Vaping marijuana – linked to lung injuries

Vaping marijuana – linked to lung injuries Alerts CDC

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Vaping Marijuana

Vaping marijuana – Warnings

A brand-new report from the Centers for Illness Control and Prevention (CDC )suggest that one sixth of patients who use Vaping consisting of cannabis are at a danger of lung injuries.

These e-cigarettes containing marijuana products were all obtained from legal dispensaries says the CDC. The CDC alerts the public versus making use of these THC-containing e-cigarettes or vaping products.

The CDC started their investigation taking a look at all cases of lung injury regardless of the content of the vaping devices –– nicotine or marijuana.

Illegally Acquired THC Vapes E-cigarettes

illegally bought THC products were preferred over nicotine consisting of items as these produced a greater high and were used in an oil base.

These THC cartridges were related to severe cases of lung injuries reported from eight various states.

The organization added that even when they discovered the THC including cartridges, they might not discover the stores that offered these gadgets due to the fact that of lack of info on these illegal items.

Callahan, the professional pulmonologist explained which contained in the THC cartridges was vitamin E acetate that could be the most likely reason for the severe lung injuries.

He added that this was still under investigation saying that something else could be the cause of the lung damage and vitamin E acetate could simply be an innocent onlooker

Vaping With THC Products

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The group collected the vaping items from 73 patients of these 79 percent had several THC vaping products stated the company.

Vitamin E acetate was discovered in 78 percent of the population evaluated said the CDC.

In a current research study of the 51 cases of acute lung injury due to vaping, vitamin E acetate was found in 94 percent of the cases.

Food and Drug Administration(FDA)

Food and Drug Administration (FDA )has also revealed a couple of weeks back that fruit, sweet and mint flavored vaping fluids would be banned across the country to prevent kids and teenagers from using them.

At present the FDA is examining the cases of e-cigarette associated severe lung injury among the patients.

The CDC is warning that the best method for individuals to ensure that “they are not at risk is to consider refraining the use of all e-cigarette, or vaping, items. 


Cannabis is a controversial because of THC still illegal, so my suggestion you should speak with a medical professional first if you want usage them.

It is sensible to look into the company and the products before you make any purchase.

Again CBD (Cannabidiol )is legal and the side effects are minor compared to THC( high )and THC can be harmful especially for young individuals.


Update: Item, Substance-Use, and Market Qualities of Hospitalized Patients in a Nationwide Break out of E-cigarette, or Vaping, Item Usage– Associated Lung Injury– United States, August 2019– January 2020-

Can Marijuana Help Your Mental Health?

Can Marijuana Help Your Mental Health?

Dried Marijuana

These days it seems like everyone from celebrities to your next-door neighbor are all boasting about the positive results of marijuana on their mental health.

Likely you’ve heard a story about medicinal marijuana or marijuana-derived products (like CBD) curing someone’s anxiety, depression or even post-traumatic stress disorder. But does marijuana actually help your mental health?

Psychiatrist Brian Barnett, MD, did not take part in the study, but says using medicinal marijuana, or related products, to treat mental health conditions cannot be justified based on current research.

According to one study – the evidence is lacking.

“There was pretty low grade evidence for marijuana for treatment of anxiety disorders,” explains Dr. Barnett.

“The study looked at the use of marijuana for the treatment of other psychiatric disorders and found no compelling evidence at this point that marijuana, or any of its derivatives, are effective treatments for things such as depression, ADHD, Tourette syndrome or PTSD.”

How About the Data

Researchers reviewed 83 studies looking at medicinal marijuana, synthetic marijuana and marijuana-derived products.

They studied the products’ impact on six mental health conditions – depression, anxiety, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Tourette syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychosis.

In the meantime, he says people should be aware of the known risks associated with marijuana.

“Although we don’t know a lot about the potential health benefits, we do know about risks which include addiction,” says Dr. Barnett. “We’ve seen increases in the numbers of individuals coming to the emergency room as marijuana is becoming legalized in various contexts.

We also know marijuana is becoming stronger in terms of THC content than it was in the past, which can make for more adverse reactions.”

Dr. Barnett says it’s important to talk to a doctor before self-treating with marijuana, or products derived from marijuana, because there are certain conditions and medications it can interact with.


Marijuana because of THC still controversial and the reason why so many countries still questioning its use

Further studies still need to prove the health benefits that is why Dr Bennett recommend to talk with your doctor before starting Marijuana as it may interact if you take with others medications.

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How can you tell if CBD Oil is Real?

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Cannabis Farm

How can you tell if CBD Oil is Real?

In recent years CBD products has showed tremendous potential as an alternative to help people with different kind of health problems or as supplement to promote total wellness.

With explosion came a number of manufacturers creating various types of CBD products such as Tincture, Oils, Topical, Gummies, Cream’s, Shampoo, and Spray, among others.

Thus, it ended up being overwhelming for consumers to select the ideal CBD item suitable for them.

This a burden and it is a problem to make sure the CBD product they acquire is certainly real. Thus, here are some ways to tell whether a CBD product you are thinking about is phony.

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Cannabis plant in natural environment

Double Check the label

The labels contain critical details about what an item is made of.

Typically, the label also consists of details that may either push you to purchase the product or turn your retreat completely.

In order to find a real CBD product, search for tips on the label such as phrases that mention pure cannabidiol, certified CBD, hemp-derived, or full-spectrum.

Apart from these tips from the label, real CBD products will likewise show the concentration of CBD therein.

This will make it easier for you to know the amount of CBD you are taking in per serving, if not already indicated on the label.

Research about the manufacturer Products

Real CBD products are made from hemp and not artificially hemp. Therefore, the effects of real CBD are practically immediate.

Typically, it depends on the particular condition being dealt with. Nevertheless, only real CBD products will be able to provide these types of outcomes.

Why it is very important to understand the manufacturer of the products you are looking to buy.

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Hemp CBD Oil Drop

You can go even an action further by researching where the hemp plant was farmed, and sourced and the most credible CBD companies are transparent in letting their customers understand where they grow their hemp plants.

If the Manufacturer is transparent with their approaches of how they produce their CBD products it would help a lot of customers.

How they extract the CBD from the hemp plant is the most important step to produce a quality CBD product that deserves your money.

Third-party Lab Test Verification

Another method to find fake CBD products is by confirming whether the producer employs the services of a third-party laboratory to evaluate its products.

Without a third-party test, there is no assurance that the compounds of the CBD products are undoubtedly natural and safe, as declared by the producer.

It is normally a third-party laboratory testing center that confirms the claim of a CBD maker in terms of the ingredients of their products.

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Humans and Animals can take CBD oil


Please, remember not all CBD products out in the market today are authentic.

You need to have a careful eye to find the fake ones to guarantee that you will gain all the advantages of CBD for your health.

CBD and its sub-products has boast a number of health advantages, and some are even utilized to match medicinal treatments.

I hope you liked the post, please share it or leave any feedback.

Here another Amazaging CBD products to check out

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Do not buy CBD oil – from Amazon

OrganicWarning about CBD products being sold on Amazon 

Taking 2 drops of CBD oil; under the tongue

Everyone seems to be pretty relax about Amazon because it is a giant on the e-commerce business, therefore people usually believe their products comes from a very reliable and trustworthy sources.

You could not be more wrong about Amazon

Every time people search online to purchase anything you will look at Amazon because it handles over 40% of consumer search and believe or not counterfeit products (Supplements) was sold more than one occasion.

The report stated that Amazon had removed all the products from their website and issued all the refunds to their customers.

In the recent report Organic & Natural Health Association has warned Amazon could be possibly defrauding customers twice by preventing the best quality and genuine CBD products from being sold on their website.


The problem is that Amazon at the same time is promoting and selling CBD products that supposed to contain CBD but it does not.

Why Misleading customers about CBD products

In 2019 Organic & Natural Health Association reported that in Amazon Policy’s prohibits the sales of CBD products, while you search for “CBD” on their search engine it will display thousands of products.

Why searching for Organic CBD products

It is really important to test all the Hemp CBD products for Heavy Metals from the soils. Hemp has so many benefits including construction, fuel, rope, and help with health ailment.

It is very important for all the farmers to have CLEAN SOILS especially when we use hemp for medicinal purpose, therefore reason why you should seek organic certified CBD products to be sure you are getting products without contamination, pesticides, and irons.


People still confused about the price and quality and where to buy these products. You purchase CBD products but proceed with caution.

A lot products sold on the corner street were found to have less or no percentage of CBD.

My suggestions is to always make sure you are buying quality not quantity if you want to get the benefits. I hope you like this post please leave any feedback. Thank you

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