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My name is Jos Moreno and I am from West Africa. As young boy I was curious about Stock Exchange, Business, and Travelling the World, as young person I remember I used to see other people in suite and I wanted to dress like them. Getting into the University was not easy, and it was not even on my mind, initially the idea was to take a course and hope for the best to get a job.

In the year 2000 found an opportunity to study abroad and I traveled to UK to study after receiving an opportunity to start university where I begun BSc in Computers and MSc in Electronic Comms, I was chocked to find out Wales was another country even though I was used to watch Six Nations Rugby in Wales.


From the young age I had health issues in those days there was no information available and even internet I only got access to computer/internet at adult wood. My health problem was serious since I already had kidney transplant I felt normal I could live normally, in way I just forgot all about it.

I was taught getting a job being a qualified Engineer that was it, I had great thing’s going way. Started to work for this company after a while things started getting worst, stress and pressure which affected my health problem so I end up leaving. (Because of mindset I was stuck on that job) we don’t have to live like this.

I was back to square one, started reading and research I main  problem I did not believe what this told about Natural Medicine and I was back on dialysis.


The reason why I told little story and what happen to me it’s because I BELIEVE in the Natural Herbal Medicine, and I believe HEMP/CANNABIS/MARIJUANA in this new discovery of CBD (Endocannabinoids) receptors we have will help us improve our lives without being too dependent on the pharmaceutical drugs.

Beside everybody knows majority of the medicines we buy at the pharmacies or drug stores are plant based anyway so why are we ever stopped using natural medicine as “Dr Bruce Lipton said we have been brainwashed to believe on the drugs we take are good for us.

It well-known even the psychologist said you can do organ transplant or even take any medicine drug however, if your mind is not in the right place the transplant or the drug you took will not be effective “so the power of mind is very important”

So I am very excited about CBD products and this great Compound which is found in human ENDOCANNABINOIDS. This stuff is really fantastic for humans, the doctors mention as human we do not produce enough of this protein.

If you ever need a hand or have a questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Jos Moreno

Health benefits from -CBD oil

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