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10XPURE hand spray created by the CTFO with the sole purpose to help people who are crazy about getting rid of those germs than you need 4 hours hands controller

Everyone is defending their corner stating one is better than the other, I guess the only thing that would distinguish between products are the qualities.

First, I must say hand spray sanitizer became a commodity can you imagine ever paying $100 for a small 30ML bottle that would not last you for 2/3 weeks.

Probably you had to rationed to make it would last as long as possible because of such fear factor created by the media and miss information spread out there.

Liquid Glove Hand Spray

10XPure Hand Sanitizer
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10XPure Hand Sanitizer

One of the solutions was and still very cheap by using soap, even the soap in some places went out of stock.

10xPURE kills 99% of virus 

With the virus pandemic and initially the hand sanitizer or hand gels run out of stock pretty much everywhere.

People were acting crazy if they had found shops where they could purchase more than 5 hand gels they wood because they wanted to stock up.

The fear factor took over it does sound incredible even with food. So killing virus products became gold people were selling on eBay, if you went to the shops the prices had gone up 3X, some of these shop owners were taking advantage of the situation.

The best hand gels for virus

Using 10XPURE hand spray and or other gels not only saving money in the long run but also you don’t need to constantly use it all the time.

The best defense we have as humans against any virus is by loving ourselves more, meditate, exercise, eat right food – it’s hard but we can do it

immune system
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immune system

Benefits of using Liquid Glove

10XPURE hand spray when you apply this gel on your hand it will last up for 4 hours so, you only need to apply it twice in the day

The reasons 10XPURE hand spray are great you do not have to be afraid of touch anything because you know it protects you longer.

While many other brands you purchase at the corner shops and supermarkets I see people constantly using them and they don’t last long, this where 10xpure can same you money.

The hand sanitizer becomes gold

It just shows when you want to cause fear and panic people will react like mad, and we see that the price of food and other goods has risen.

There were no hand gels or spray available at any stores, because of fear and panic at Lidl they told they were out of stock for weeks.

Price comparison vs other brands 

If you look most of the product that costs a lot more has better quality, except in some circumstances.

Megababe Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer  – This clean hand sanitizer is FDA approved that kill 99% of the virus, it seems to be a good product for dry skin and sensitive skin.

The scent is mild and smells great. It does seem to be very cheap and affordable the price looks cheap $6 

Orly Hand Sanitizer Spray

This sanitizer spray is plant-based and contains moisturizer. This spray contains 62% of alcohol

This is a beautifully designed product and brand, the price starts at $5.99 up to $73.39, when you pay a bit more for a product the quality seems to be higher.

Price $20 it is a good value for some people you are able to fill 4 small bottles. 
FDA approved that kill 99% of the virus and bacterias

Vegamour Hand Sanitizer Spray

-This hand sanitizer contains 75% isopropyl alcohol for any virus and bacteria’s

This spray is natural and organic using aloe vera and marula oil to help moisturize your hand. 
Price $8

Pipette Hand Sanitizer
-Fragrance-free, non-sticky, and non-drying. It does contain 65% of ethyl alcohol to help you get rid-off the germs and bacterias by helping protect your hands to keep free and moisturize.
Price $4.99

100% Pure Hand Sanitizer Spray
– This a plant-based hand sanitizer to help protect from bacterias. It uses Aloe vera and tree oil to keep your hand soft and germ-free. All the USA base hand sanitizer described here are compliant with the FDA. Price $5.9


I hope we things do change, because I am pretty sure humans are supposed to interact naturally with germs, bacteria’s, and virus.

How do we supposedly build our immune system naturally without interacting with our environment?

Dr. Joe Dispensa, Dr. Greg, Dr. Bruce, and other scientists have proven we will overcome because our system is prepared for any type of virus

10Xpure hand spray is more expensive at the same time you’re looking at the better quality product

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2 thoughts on “10Xpurehand spray sanitizer – sting

  1. With the outbreak of the corona virus, other have a been a really great need to have a hand sanitizer anywhere in your house and safety is really important to us all. I have been really getting a lot of sanitizers lately but some are not really good with smells and it ends up having some really bad smell which I don’t like. A sanitizer with a good fragrance is really appreciated and I would get for my home 

    1. Hi Bella,

      Thank you for the awesome feedback – Yes, I have a lot of masks, hand sanitizers, spray for surfaces because I do work with Uber, Ola, and other companies. I will pray and hope things will go back to normal it is just crazy. If you need anything I can help with let me know… All the best  

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