Pregnant Women – must avoid CBD

Pregnant Women – Must avoid CBD Doctors have issued a warning Pregnant women must avoid CBD – Why? The Food Standards Agency (FSA)has made recommendations due to animal research which reveals CBD can be unhealthy to unborn babies. They stated there is still no research to show the health impacts on society. Recommended Maximum Dosage […]

Can Hemp Oil Be Used for – Seizures in dogs?1

Can Hemp Oil Be Used – for Seizures in dogs? Dog Health Foundation, report shows that epilepsy impacts on a lot of dogs (that is around 1 for every 133 canines). The drugs used to deal with seizures in canines consist of numerous anticonvulsants such as Gabapentin, Phenobarbital, and Potassium Bromide. Unfortunately, using these medications can have extremely […]

Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds – In Your Diet1

Hemp seed is Amazing and it is loaded with different health benefits and it has tremendous for treating digestion to other chronic illnesses. Fantastic Hemp Benefits for your health These Seeds are abundant in protein which helps in constructing tissue of our body. The majority of the seeds have different kind of nutrients however, with hemp […]

The 2018 Farm Bill Legalized Industrial Hemp. Now What? Get

The 2018 Farm Bill Legalized Industrial Hemp. Now What? Get Your Answers Here. I am not “The author of the article”. Farmers and agribusinesses are now growing, selling and transporting industrial hemp across state lines. But what are the risks and liabilities to doing so? You’ll want to consider the following FAQs before planting. The […]

Landmark bill – legalizing marijuana passes on House Committee

Landmark Bill – legalizing marijuana   – passes on House Committee at the Federal level  The House Judiciary Committee passed a bill on Wednesday that could decriminalize marijuana use at the federal level, giving states more room to craft unique regulations. The “Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2019” — also called the MORE Act […]

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