#1 Can hemp Oil help with Depression

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depression is silent killer

Does hemp oil help depression?

Everyone is aware of hemp oil products and if you still do not know it compound extracted from the Hemp or Cannabis plant.

From the recent news and the explosion of hemp CBD oil products people still want to learn more about the benefits and how it can help a person their condition.

Researching Serene Extracts 1000mg it does contain powerful Full Spectrum cannabinoids proprieties found the CBD oil to help with such conditions Anxiety, Reducing Pain, Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial and Inflammation.

The 1000mg Extract Tincture Full Spectrum works to improve your health daily you just need to put the 0.25mg under the tongue.

Depression affects people from every race


We all know it is a major problem in the society that is affecting million of people across the globe and some people have to recur to medications.

One of the ways to fight depression I believe is to avoid isolation, keep ourselves mentally, and physically healthy. look now with this covid-19 virus (isolation) lock-down

All the products are naturally organic grown in the USA and test in the third party lab, for various pesticides, residues, bacteria’s, and solvents.

World Health Organization

World health Organization has clearly stated that cannabidiol products containing no more than 0.3% of THC should not be under the international control. 


– Delta 9 THC should be removed from the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances

– Extracts and Tincture also has to be removed from the schedule I of 1961 Single Convention


We need a clear definition about the cannabis plant, the simple true people and governments need to change the way they see these plants and they need to push for more medical trials. 

Especially now, we are facing a major pandemic out of proportion and everything on the lock-down it will make everything more difficult.

I believe there will be reform even though it starting very slow, hopefully in the 10 years it will be widely accepted 

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