CBG Cannabigerol – Do you know what is it?

CBG (Cannabigerol) – What is it?

The cannabis plant (CBG occurs during daylight or through the heating process

It is a non-psychoactive product it is the mother compound of the THC and other cannabinoids. It does occur naturally in hemp plants in trace amounts.

It is an expensive ingredient and also very rare

Why Cannabigerol?

Everyone is familiar with CBD and Cannabis however, a lot of people are not familiar or don’t even know about Cannabigerol.

How CBG is made?

Is generated from cannabis usually it less than 1% that is why it is rare and probably very expensive.

This occurs when the cannabis plant process CBGA and this takes place when the enzymes are in contact with Sun Light or during the Heating process and it happens we get (THC and CBD).

In most cases, CBGA is either converted to THC or CBD.

So if there is more THC this means we have less CBG and CBD (the process occurs vice versa) and this is how nature takes care of this stuff.

How do we obtain more CBG?

There is not a living thing on this planet earth that Men has not fiddled with and tried to experiment and gain the knowledge from it.

In recent times scientist has been fiddling with CBG the reason – Because it is limited, expensive, and valuable.

So if we do not have it, we have to make it – How about cross-breeding the plants. The scientist has begun to play around and doing genetic manipulation of the plants.

There are Subcool Seeds it is a Cross Strain known to produce a great amount of CBG.

The scientist has studied these seeds and they found a way to extract a greater amount of CBG with different techniques from budding plants by predicting the right time in about 6 to 8 weeks when the flowering occurs.

People have forgotten in reality in the Netherlands people have been using cannabis for years and they also have discovered great benefits in use it.

Only in some other countries they still thinking about cannabis.

What are the benefits

There are many breeds of hemp for higher CBG levels which include great potential benefits for medicine. Different studies have shown great potential and possibilities

Help – Glaucoma ( reduces the intraocular pressure)

Help – Antidepressant

Help – Brain, and Nerves

Help – Metabolism

Skin – decrease dermatitis (fantastic for the skin)

Help – Fight the colon and colorectal cancer (slowing down the cancer growth) experiments and studies were done on mice

Help – Inflammatory bowel disease

Help – Fight and act as a bacterial agent – (European Research)

Help – Inihib muscle contractions in fighting bladder dysfunction disorders

Our body uses Endocannabinoids systems and in order for us to be in balance (in perfect harmony) we have to be in state of homeostasis

The endocannabinoids are known to perform different actions and rules on our bodies. One of the main points it does help regulate immune cells to stop or reduce inflammation.

CBG is a bomb – More research and studies have shown great potential and tremendous tool to fight diseases and other health problems. CBG application still new further research and studies will be needed.

I want to thank you for reading this post if you like, please leave a comment or share it.

Benefits of CBD oil for Athletes – Any Sports


Does it really help after work out for any exercise? – Yes, 10XPURE Full Spectrum 500mg promote Healthy Energy Levels, control your Sugar Levels, Aid Digestion, support Immune Systems, and more

Volleyball Athletes
Playing volleyball on the beach can be very intensive

Majority of the people come across the image of CBD OIL on TV, online still think it is just another supplement

All the products related to HEMP, CANNABIS, and MARIJUANA are promoted all over the world the Quality remains a problem and lack of studies.

An example, there was a recent case of a passenger with a health problem (The passenger had with him bottles of Cannabis CBD oils to help with Anxiety and Seizures) traveling through the UK Airport customs his bottles were seized from him. – It Works- Later the Authority gave back

I already mention problems with quality problems with regulations and people selling low-quality products to make easy money.

I just want to confirm again I received messages of support from customers thanking me for warning people about CNN news on LOW-quality CBD oil. I believe a lot of people still did not see the news report.

Best CBD oil for athlete’s workout. best CBD oil for athletes pain. CBD oil for endurance athletes.

Best CBD oil for athletes foot pain relief

  • PURE HEMP CBD ENERGY BLAST and ORAL SPRAY – is known to be good for boosting your Diet, giving Energy through the day, it is a good alternative for other stuff like energy drinks.
  • It does also contains VITAMIN B-12, A, and D
  • Also, it was scientifically tested and found to be safe…
  • Each bottle contains 8ml up to 30ml

Basketball Player
People play intensive sports it helps you recover faster (NBA, Running, Athletics)

YesNot only the hemp CBD oil helps athletes but also helps any normal person to recover or have better energy, stamina, concentration on the work out without feeling exhausted muscle spasm or weakness.

You need to find out what is the best hemp CBD oil for you. As we all know not every product out there will be good for you.

A couple of years I went to the gym with my friend and I listen to him so we train hard, in the end, I felt sick, my vision has blurred no energy. I wish we had CBD oil back then.

I will suggest to research the 500ml or 1000ml of 10XPure Full Spectrum CBD Oil is one of the top products be to used to help recover much faster after a good work out session in the gym.


You need to consult a doctor or your practitioner. Another thing everybody knows that you should not drink or take anything without knowing what is in the description.

You must understand CBD Oil is not meant to diagnose, or prevent any disease, please check with your doctors.

I have been scammed before and I taught it would never happen to me. I am still disappointed it is a lesson learned. Unfortunately, there are some nasty people out there and they prey on you to still your hard-earned money.

Please find a reputable company or maybe some of your friends have used before to get your products. I believe word of mouth goes a long way.

People will post a lot of good reviews about products look at the prices, quality, money-back guarantee, and other things if the website is actually real not fake.

I want to thank you for reading the blog just sharing my opinion and if you want to make any feedback is appreciated. Thank you

Using Cannabis – might change gene connected to autism in male sperm

Cannabis and Marijuana possibly can alter gene connected to autism in male sperm

Card image cap
  • Researchers from Duke University Medical center, Durham, USA have actually come up with an essential research study that shows that “use of cannabis among guys might modify a particular gene in their sperm that is linked to autism.
  • The study entitled, & ldquo; Marijuana use is related to potentially heritable widespread changes in autism prospect gene DLGAP2 DNA methylation in sperm, & rdquo; and is released in the current issue of the journal

Treatment for autism children

  • Epigenetics. The team discussed that usage of marijuana by the parents prior to they got pregnant, has actually been significantly associated with bad “& ldquo; neurodevelopmental results” & rdquo; amongst the kids.
  • What was unidentified to date it the specific modification cannabis is capable of causing in the reproductive cells of the moms and dads that might trigger such an impact on the offspring.

Symptom of Autism and Cannabis is for Autism

An earlier research study had revealed that a specific gene called the Discs-Large Associated Protein 2 (DLGAP2) mutation was responsible for numerous modifications that resulted in particular features of autism. These included “& ldquo; synapse company, neuronal signaling” & rdquo; etc.

These modifications were kept in mind in 17 areas of the DNA of human sperms when exposed to marijuana, explained the researchers.

  • Ph.D. trainee Rose Schrott, co-author of the study said, “& ldquo; We recognized substantial hypomethylation at DLGAP2 in the sperm of men who utilized marijuana compared to controls, along with in the sperm of rats exposed to THC compared to controls.
  • This hypomethylated state was also detected in the forebrain area of rats born to fathers exposed to THC, supporting the capacity for the inter-generational inheritance of an altered sperm DNA methylation pattern.”

CBD Oil For Autism

& rdquo; The scientists exposed the rats to cannabis or its active ingredient called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and found that there were 9 websites on the sperm DNA that exposed modifications for Dlgap2.

They also examined the brains of the offspring of these exposed rats. Outcomes exposed that there were significant modifications in the brains of these offspring especially in the nucleus accumbens areas.

  • Authors concluded that more research studies were essential to take a look at, “& ldquo; impacts of prejudgment cannabis usage in males and the potential effects on subsequent generations.” & rdquo;
  • Murphy said on the sex difference in effects of marijuana, “& ldquo; It ‘ s possible that the relationship between methylation and expression is modified if the methylation change we see in sperm is acquired by the offspring.
  • In any occasion, it” s clear that the area of DNA methylation within DLGAP2 that is changed in association with marijuana usage is functionally essential in the brain.” & rdquo;
  • Murphy included that this study included just 24 individuals, half of who used cannabis while the other half did not. A larger study would be able to prove their preliminary findings.
  • The researchers composed, “& ldquo; This is the first demonstration of prospective heritability of altered methylation arising from pre-conceptional paternal THC direct exposure.” & rdquo;
  • They added in conclusion, “& ldquo; Offered the increasing legalization and usage of marijuana in the U.S.
  • our results highlight a need for bigger studies to figure out the potential for heritability of DLGAP2 methylation modifications in the human F1 generation and beyond.
  • It will also be essential to analyze how cannabis-associated methylation changes associated with neurobehavioral phenotypes.”


Murphy signed off stating, “Due to the increasing and usage of marijuana’s in the U.S. and the increasing numbers of states that have legalized its use, we need further research and studies to

understand how marijuana’s side effects are a problem not only for those who smoke it but also their unborn children.

There’s a miss-perception that marijuana is dangerous. More studies are required to prove and determine whether it is true.”


Cannabis use is associated with potentially heritable widespread changes in autism candidate gene DLGAP2 DNA methylation in sperm, Rose Schrott, Kelly Acharya, Nilda Itchon-Ramos, Andrew B. Hawkey, Erica Pippen, John T. Mitchell, Journal Epigenetics, https://doi.org/10.1080/15592294.2019.1656158

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Nail Polish Infused – With Hemp Oil

Nail Polish with Hemp Oil
Nail Polish with Hemp Oil

Nail Polish Infused – With Hemp Oil is trending on the Beauty Market

Having long been reveled in the health market, Hemp oil has enjoyed increasing popularity in the appeal market over the last few years.

The most recent example? Nails Inc. and INC.redible Cosmetics (both of which were established by Thea Green in 1999 and 2017 respectively) have actually collaborated on a new collection that’s set to offer your appeal away a much-needed dose of calm.

Appropriately called Just Kinda Bliss; the collection features a Hemp oil-infused Nail polish duo that consists of punchy red color and a nourishing base coat/treatment which reduces basic Nail stripes and unequal Nail surface area and fills out the gap for an ultra-smooth, glossy surface area according to the brand name & site.

The formulas consist of Omega 3 and 6 to assist and fortify Nails.

In addition to the polishes, the collection likewise includes a Hemp Hydration Lip Jelly (a shiny go-to that delivers 6 hours of hydration), Hemp Magic Lip Scrub (which doubles as a tinted lip balm) and the No Puff Zone Undereye Mask (which is formed like Hemp leaves and is created to relieve and lighten up).

The Hemp oil describes the characteristics of marijuana and Cannabis while seed oil extract is made exclusively from Hemp seeds.

CBD, on the other hand, is brief for cannabidiol and it was discovered in the leaves, and flowers of Hemp plants.

The Hemp oil contains no CBD or THC (the psychotic chemical found in Marijuana and Cannabis) and it has been used for health as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Attention these Nails Polish below does not contain Hemp oil, the article is talking about the market that is being tapped by Hemp Oil lovers.

Nail Gel Polish Set, CANNI Soak Off, Colour Varnish

Glitter Base Top, Coat UV LED

$3.52 Buy Now

Nail Gel Polish Set, CANNI Soak Off, Colour Varnish

Glitter Base Top, Coat UV LED

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Chicken Hemp Meatballs – Romesco Sauce

Chicken Hemp Meatballs With Romesco Sauce  

Sharing a Recipe from a News Papers

This recipe was copied from the Gardien News since I am involved with Hemp I want to spread the word

Pasta and meatballs are a classic, comforting dish, but there are more possibilities than the carb-heavy grain pasta and beef meatball version.

You’ll find these chicken Hemp meatballs to be a little lighter and more nuanced. Over a helping of spiralized zucchini, it’s the perfect match of freshness and taste, but let’s not stop there.

With a rich but bright Romesco sauce, this dish opens up a whole new world of Mediterranean flavor.


Enjoy these meatballs over your favorite primal noodle. You can use raw zucchini noodles or lightly saute or roast them prior to eating.

You can also serve these meatballs over cauliflower rice, spaghetti squash or sweet potato noodles. If you don’t have hazelnuts, you can switch up the romesco sauce by substituting almonds or walnuts.

For more flavor, roast the nuts prior to blending them into the sauce.

Servings: 3

Prep Time: 25 minutes

Cooking Time: 60 minutes



  • 12 oz. ground chicken thighs
  • 2 Tbsp.  Hemp Hearts
  • 2 Tbsp. Minced red onion
  • 2 Tbsp. Chopped parsley
  • 2 Tbsp. Almond flour
  • ½ Tbsp. Olive oil or avocado oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • ¼ tsp. ground black pepper
  • 1 large egg

Romesco Sauce

  • 1 red bell pepper (about 1 cup) + drizzle of Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil
  • ½ roma tomato (about ¼ cup)
  • 3 Tbsp. hazelnuts
  • 2.5 Tbsp. Chopped parsley
  • 1.5 Tbsp. Olive oil
  • 1/2 Tbsp. Red wine vinegar
  • 1 clove garlic, minced

For serving:

  • 2 cups spiralized zucchini
  • Chopped parsley and Hemp seeds, to garnish


Preheat your oven to 375 ºF. Rub avocado oil all over the pepper and tomato and place it in the oven on a parchment covered sheet pan or oven-safe dish.

The tomato will only need 15-20 minutes to be nicely roasted. Remove the tomato and set it aside once roasted and soft.

Flip the pepper every 15 minutes or so until the skin of the pepper is nicely charred. This will take about 50-60 minutes in all. Set the pepper aside with the tomato to cool.

In a bowl, combine all the meatball ingredients together.

Allow the mixture to rest for 5 minutes. Form 9-12 meatballs from the mixture and place them on a lightly oiled sheet pan or glass dish.

Bake for about 20 minutes or until they reach an internal temperature of 165 ºF.

Peel the stem of the pepper off and discard the stem and the seeds inside of the pepper.

Run the pepper under water and peel off and discard the skin of the pepper.

Place the pepper, tomato, and remaining romesco ingredients in a blender or food processor and blitz until the nuts are small and a sauce forms.

You can leave the sauce a little rustic and chunky or blend it more to make it smooth.

Spoon some romesco sauce over your zucchini and top with the chicken meatballs. Spoon the remaining sauce on top and garnish with chopped parsley and Hemp hearts.

Nutritional Information (3 servings, per serving):
  • Calories: 435
  • Total Carbs: 14 grams
  • Net Carbs: 10 grams
  • Fat: 28 grams
  • Protein: 33 grams

Also, you can get more information about the Hemp (CBD Oil) from the blog below and the rest of the ingridients you get from your supermarket

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Does people really think in Hemp oil is good?

This is a new experiment in the cuisine, hemp as everyone know it can be used in with anything, in this case it was added together with meet to make a fantastic and enjoyable dish, which I tried myself on the weekend.

Hemp oil is fantastic, but I believe Marijuana oil is also amazing in terms of helping people and animals with improving their health conditions.

I hope you did like this article and please share or leave a comment. Thank you

Do You Smoke Cannabis – You feel different

Hemp Seed ready to be processed

Hemp Seed Oil Could could be a solution to many problems?

It has been less than twenty years, people used to read warning signs towards using marijuana and other types of drugs. Should you use it or possess it, and you’ll go to jail.

CTFO 500 ml CBD Oil

I used to have colleagues used to smoke and he worked in a health business and used to buy Maconha (illegally through backhand)

Why? The fact he did think it would help his heart, stress, and anxiety.

Is Cannabis Dangerous:  In the past Cannabis, was considered to be dangerous and illegal because people were not aware of the potential

Are There Any Problems with side effects?

Yes possibly, with recent studies Marijuana CBD oil can be good for some people because of THC and not for others -now let’s digest about what we need to find more.

The other claims people make about CBD – that it’ll ease glaucoma, it will help your heart, or fight blood cloth – the sincere answer is:

No one knows for sure 100% there still further studies needed.

The knowledge and the prof available that CBD OIL helps with disorders ( such as Epilepsy), is well documented and through I have a link on my front page to prove it.

The compound (Endocannabidiol ) can help, ”So it is sufficient evidence to prove it does work.  For those people who are not aware CBD can help them with Epilepsy.

Today you can purchase any type of CBD oil in most places and I always suggest please do your own research to learn more

I will suggest having a consultation with your health care provider or your doctor first. Despite the entire gossip around CBD, sooner or later the true results will come out.

Hemp Oil after the extraction of smoking cigarette pen

It is a tremendous step towards the future of natural medicine why? It’s part of an agenda from narcotics, pharmaceutical companies to keep this thing from progressing this means that funding for them can be problematical.

The most recent news from the U.S. the Farms are making hemp progressing and advancing, there will be additional CBD products coming to the market. (Hemp Seed is a plant that has lower than 0.3% THC). 

Unless the FDA (Food Drug Administration) take on this product, its stance seems to point towards possibly dietary supplements (from discussions and meetings at the present time), these products will make it to the market with little to no oversight.

People, I am a fan of Natural Medicine and in the last 3 to 4 years I have read and research Natural Medicine including Chinese Traditional Medicine.

I want to improve my health using Natural Medicine, also I want to share it with people

If you like ❤️ to leave comments or share it.

God bless.

10XPure Gold Full Spectrum-CBD Oil Review

Natural 10XPure CBD Oil

Can You Recommend Hemp CBD – Yes

As long the bottle of Hemp Oil you have purchased has the right amount of CBD it should be of good quality.

In the past, people used to go to great lengths to get access to some Cannabis or Marijuana just for a few puffs.

Their efforts, however, brought great risk because of the laws that prevented the use and distribution of such substances.

The users, however, knew that by smoking Cannabis or Marijuana they would receive some sort of relief because of the THC (psychoactive).

This creates inebriating sensations making one feel like they are in another dimension altogether. 
Cannabis and Marijuana including Hemp are not new drugs.

Their use in different societies across the world has been well documented throughout history. In recent years, governments and large corporations have controlled greatly their use and distributed whether for medicinal purposes or for pleasure

They new by smoking Cannabis or Marijuana they would receive some kinda relief because of the THC (psychoactive) the symptoms felt like they were in the zone in another dimension. 

Why only now we are getting talking about Hemp or Cannabis?

It is because of various studies and research shows tremendous benefits to humans and animals – In reality, people already knew the potential.

So What is CBDA?

 CBDA – known as Cannabidiol Acid

Why it is so important?

The reason why CBDA (Cannabidiol Acid) is important is due to the simple reason it is enriched, formulated to deliver the results.

CBDA is a natural ingredient that is taken during the CBD heating process, and the company found through a test that actually CBDA has amazing Anti-inflammatory proprieties and also it works even better than CBD for pain.

CBDA has an advance and potent Inhibitor of COX-2 enzyme proprieties which can act in the same way as Non – Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory.

The company said they have tried many tests the result showed that CBDA keeps and protects the integrity of CBDA which seems to be more powerful than CBD.

Does CBDA work better than Hemp CBD? – Only for certain conditions:


10XPURE Supercharged 1000 CBD OIL 

The results show CBDA can act as a receptor to block Pain and Inflammation much better than CBD because of effectiveness and this is just the beginning. More studies will be needed to find further benefits.

CBD Oil Super 1000mg


  • It has a minimum of 6mg of CBDA per serving 
  • It is 10x more powerful and potent than normal CBD sold in the market
  • Hydrophilic enables the body to absorb the CBD quicker
  • Natural organic for pain relief 
  • Each bottle has 20 Drops of 0.6ml to be twice a day

We would advise or recommend having a consultation with your health care provider first. Despite the entire gossip around CBD, sooner or later the true results will come out.

A gigantic step and why?

However, with new studies of CBDA and the promising results it has shown it has a tremendous case to help the health community.

10XPURE -Gold Full Spectrum Roll-On Muscle &Join

10XPURE Ultimate Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

A lot of people are taking medications which will bring some serious side effects consequences I am talking from experience because I take medications. I believe in other alternatives.

10XPURE GOLD 1000 Full Spectrum – Disadvantages :

My only concern is about the quality & price I understand that some people would be concerned because it is a new product.

10XPure Gold retail price costs $157.97 and the company price with AUTOSHIP is $113.97 – At this price, it can still be high for some people.

These products can only be sold through the company. Will you compromise quality over price?

I have seen companies selling CBD oil and other products from $5, so tell me do you think these products are good? How much does it cost the whole process to make these products?

If the quality of the product is poor I think a lot of people will be happy to bring the company down because a lot of CBD products sold in the markets do not work efficiently and leave your body with a waste residue.

The reason why they guarantee their products has the quality it is because of the patented technology to help improve the CBD OIL effectiveness

If the product is bad, we all know what happens they will not stay in business for long.


I think the company would not risk it by selling products that are dangerous to our health after being in business for the last couple of years.

Any serious company cannot just invest millions of dollars to create bad products.

The latest from the Farms in the U.S. they are making hemp progressing fast, there is likely more additional CBD products coming to market soon.

Hopefully, the price of these products will be at the level that anyone can reasonable afford it

If you like what you are reading and If you want to leave a comment you are welcome.

Why You Should Give Your Horse CBD Oil?


Why You Should Give Your Horse CBD Oil – REVIEW


CBD oils is not just ANOTHER NATURAL SUPPLEMENT for improving your horse’s overall health:

The Reasons why you should give your horse CBD oil.

If you own a horse, you need to make sure you feed then and give it enough food and water. You also need to provide it with a nice place to sleep, clean environment to feed and graze a stable to run around as free as it can be.

Help Your Horses With Chronic Pain!

What kind of horse do you bread, some horse/poney’s could 400 pounds (0.23 t) and up to over 2,300 pounds (1.13 t)?

Animals do suffer from chronic pain with the same feeling as humans and you can help then with some of this pain by giving your horse the best CBD oil for horses.

In the past, the Vets used to provide prescription painkillers and jabs to release the horses from suffering.

It’s very sad when you see any animals suffering from disease and you are helpless to do anything especially if they are at the end of their life.

Horses/Pony’s are amazing animals they are specials for kids or for anyone that like animals.

Horses are just amazing and they have the same Endocannabinoids System Receptors, may be even more advance, they have better vision and sensibility, they do feel most of the things we do, suffering, get sick, pain, and injuries on the joins, muscles, ligaments etc.

The way Receptors works when you take hemp OIL it is captured and then distributed throughout the systems.

For whatever the reason if have a horse or pony otherany animals CBD OIL will help then with their Anti-inflammation. 

All the animals have emotions and when you have horses and you see in trouble it does affect you because some people treat then as business for transport, and race.

Again if want to purchase CBD OIL products you do your research, find out the quality, standard, and the potency of the product, the reason you could be buying a fake or non-CBD stuff beside paying or wasting money this could cause harm to your animals.


  • Nausea, Dry mouth, and Diarrhea
  • Also you may not get the right info on how to take CBD Oil
  • You could be taking wrong dosage 

So many CBD sellers showing up everyday and I would suggest to search good companies and there some online retailers such as AMAZON you can verify it but I can not guarantee.

I would suggest to look at their products for animals is CTFO they have excellent quality products.

It is usually truth and I also believe products with higher quality, most of the time are more expensive, you have to consider your options.

“WARNING” There are bottles with fake CBD being sold out there, according to recent report.

I am expressing my opinion by giving review why should give animals CBD and if you would like to leave any feedback you’re welcome. Thank you

The main difference CBD oil – Reviews

CBD for Humans and Animals

The amount of CBD that enters the human bloodstream is more important than the price. They are more interested in the Quality of the CBD.

For me the quality comes in first place for others it’s about the price, for example, even the price is too high some people tend to find a cheaper product.


CBD has shown to support and promote healthy energy levels, relieve anxiety, aid in digestion, support optimal immune function and the regeneration of healthy cells, healthy blood sugar levels, and promote a sense of serenity and overall well-being.

The 10XPURE, Full Spectrum, and Isolate Oral Drops they all have their own unique benefits.

So, again it is up to the customer to decide what is best for them together with their doctors or specialist.

  • 10XPURE Has Less Than 0.3% of THC
  • Full Spectrum Has Less Than 0.3% of THC
  • Isolate CBD Has 0% of THC

The Main Difference in these CBD Oils

10xPURE Vitamin Promote Overall health

First, they want you to know that all their products are GMP & certified because they show the proof of a third party Lab Test and they use a (Good Manufacturing Practice) which are regulated by the FDA

All the products are Organic, and Natural from non-GMO Industrial hemp plants.

The second thing they can prove that using the technology they are able to reduce the amount of THC in these Oils.

While the new Technology for Extraction of these Oils they still retain all the ingredients, and nutrients without using harmful solvents or any heat.

They actually found a way to create better CBD OIL through the discovery of CBDA. 

This process happens from the heat and extraction which deliver the proprieties found in CBD known as Cannabidiol Acid, this chemical formula delivers better results in terms of effectiveness across the human spectrum.

CBDA gives better exposure and better efficiency for pain and inflammation.


300mg of ISOLATE CBD Oil

The price starts from $49.97 for ISOLATE of 300mg CBD Oil. The price starts from $59.97 for ISOLATE of 500mg CBD Oil

Isolate – means the product is isolate or extracted CBD oil

It does mean it has 95% – 99% of CBD Oil

It does not have the Nutrients and Cannabinoids found in the Full Spectrum

People are suggested to use ISOLATE Oil because it does have 0% THC

The company states, all their topical products use Isolated CBD oil.

All the products such as Shampoos, Oral Sprays, CBD skincare, and topical cream for pain.


To consume any CBD products it is very important to understand that you must check the lab test results and double-check with false claims about the quality.

You need to be careful when it does involve drug test.


Almost all drug tests are designed to test for the presence of any Terpenes and/or Cannabinoids present in Marijuana (or Hemp.) They are NOT specifically testing for THC.

This means that even with a true ZERO THC product like some of our products are, you can still test positive for a drug test.

This is why I cannot guarantee any negative test results for people who are taking our products.

I can only suggest if the quality of the product is good and deliver what it states on the bottles.


I understand it is very difficult to tell if the CBD products have quality by just reading the bottle descriptions, and company reputation because there could be misleading information about the lab test.

I am not sure that you can even relay on those online stores since you can only rely on the reviews.

Online store such as Amazon they have so many brands you can pick and choose, how can you tell which is good!

You need to pay close attention to the quality and potency of CBD OIL you are buying online especially because its something you will be taken into your body to help improve your health not put you in an emergency unit.

We hope you are happy to read this blog this is my opinion (others will be different) If you would like to leave any feedback is much appreciated.

Where to buy CBD oil – Some many options!!

As the name CBD becomes more popular people and more familiar with the brand so you can actually purchase CBD oils & other products anywhere through various places from websites, online retailers, Holland & Barrett (vapor, e-cigarette), and Cannabis are still considered illegal in some countries around the world where the compound extracted from these plants known as THC which can be psychoactive.


So far more scientific evidence and further research is necessary to be done, all the research and testing has been carried on animals and they proved to show good results.

From what it is known the side effects are diarrhea, dry mouth, fatigue, and loss of appetite. It is also known the CBD does interact with other medications.

So you should always ask or consult your doctors before if you are taking any type of medication.

The doctors still considering further research is necessary to really give a clear picture of how we can use CBD in the natural way to achieve the best results.

CBD Oil Products with THC

Cannabis after processing

It is important to understand what kind of CBD does not have THC, (Tetrahydrocannabidiol) this is a psychoactive compound that makes humans feel high when you consume it.

If you do smoke normal pure marijuana the compound (THC) will make you really High and give you crazy buzz, personally I have been with people who love smoke marijuana because the way feels lost in space.

From many conversations that I had with people who smoke marijuana they always mention and stated it helps them with stress, feel relax and calm.

Some people have smoked marijuana for years it helps them be insane, the reason because previously they used to suffer from anxiety and depression.

The problem with smoking pure marijuana will have other problems at the later stage in their life, even though you don’t notice any symptoms this is because of THC & other compounds.

With CBD OIL it will give people the option to stop smoking pure marijuana/Cannabis if they want, because now people will be aware of the benefits that exist by consuming pure, clean, and potent CBD OIL.

I believe in the future it could take years or sooner than we think, its all depend on government bureaucracy, however, will CBD OIL be part of any doctor’s prescription ready and available to any patients?

Also, it will be available for animals at the veterinary’s shop. Only time will tell

As I said initially CBD products is spreading it means basically available worldwide and anyone can shop online as long they have access to the internet. 

As I said before what I wrote on these blogs I am just expressing my opinion on the research about the content.

Thank you for reading the blog and please leave any comments or feedback