The difference between CBD oils

The difference in CBD oil is about Quality, Potency, Absorption, and Effectiveness according to a recent report 20% of CBD Oil did not have quality.

FOX 11 News investigation found in 10 CBD products only 2 had quality. link

the difference in cbd
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the difference in cbd

It requires certain amount of CBD to enters human bloodstream to be more important than price. They are more interested in the Quality of the CBD.

For me, quality, comes first place for others it’s about price, for example, even if price is too high some people tend to find a cheaper product.

Key facts and truth about CBD

CBD has shown to support and promote healthy energy levels, relieve anxiety, aid in digestion, support optimal immune function and the regeneration of healthy cells, healthy blood sugar levels, and promote a sense of serenity and overall well-being.

The 10XPURE, Full Spectrum, and Isolate Oral Drops they all have their own unique benefits.

  • 10XPURE Has Less Than 0.3% of THC
  • Full Spectrum Has Less Than 0.3% of THC
  • Isolate CBD Has 0% of THC

Why difference in the CBD Oils

The difference between CBD oils 1
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10xPURE Vitamin Promote Overall health

First, they want you to know that all their products are GMP & certified because they show the proof of a third party Lab Test and they use a (Good Manufacturing Practice) which are regulated by the FDA

All the products are Organic, and Natural from non-GMO Industrial hemp plants.

They can prove that using technology they are able to reduce the amount of THC in these Oils.

While using technology for Extraction of these Oils still retain all ingredients, and nutrients without using harmful solvents or any heat.

They actually found a way to create better CBD OIL through a discovery of CBDA. 

This process happens during heat and extraction which delivers proprieties found in CBD known as Cannabidiol Acid, this chemical formula delivers better results in terms of effectiveness across human spectrum.

CBDA gives better exposure and better efficiency for pain and inflammation.

Isolate CBD Oil

The difference between CBD oils 2
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300mg of ISOLATE CBD Oil

The price starts from $49.97 for ISOLATE of 300mg CBD Oil. And from $59.97 for 500mg CBD Oil

  • Isolate – means the product is isolate or extracted CBD oil
  • It does mean it has 95% – 99% of CBD Oil
  • It does not have the Nutrients and Cannabinoids found in the Full Spectrum
  • People are suggested to use ISOLATE Oil because it does have 0% THC for those who don’t want to use THC products.
  • All their topical products use Isolated CBD oil.
  • All the products such as Shampoos, Oral Sprays, CBD skincare, and topical cream for pain.


To consume any CBD products it is very important to understand and check lab test results and proprieties ingredients


Almost all drug tests are designed to test for the presence of any Terpenes and/or Cannabinoids present in Marijuana (or Hemp.) They are NOT specifically testing for THC.

This means that even with a true ZERO THC products, you can still test positive for a drug test.

This is why I cannot guarantee any negative test results for people who are taking these products.


I understand it is very difficult to tell if the CBD products have quality by just reading the bottle descriptions, and company reputation because there could be misleading information about the lab test.

A recent Article From Dr. Mercola website suggests The worst place to source your CBD was from Amazon. As reported by the Organic & Natural Health Association16 on October 15, 2019, Amazon’s policy prohibits the sale of CBD products.

Dr. Mercola website

Pay close attention to qualities and potency of CBD OIL you are buying online because its something you will be taken into your body to help improve your health not put you in an emergency unit.

We hope you are happy to read this blog this is my opinion (others will be different) If you would like to leave any feedback is much appreciated.

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