil – I believe in the country where it still illegal when you purchase CBD OIL from Marijuana because it does have  THC.

      So please do check it before – HEMP OIL  is safer to use and it has 0.3% of THC

      All the best 


  183. I used to represent a company that manufactured high quality nutritional supplements using drug manufacturing standards, with scientific research backing up the ingredients. The cost was higher than store bought products. You pay for quality when your health is involved. 

    The CBD oil scenario you wrote about mirrored that of the nutritional supplements. Cheap quality supplements do not have accuracy in labeling. You do not get what you read. But with drug standard manufactured products gives you exactly what’s on the label. Plus exacting quality and purity. Much like the high quality CBD Oil. 

    I joined CTFO as a distributor but never took it further. I may need to try out CBD Oil for myself.

    1. So you know how the process works. I really appreciate the comments. 

      Yes, you should look into the product. 

      All the best

  184. The CBD market is flooding with products and almost all of them market their oil is pure. But can I know for sure if it is true? Is it by the composition or the result that we can get after application or use?

    It is true that CBD oil is a great product against chronical pain and today even the cosmetic industry is finding ways to include some CBD oil in their products. So, should we only use the purest CBD oil or any CBD oil can help equally?


    1. Hi there,

      I see what you mean, of course a company wants to sell their products – Can they offer your certain conditions Money-back guarantee for example – I suggest to find a reputable company and get the products from them..

      What I can say not all CBD OIL will be pure – therefore you will not get the results

      All the best 

  185. This is a great review detailing what the CBD oil is, what it does and what benefits and risks it can cause. I think that it’s important to realise that we must focus on consuming natural products made from the earth as it will build the body, fight infections using natural remedies so we can live longer. This is one such product that I believe has the potential to do that as it has many natural benefits. Let me say again, great review, thanks for this post. 

  186. Hi there Jos,

    Congrats on an extremely thorough review! I’m hearing a lot of buzz about CBT oil at the moment so obviously it’s an in-demand product. 

    I’m curious, is this a product that you have used yourself? Based on the review, it certainly appears that you have experience with it. 

    There are some minor spelling and grammatical areas that I think you could possibly work on. Have you tried Grammarly? It’s a great tool to helps tidy up an article.  

    One final point (and this is only my opinion) I feel like you’ve got too many ads covering the page. It detracts from such a detailed review.

    Get up the great work Jos!

    Your friend,


    1. Hey, Jacob thank you I have done a review on the ads, I don’t want people to feel uncomfortable with too many ads. In regards to CBD, I had the hair grow and my family bought a CBD oil from online it was not great.  The 10XPure Full Spectrum – It is pure CBD and it’s effective and delivers better results, it is absorbed much quicker into your bloodstream. 

  187. Hi. I’ve used CBD Oil (not this brand) as well as some of my family members and it has worked for us. Especially in reducing arthritis pain. I’m about out of mine and well be ordering some more soon. The one thing I have noticed in my experience with CBD Oil products is that the effectiveness varies quite a bit depending on the brand. I’ve tried some that have done absolutely nothing while another works well.

    I was really surprised to see CBD products for pets! Who would’ve thought! Anyway, I liked your review, but what does “Full Spectrum” mean? Is it better than other brands? If so, how? I haven’t seen that term used before as it relates to CBD products.



    1. Hey Michael, I am glad you have experienced both sides taking CBD the ones who work and others that don’t work. This is the reason I am referring to the quality. Full Spectrum – It means all the ingredients are concentrated and pure therefore more effective working on your body.

      I suggested it is one of the best – why Certified and Patented plus 60 DAYS MONEY BACK with EMPTY BOTTLE

      Many thanks 

      Best wishes


  188. Thanks for the excellent and timely article. Why the timely? My wife is crazy about herbal oils, but I don’t always support her passions, even though I even use her recommended drop of Frankincense oil once a day.
    I’m going to suggest to her the CBD oils you describe, at least to extend your vision.

    1. Thank and much appreciated for the support just trying to provide good and healthy information to people

  189. Well the article was informative, it explained a few things I wasn’t aware of about cbd oil. In my opinion I am a little uncomfortable and not 100% on board with the use of cannabis for anything other than for medical use, no matter what form it comes in. Any other use is just not more than recreational. I do thank you for the interesting review.

    1. No any time – We all need to keep learning. I am researching because of my health problem.. Please share it with others

      Thank you so much 

  190. I enjoyed this article.  I’ve never taken CBD myself, but I’ve been hearing a lot about it and have been seeing it everywhere.  Yet I’d never seen anything this comprehensive about it.  

    The pros and cons of all the different products definitely make it easy for people who are interested in trying a CBD product.  

  191. You have written a documented review. But as you pointed out, CBD oil is very expensive and not everyone can afford it. For example, I am a pensioner, so … In exchange for preventive purpose I consume hemp seeds that have many of the benefits of the oil.

    1. Hi Carmen,

      Definitely one of the problems at the moment it is the price – People can buy at a more affordable price from other companies if it is reputable and you have to check them out

  192. Hi I was wondering if you have an email brochure of what the products do for you ie what it helps you with and what products would be recommended ie the strengths id love to know more thanks think it might help with people knowing more about the products as I really don’t know what oil to go for and what strengths you would need.


    1. Hey, it is quite simple; let’s say a person has anxiety he can purchase a bottle of 300ml up to 1500ml. On the bottle, you have descriptions and how to take mostly drops taken under the tongue. If you want to find out more let me know

  193. Hey Ronnie, I am a great fan of cbd oil products as I have been smoking cannabis in the past but stopped because it always got me into trouble with the law. I’ve tried cbd oil for about two months and it actually helps me more than smoking it.I was having troubles sleeping and lack of appetite , but now everything is fine, thanks to cbd oil!

    Thanks for creating this page as I believe it is important to spread the word and stop using chemicals and prescription medicines.

    1. Thanks no problem just spreading the word and try to help and give people the best possible info 

  194. Thanks so much for this review, I really appreciate it as I’ve been trying to get more information about CBD products. I’ve heard that they are really a healthy choice as the body has cannaboid receptors and they help by activating them so they deliver results for a few different health concerns. Was wondering if they are able to ship to Canada. I’m not interested in ordering off Amazon for this as I’d only want company made product. Can you please let me know. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Judy, 

      Hope you are well – Of course, you can check out and if you like you can decide I have placed the link here for you to check. You can also see the reviews and experience and histories from other people while taking CBD

  195. I have been looking at cbd oils of late and this review sure did a lot in making me understanding not just cbd oils but this product “10x pure cbd oil”

    I would be checking out the cbd oils drop and edibles.

    i need an alternative to regular smoking which is hurting me.

    Thanks for this product review

    1. Yes, no problem Hemp CBD Oil is safe for people and animals, however, Marijuana CBD Oil that has THC and I believe you can choose what you want. if you want to check out here the Link

  196. Hey, I do like the concept of cbd. As a matter of fact I take cbd for my concentration. I don’t really like the way your website moves around so much as I can’t see everything on the page with all the ads floating around.A very informative website on your topic. I am a firm believer in what you are promoting and think you will do well. I am toying with the idea of a cbd website as well so will be following you and if I can help please let me know. Good job and keep it going please.

    1. Hey Chris,

      Thank you for the feedback – I am trying to figure out what is going with the ads – I don’t put people away – please let me know which page the ads are popping up, please. Sure we can help each other no problem.

  197. Wow, I just learned a whole lot more about CBD oil then I thought I would? Great information, thank you! We have been talking about wanting to look into this for a while, but haven’t done anything about it lol.

    Question for you, does this company guarantee what’s on the bottle? If so, how? I’m just curious because I’ve seen news on product potency and accurate ingredients. There are little stores out there, but it seems like this would be a better option.

    1. Hey Mondez,

      Thanks for the feedback – Like I will keep learning and share with other people – The company offers 60 DAYS money-back guarantee. Lab test certificate – click the link to check out 

  198. How did you get all of the pop ups on your site?  They are pretty cool, in theory.  However, I didn’t really like that they all jumped out at me as soon as I got on the site.  Maybe it would be more beneficial to make it so people can access that stuff, but it isn’t right there the minute they get to the site.  I hope this helps!

  199. I Would recommend these products too anyone. I have used them in the past and they work great. I like to use the oil too keep my anxiety down and take it before bed to help me sleep. This website is very informative on the products. Anyone looking for CBD I highly recommend this site.

    1. Much appreciated Cody, I will keep improving and be impartial and honest about the products- I will not tell people to buy it – I can only suggest comparing my product review with other products and they can decide the next move 

  200. I have been considering Cbd for quite some time now For my depression I see how cbd also has great health benefits as well I think I’m gonna give it a try you have a really great website that has lots of helpful information on cbd and it’s many purposes great work I think you are gonna be very successful 

    1. Thank you much appreciated, I have researched and I will continue to do because I am keen to learn due to my health and give people the correct information so that they can make their own decision. 

  201. Great website, but I must say that’s a good niche to build your blog around.it is projected that CBD is goin to be the next big thing in the coming year. Also your 10xPure Full Spectrum – CBD Oil Review was very informative, I learned few things I wasn’t aware of about CBD oil and the content is well put together, great job on that

    The only thing I an recommend is about the pop up you had pop up on all 3 sides, in my own opinion I would suggest maybe using just one pop-up

    1. Hey Anthony, 

      Thank you I will look into this, I will control the ads if they are too much I will remove them. Otherwise, people will find them annoying.

  202. 10xPure Full Spectrum – CBD Oil Review, I was not able to find what CBD stands for in this review and therefore did not fully understand the review, only got a hint it is from the cannabis plant extract. For this review page, it would be nice to have CBD explained as first-timers in finding out what this is all about, maybe have a link to say what CBD is.

    1. Hey there, cool it is ok – CBD stands for CANNABINOIDS – it is a compound found in the Hemp Seed, Cannabis and Marijuana plants. short abbreviation – I hope it helps 


  203. CBD oil is benefiting people with serious diseases. 

    More no. of states are gradually getting legal permission to sell CBD

    The key is the purity of the oil to get the benefits and not the hang.

    This requires a verification certificate from a FDA regulated laboratory which the reviewed product does here.

    The requirement typically is the acceptable level of THC of <0.3% measured by GC. It would be of help to attach a certificate of analysis with this bottle. I am not sure if they do.

    As mentioned in the review, there are various forms of CBD available to pick and choose.

    I love the empty bottle money-back guarantee for this product.

    1. Yes, thank you – Even though they offer money-back guarantee it does not mean I will buy from them. People need to understand they can search and find a good company and purchase the CBD OIL

      Best wishes 

  204. When you make advertising, don’t make it damage it to your post. Your advertising form display under your post. then tow side of your post cover by advertisement. Please use one side I thing it will be suitable and. Don’t cover your post. Pop Up OK. but after few second after the loading your post 

  205. Thanks for the post. I am not familiar with CBD oil so this is the first time I’ve heard of it, also on the expensive side. The great thing is that it appears it has many different uses such as for hair growth,…that’s interesting. Any information and stats on the effectiveness on hair growth? I am sure that would be really popular with men. Thank you for sharing the side effects. The challenge with these types of products is the possibility of companies selling you low quality as mentioned in the CNN report. This is a space, as you noted, that requires a lot of research and due diligence to make sure you are purchasing good quality. Enjoyed the read. Best wishes!

    1. Thank you what I am suggesting like anything we normally do when it comes to shopping for food we check and very the quality first before we purchase. There are good products at affordable prices on every store you can find it does mean everything is bad

      All the best


  206. Okay, first things first; I tried looking at your Site; but the Pop Ups stopped me.  I suggest you remove the Pop Ups.  I Strongly suggest that.  The Pop Ups on your site will drive off readers.  Just put static ad